Friday 18 September 2015

Avarekaalu Akkitari Uppittu Made Using Borosil’s Digi Kook Rice Cooker- A Product Review

Foodelicious-Avarekaalu Akkitari Uppittu
Here comes the last and final review of the three products, that I had received from Borosil . The previous two reviews can be read here and here.
I can very happily say that this product has become an innate part of my kitchen. My every day rice gets cooked in the Borosil Digi Kook Rice Cooker and I’m very happy with the outcome.
Not only is the rice cooker very sleek and smart looking, with a great finish but the final product cooked in it has always turned out very well. There are days when I get busy with work and the delay timer on the rice cooker has come to my rescue there.
I put the rice in the rice cooker with the delay timer ‘ON’ and get absorbed in my work. The delay timer helps me get a well cooked rice at a time I want. Once the rice gets cooked, it moves into ‘Keep Warm’ mode, so one always gets a hot rice on the plate. Sounds fuss free right!!

Other than the rice function, the rice cooker has several other inbuilt auto functions, like soup, gravy, steam. It is so easy to operate and user friendly that even children can use it.
So far I have steamed my veggies, Momos using the steam function, also have tried Pilaf and Shorba.  I know I would experiment more using this friendly kitchen tool in the near future. There’s a lot that can be made using the rice cooker and moreover, it’s easy to clean and maintain.
It’s an excellent product and absolutely apt for all working men and women. If you haven’t bought a rice cooker yet. Do check out this one.
Here, in this post I’m sharing a traditional Karnataka recipe ‘Avarekaalu Akkitari Uppittu’ made using the marvellous Field beans or Avarekaalu. The preparation is very popular in my family and is usually cooked in a pressure cooker or thick bottom pan. I have shared the recipe earlier here and I’ve followed the same proportion and ingredients as mentioned there, but cooked in the rice cooker.
Before I share the procedure, here’s a quick view on the salient features of the Borosil’s Digi Kook Rice Cooker..
Foodelicious- Borosil Rice Cooker Review

Digikook Rice Cooker & Steamer 1800ml

• Specification - 650W, 1.8L capacity
• Indian Auto Cooking Functions
• 15 hours pre set timer.
• Steam tray, serving spatula, measuring cup and non stick cooking pot included.
• ‘Keep Warm Function’ retains nutrition of rice fresh for 12hrs
• Easy-to-clean Non stick inner pot
• Dishwasher safe inner pot
• Spill over prevention vent
• Detachable power cord for convenient storage
• After sales home service
Available on: and also at all leading retail outlets.
Price: INR 3861/-

The recipe and ingredients of ‘Avarekaalu Akkitari Uppittu’ can be read here.



I used Borosil’s Sumo Amaze Mixer Grinder to coarsely grind the rice and lentils.


All steps to the preparation are the same as mentioned here. After roasting the rice mix, transfer it to the non stick bowl of the rice cooker.
Add the required amount of water ( almost double of rice-lentil mix) into the non stick bowl.
Put the bowl inside the rice cooker.
Close the lid of the rice cooker and press the power button followed by the rice function button and then go and watch your favourite TV serial or take care of your plants while the rice cooker does the work for you. Smile
And  half an hour later one has the uppittu ready without the tension of it sticking to the bottom or any scathing.

Foodelicious-Avarekaalu Akkitari Uppittu

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Shubha A said...

loved this recipe.. so delicious and healthy!!

geeta goswami said...

Yummy one I tried at home thanks for sharing


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