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How To Make Red Thai Curry Paste or Namprik Gaeng Daeng At Home; Review Of Borosil Sumo Amaze

Foodelicious-Thai Red Curry Paste

Hello all!
In my last post of Tandoori Aloo Sandwich using Borosil’s Jumbo Grill, I had mentioned that I would be reviewing two more of the Borosil products. So here’s my review on Borosil’s Sumo Amaze which is a 750W mixer grinder. The third Borosil product review would be posted very soon.

The mixer grinder has a neatly designed body made of dual colour ABS plastic.

It comes with three food grade stainless steel jars for blending (1.5L capacity), dry grinding (1.2L capacity) and a wet grinding jar (400ml capacity). The jars have a better capacity as compared to the jars of the mixer grinder I have been using.
Foodelicious-Borosil Sumo Amaze Review

The jars are provided with polycarbonate lids which are dome shaped and hence ensures less wastage. They have spill proof ring which prevents any leakage and ensures safety while using the mixer grinder. In addition to these, the lids have a vacuum press which makes them easy to use and have a removable cap to add ingredients.
The motor is powerful with 750W and it shows it’s performance when it’s working.
All parts were easy to clean up and are dish washer safe.
Yes, the mixer grinder has all the above mentioned features, promising it to be an extremely powerful and good quality product and yet I took almost a week or more to come to this conclusion. Initially I was scared of using the mixer, mainly because, the jars locking grooves lack the finesse, so do the shape of the rim of the jars.
I was extremely worried on inserting the jar into the mixer and was sceptical whether  they would lock properly or not. Even the rim of the jars are uneven, so I didn’t get the confidence that the lid would seal properly. I used to turn the speed dial with lot of apprehension initially.
It took me about a week to build up confidence and realise that the jars do get locked well through the grooves into the mixer and the lids have a good seal too, in spite of the small anomalies in the design.
The second drawback that I felt were the blades,  they appear thick and do not have a neat finish around the edges. So, initially they never gave me the confidence that they could help grind well.
It’s important for any manufacturer that these small drawbacks be removed by getting into minute details and giving product the desired finesse, as it dampens the user’s confidence.
Once I got the confidence, I used it for making the regular green chutney with gooseberry using the wet grinder. I made Nutella Coffee Frappe by using the whipping attachment blade and I also made the Idli batter using the large dry grinder.

Foodelicious-Borosil Sumo Amaze Review

Foodelicious- Borosil Sumo Amaze Review

Foodelicious- Borosil Sumo Amaze Review

As I said, once I had the confidence in the mixer grinder, I used it regularly. Meanwhile, all this while, I read a lot many books on Authentic Thai cooking and I landed on this book called Buddha’s Table by Chat Mingkwan and fell in love with it. Being a vegetarian, this is a book I would use most in my future Thai culinary adventures .
Fortunately here in Mumbai, I get all the fresh ingredients required in Thai cooking, so I took that opportunity to make an authentic Thai Curry Paste. The curry paste is completely vegan. I used the wet grinder of Sumo Amaze, to make the paste.
After the grinding when I lifted the lid, my kitchen was filled with the aroma of the fresh aromatic ingredients used in making the paste. I was too tempted to taste it and when I tasted it, my instant reaction was YUMMSmile
I have made the red curry paste earlier too but I could immediately find the difference in the flavour. This one had the right balance of the ingredients and hence the amazing flavour. It’s a recipe to keep.
Foodelicious-Thai Red Curry Paste

Thai Red Curry Paste

थाई रेड करी पेस्ट​

Preparation Time: 15mins | Grinding Time: 5mins | Makes: about half cup | Difficulty Level: Easy

Recipe adapted from Chat Mingkwan’s Book- Buddha’s Table

Ingredients For Thai Red Curry Paste

7-8 dry, Red Chillies (use bright red colour ones for a more red colour)
1tbsp whole coriander seeds
2tsp whole cumin seeds
3tbsp shallots
1tbsp Kafir Lime leaves or skin
3tbsp chopped fresh coriander stems
5-6 Thai bird chillies (for extra spice)
2tbsp chopped garlic
1tbsp chopped galangal
2tbsp chopped lemongrass, the tender mid section only
1tsp salt


Soak the red chillies in warm water for 15mins. Squeeze the red chillies. The water can be used for grinding.
Roast the coriander and cumin seeds in a  pan over medium heat for 2-3mins or till  they release the aroma. Cool.
First grind the coriander seeds and cumin seeds together and then add one ingredient at a time and grind to a paste. If required, add water to facilitate grinding.
One can also add tofu to the paste but I didn’t add that.
The paste can be stored for 3-4 days in the refrigerator and for a month in the deep freezer.

Foodelicious-Thai Red Curry Paste
The Borosil Sumo Amaze Mixer grinder can be bought online from the Borosil site and it is also available in all major retail outlets.
MRP :INR4095/-
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