Thursday 21 August 2014

Kid's Lunch Box Ideas| Stuffed Cream and Fenugreek Flatbread | भरवाँ मेथी मलाई पराठा | Step Wise

Hi all!!
Fenugreek greens is a family favourite but unfortunately I get to see these greens rarely here. Last week when I visited my vegetable mart, I saw that fresh greens had just arrived and I was tempted to buy all the varieties. But knowing that the greens perish very fast, I controlled my temptations and narrowed my purchase to the fenugreek greens, coriander and mint.
When I returned home and asked S what he wants me to cook with the fenugreek, he gave me his favourite options of Methi Bhaath and Maatvadi Palya. Both I and the kid were in no mood to eat South Indian food, so I asked S to suggest more options, to which he replied conveniently ‘then you decide’. I was a bit annoyed initially that again I had to sit, then I thought of making mushroom methi matar but I didn’t want to go elaborate and make rice, daal, roti  too. I was about to give up and make a simple methi daal but then the grey cells decided to work …
So S’s reply became a blessing in disguise, as my moody grey cells did come to my rescue and helped me concoct this preparation. It’s a very simple preparation made with few ingredients and most basic spices as I always wanted the Fenugreek to shine. It is the way in which the ingredients have been used that makes this dish special and have an extra edge. We all make stuffed paratha using the fenugreek but this time I stuffed the cream too. The stuffed cream not only helped to reduce the bitterness but it also made the flatbread crispy and flaky in texture outside while the centre stayed moist. This texture happens as the cream gradually melts inside and spreads into the layers of the dough.
This stuffed flatbread is perfect to be served for breakfast or sent in a lunch box.When served with raita and pickle it makes an excellent lunch combo.



Stuffed Cream and Fenugreek Flatbread

भरवाँ मेथी मलाई पराठा

Preparation Time: 25mins | Cooking Time:3-4mins/flatbread | Makes:7-8 | Serves:2-3 | Difficulty Level: Moderate


For The Crust/Cover/Dough
2cups whole wheat flour
1/2tsp salt
1tsp oil
water for kneading
For The Filling
3large handful of Fenugreek leaves, washed and chopped
1tsp oil
1-2tsp garlic paste
1tsp cumin powder
1tsp coriander powder
1tsp chilli powder
salt to taste
75gms fresh cream (I used low fat)
also needed oil for roasting the flatbreads


Knead a dough a slightly hard dough using the ingredients mentioned under the dough. Keep covered and rest for 20mins. Break them into small balls as are made for making roti/chapati.
Heat the oil in a pan and garlic sauté.
Add the chopped fenugreek leaves. Toss on a high flame. The leaves wilt. Add the spices other than the salt and mix. Switch off the flame and cool the leaves. When warm add the salt. This prevents the leaves from releasing excess moisture and adding salt when warm makes the leaves slightly moist.
Using two dough balls roll out two roti/chapati. Keep one slightly bigger than the other.
Spread about 2tsp of cream on the bigger roti, leaving 1cm area around the edges. Spread 3-4tsp of cooked fenugreek leaves over it.
Cover it with the smaller roti/tortilla and press to seal the edges. Pressing from the centre using the palm spread the mix to shape and spread the stuffed paratha. Do not use rolling pin at this stage else the cream would spread out.
Heat a griddle and on a medium flame, first roast on both the sides, then smear a few drops of oil on either side and roast again, pressing the edges to ensure even cooking.
Serve hot with mix veg raita or yogurt.
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Unknown said...

Ahhh !! you have used it as a stuffing and not kneaded to the dough ! Brilliant idea ! :)

Anusha said...

Brilliant way to indulge in some hearty cream. Yumm

Unknown said...

wow nice idea like anything with milk or milk products....and i hv some cream in fridge waiting for me to use...this is a wonderful idea...thansk for sharing dear!

Anu's Healthy Kitchen

Priya Suresh said...

Brilliant Pari, never thought of making stuffed parathas with cream, thats seriously very interesting.

Shama Nagarajan said...


Recipe world said...

Healthy n delicious flat bread..nice recipe dear!

Unknown said...

really cant able to guess when posted in fb but here its awesome pari ji and love the creamy stuffing there

Sooriya said...

Healthy and best way to have fenugreek!!

Shaami (Shajitha Habeeb) said...

by adding cream you made this paratha more tasty

Siri said...

I loved the idea of having a creamy layer in the paratha stuffing and am sure it can be adapted to any kind of filling. Will try it next time around.


Gita Jaishankar said...

Hi Pari, how are you? the rotis look so good, lovely presentation :)


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