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Spicy Soba Noodles & Tofu Salad In Peanut Butter-Basil Dressing;Maharaja Whiteline TurboMix King Hand Blender’s Review; Light Meal On Monday- Post 1; Step Wise

Spicy Soba Noodles & Tofu Salad in Peanut Butter and Basil dressing

I work through the week and also make three meals a day, so when weekend comes, my only requirement is to break the monotony and eat out. And probably like me, many families relax on weekends and eat out, so it becomes important that to balance it, we eat healthy and light food on the Monday, giving due rest to our stomach, which finally keeps our digestive system healthy and improves digestion.
I have been planning to start this series of ‘Light Meal On Mondays’ for quite some time now but somehow it was just getting postponed because of the currently more important commitments at home. I know I’m pushing my boundaries but I am going to really try hard and post a recipe to a light meal once in the week, preferably on a Monday hence forth.

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I recently received Maharaja Whiteline’s TurboMix King Hand Blender for review and after satisfactory initial experimentation on regular kitchen chores likes mashing lentils, making quick milk shakes etc. using the mixer attachment of the TurboMix, I wanted to use the chopper attachment to make a very interesting dressing for a salad.

Maharaja Whiteline TurbomIx Hand Blender
The dressing has an interesting combination of ingredients and imparts a unique flavour to the salad. The nutty flavour of peanuts, the fresh flavour of basil and the spicy kick of red chillies really sing well on the palate and to add more melody are some interesting Chinese flavours which provide some gentle and some sharp notes to the salad.
The Maharaja ThermoMix King hand blender is powerful with 350W to show off. One can feel its strength the minute the ‘On’ button is pressed to run the motor. I could instantly find the difference in the power of the motor as the hand blender I’ve been using for so many years is of 250W.The chopper and blender, both the attachments work very efficiently with the powerful motor. The chopper attachment has a sharp blade which aids in quick chopping and mixing.
The dressing got ready in 2mins using the chopper attachment. The dressing by itself is finger licking tasty, I had a great difficulty in saving it from the kid who was ready to finish it. It can also be used as a dip with Cantonese Starters.
The salad is vegan, completely dairy and gluten free too. It has a lot of health benefits coming from Tofu which is rich in proteins and Soba noodles which are made from Buckwheat flour (Kuttu ka aata)  are gluten free and rich in minerals. The bell peppers add the roughage and vitamin quotient to the salad. Other ingredients are all flavour enhancers.
The salad turned out scrumptious and I can assure you that it’s a party pleaser, one can flaunt it as a gourmet salad. My family loved it and kid finished one bowl completely and the second bowl was finished by hubby and me.
Before I share the recipe in detail here’s a quick look at the features of Maharaja Whiteline TurboMix King Hand Blender
1. 350W Motor Unit
2. Mixer Attachment
3. 0.8L beaker
4.500ml chopper
5.All accessories accept the motor are dishwasher safe
6. Easy to handle and easy to clean
For it’s powerful motor, ease of handling the attachments, the product is worth a buy.
Spicy Soba Noodles & Tofu Salad in Peanut Butter and Basil dressing1

Spicy Soba Noodles & Tofu Salad In Peanut Butter-Basil Dressing

स्पैसी सोबा नूडल्स सॉलड इन पीनट - बेसिल ड्रेस्सिंग​

Preparation Time: 30mins | Cooking Time:10mins | Makes Two large bowls | Serves: 3-4| Difficulty Level: Easy



For The Salad
150g dry Soba Noodles
200gms firm tofu
a cup of sliced red, yellow and green bell pepper
For the dressing
2-3tbsp Kashmiri chilli paste
6-7 small garlic cloves
2tbsp creamy peanut butter
2tbsp light soya sauce
2-3tbsp rice vinegar
2tbsp Chinese Sesame oil
1tbsp honey
1tsp salt + 1/2tsp salt for boiling soba noodles
4-5tbsp water
8-10 Italian basil leaves
a very small handful of roasted peanuts


Boil soba noodles in plenty of water with 1/2tsp salt. Once cooked, drain and wash with cold water. Apply a few drops of oil, to prevent sticking of the noodles. Chill the noodles.
In the chopper attachment of the TurboMix, put red chilli paste and garlic cloves. Give it a quick pulse.
Add peanut butter, roasted peanuts, sesame oil, soya sauce, honey, vinegar and pulse again.
Add the basil leaves, salt to taste and water and pulse again. The spicy peanut butter-basil dressing is ready.
Cube the tofu and put 2tbsp of the dressing over it and toss it. Leave to marinate for 15mins in the fridge - chiller.
Finally mix the tofu, bell peppers, soba noodles and remaining dressing and toss. Serve immediately.
Spicy Soba Noodles & Tofu Salad in Peanut Butter and Basil dressing2


1.Instead of tofu, light cottage cheese could be used. Also, in addition or in lieu of the bell peppers, bean sprouts, shredded cabbage can be added too. Non vegetarians could use shredded chicken instead of the Tofu.
2.The heat level and other flavours can be adjusted as per one’s taste preference. One can make it extra spicy by adding more chilli paste. The rice vinegar can also be replaced by lemon juice which would also be tasty but the unique flavour of rice vinegar is worth a try.
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