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How To Make An Authentic Thai Red Curry or Gaeng Daeng At Home; A Vegan Version Of Thai Red Curry


Foodelicious- Thai Red Curry


Hi all!

In my previous post I have shared the recipe to Thai Red Curry Paste and in this post I will share the recipe towards the making of the curry. It’s a very simple recipe and gets ready in 10mins if the red curry paste is ready.

While the curry started  bubbling, I gave DH a taste of the curry and his instant reaction was it’s magical. I was ecstatic to hear that! Since a long time we were in search of a place that serves good authentic Thai Curry and now I  know for sure that I do not have to search a one…


There was a small restaurant opposite our resort in Phuket, where we used to eat regularly during our Thailand trip. Since they were celebrating a week of Chinese Buddhist festival during our visit, they followed a vegetarian diet and wore white clothes. We relished vegetarian Thai delicacies to our hearts content there. This curry was as good as the curry that I had in that restaurant in Phuket.

Relishing vegan food had left me in a happy space in Thailand.To read about my foodie experience, recipe and my travelogue at Phuket, read here.

I realised during my cooking that the essence of an authentic Thai Curry lies in the authenticity of the curry paste and if that has genuine, authentic flavours, one is sorted. Authentic flavours can only be obtained when the ingredients used are in right proportions.

I know, I’m going to treasure the book ‘Buddha’s Table’ which helped me enjoy ‘Real Thai Food At Home’ and  in future more of the Thai cuisine will be experimented in my kitchen. But for now, the recipe to an authentic Thai Red Curry..


Foodelicious- Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry

थाई रेड करी

Preparation Time: 5mins | Cooking Time: 10mins | Serves:2-3| Difficulty Level: Easy


Recipe Adapted From Chat Mingkwan


7-8 French beans, stringed and cut into 1” pieces

1 cup of coloured bell peppers, cut into inch size squares

3-4 asparagus, cut into inch size pieces

a 3” piece of carrot, sliced

10-12 Thai egg plants

2-3 Kafir Lime leaves

4” piece green zucchini, sliced 3-4, bird chillies

2-3 sprigs of Thai sweet basil

1-1/4 cans of Coconut milk

1/4cup of vegetable stock

2-3 Thai bird chillies, sliced

2tsp oil

3-4tbsp red curry paste

1tsp brown sugar

3-4tsp light soya sauce



 Foodelicious- Thai Red Curry      DSC_7062

Heat the oil in the pan and add the red curry paste. Sauté it for 2-3mins to remove the raw taste and release the flavours.

Foodelicious- Thai Red Curry

Add the Thai eggplants and sauté them for 3-4mins or till they become a little soft.

Tip in the remaining veggies and give a quick stir along with the paste.

Add the kafir lime leaves, sweet basil, sliced bird chillies, vegetable stock and coconut milk.

Foodelicious- Thai Red Curry

Bring it to a boil and add soya sauce, salt to taste and brown sugar.

Boil for 4-5mins or till the vegetables become a little tender. Do not over cook.

Serve hot with rice, preferably a small grain rice

Foodelicious- Thai Red Curry



For a more red colour to the curry, use a few Kashmiri chillies or Red colour chillies for making paste. The chillies I used were blackish red in colour, so I did not get  striking red colour.

The quantity of paste that needs to get added in the curry depends on the potency of the red curry paste.

If you can get hold of Thai bird chillies, do use them. They are spicy but give the curry paste that extra spicy punch which is prerequisite in Thai curries.

One can also Mushrooms and tofu along with other veggies.

Do not go miserly on Coconut Milk. Use a mix of thick and thin coconut milk.


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Mina Joshi said...

Love thai curry. Thanks for sharing this recipe and the recipe for the red paste. I usually use the ready made paste but will make some using your recipe.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

This is what I call a delicious and colourful Thai curry. Excellent preparation.


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