Saturday 23 August 2014

Virgin Peach-Plum-Chilli Mojito For Sparkling Himalayan Mocktail Contest | Mocktail | Summer Drink




It’s monsoon time in most part of the country but here in my city it is always sultry and hot, so I do not need an occasion or season to make myself a glass of chilled juice or mocktail. The stone fruits have almost disappeared from the market and I was left with just three peaches and a few plums so decided to use them to make a cool drink. I love the peach schnappes and in peak summer the peach schnappes with loads of ice in it is more than welcomed. Unfortunately we do not get that in my city and I’m looking forward to visit Pondycherry to pick one bottle.

This drink is inspired by Shatbhi Basu’s Peach Mojito. Keeping her preparation in mind along with my plum mojito and plum-chilli sorbet, I tried to create this mocktail. I’m aware of how the back note from the chilli takes a preparation to a new level. So I used the sweet mellow flavour of the peaches, sweet-tart combination of the plums and the spice kick from the green chillies to make this drink. I was quite apprehensive about how it would taste but after making and tasting, I can confidently say, it’s an amazing combination, MAKE it AND WIN HEARTS.

The tricky part here is balancing flavours as the peaches have a very mild flavour and the plums can range from sweet to tart also one has to check how spicy the green chillies are as fresh fruits are used here. But one has an option to use fruit crushes, ready made juices and for an alcoholic option the peach schnappes.

I topped the preparation with Himalayan Sparkling water which is a Tata product with a tag line ‘Live Natural’ and sparkle every day. One can use any club soda in it’s absence.

Sending the mocktail for IFBMeet 2014’s Sparkling Himalayan contest.


Virgin Peach-Plum-Chilli Mojito

Preparation Time:15mins | Making Time:2mins | Makes:1big glass | Difficulty level: Easy but Tricky | Serves:1| Category: Drinks/Beverages


1/2lemon cut into wedges

1/2lemon’s juice


1/2plum sliced


10-12leaves of mint

2small green chillies (mine were not very spicy)

ice cubes

about 1/2cup sugar syrup

sparkling Himalayan water as required


Peel the peaches and cut slices. Slice the plums. Seed the chillies. Grind all the three  using a little water. Sieve it to get plum-peach-chilli juice.


Take a small bowl and put the lemon wedges and tear a few pieces of mint over it. Now I don’t have a muddler so I use my lentil crusher to muddle, which unfortunately can’t be pushed into the glass but it muddles well, so muddle the lemon wedges and mint. If you have a muddler first muddle the mint and lemon wedges in a High glass and then pour the juice over it.

Take about 1/2cup of the peach-plum-chilli juice to it add the muddled lemon and mint, a few plum slices. Add a little less than half a cup of sugar syrup and few ice cubes. Finally, top it up with Sparkling Himalayan.

Stir and serve immediately.


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Catherine said...

Looks like a refreshing and delicious drink to sip. Blessings, Catherine

Rafeeda AR said...

looks so good... the pics are fantastic...

Sooriya said...

Refreshing clicks!!!Perfect mocktail


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