Monday 30 June 2014

Product Review Of Vegit Snack Mixes | Raw Mango & Mint Chutney |Summer Food | Gluten Free | Dairy Free


Hi all!!
Past one month my kitchen mixer was giving me trouble and I was not able to grind anything because of that. It was lying in the service centre, as a particular part which had got spoilt was not available. If one reads my previous posts one would realise I’ve not posted any recipe which makes use of the mixer grinder. I realised how much of my daily chores are dependent on the humble grinder.
What I missed eating most was my green chutney that too made using raw mango as it’s summer time here and the green chutney is a must in my kitchen. One fresh chutney in my lunch and dinner plate is what I would like to see everyday. Fresh fruit chutney not only adds delicious taste to the food but also aids in digestion. The green chutney is a rich source of anti oxidants which provides protection to our body by improving immunity. This gluten free, dairy free chutney is so easy and quick to make that event batchelor’s could try making it. Sending the green chutney to my event ‘Only’ Summer Food and Drinks guest hosted by Shailaja.
I was also looking to make the green chutney as I wanted to create  dishes using the Vegit products which were sent to me for review by the Merino group. The Vegit is a part of the Agro division of the Merino group. I wanted to create new dishes using there snack mixes. I have been using there Instant Potato Flakes for a few years now as they come very handy during rush hours and the bread buns which I’ve posted earlier here using the Instant Potato flakes are a must to try if one likes soft buns.
I was sent their pav bhaji mix, burger patty mix and aloo bonda mix to try. I tried all the three and found that the directions mentioned on the packets are clear and the mixes are easy to mix and cook. I also found that they are economic to use and are priced so as to be targeted towards the lower middle or the middle class families, especially the working class as they are quick to cook and make. These are easily available in super markets, hypermarkets or any modern trade outlets.
Of the three mixes, I personally liked their aloo bonda mix the most for it’s flavour and right amount of spice. My kid liked all the three but I and DH felt that the paav bhaji mix left an artificial taste on the palate which I guess comes from the preservative added in the mix. Also, I found that the salt was on the higher side in it. I must agree that the pav bhaji gets ready in 20mins but I would any day still prefer to make a fresh bhaaji as I just didn’t like the artificial after taste that it left on the palate. The pav bhaaji mix is priced Rs.60 for a 100gms pack which serves 3-4 people and not 4-5 which the pack says.
The burger patty mix is best for children as it has very subtle flavours and not very spicy. The patty is soft inside and crunchy outside. I liked the bread crumbs that are provided in the pack as they added a nice crunchy bite, but  I felt  a little more of them would have helped. I had to use my home made bread crumbs later as the bread crumbs provided in the pack did not suffice. While making the patty for DH, I added a few green chillies and spices in the mix else he would not have liked it. The burger mix is a little bland for adults is what I felt.I shaped the patty into a fish like shape to serve it to my kid. Though, I was not very happy with the shape but my kid loved them to the core. The burger patty mix can make an excellent handy after play snack for children, it can also be served as a starter if more spices and condiments are added to it, if you like it spicy. It is priced Rs.50/- for a 200gms pack which I thought is reasonable.
As I said that I liked the aloo bonda mix the most and I made stuffed mirchi pakora chaat using the mix which was loved by the family and I would recommend my readers to try it too. The aloo bonda mix can come handy if one is planning a party or even kitty parties and if you decide to try the mirchi bonda chaat, I’m sure the chaat lovers would love it. It was for the mirchi bonda chaat that I needed the green chutney and I’m glad that the chutney added the kick which was required for the chaat.

Stuffed Chilli Bonda Chaat

I deseeded the thick long chillies and filled with aloo bonda stuffing and coated with the besan mix provided with the pack. The besan mix has curry leaves in it which impart a nice fresh flavour to the fry.  The stuffed and coated chilli is then deep fried. After frying cut the chilli bonda into pieces and pour sweetened yogurt and green chutney and serve. One can add sev, tamarind chutney and pomgranate seeds too, to this chaat. I didn’t have any at home so did not add. The aloo bonda mix is priced Rs.50 for a 180gms pack. The pack makes about 10 bonda. These bonda can also be used to make vada paav, which I did make for the kid’s snack box, for school.

Mint- Raw Mango Green Chutney

पुदिना - कैरी चटनी


Preparation Time:5mins | Grinding Time: 2mins | Makes: 1cup | Difficulty Level: Easy



1cup mint leaves, washed
1/2cup coriander, washed
3tbsp grated raw mango
1/4”piece ginger
3-4green chillies
salt to taste
water as required for grinding


Take all ingredients in the chutney jar and using water grind to a fine paste.
This chutney can be used as a dip when mixed with curds, a sandwich spread or can be poured on chaat. It is a multi purpose chutney. I like my chutney spicy but if one likes less spicy add less green chillies. This makes a bowl full of chutney.
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Nithiyas Kitchen said...

Photos are super.Recipe is tastier.Nice space you have.

Rani Vijoo said...

Chuntney looks sooo your blog and posts...great job!

Kurinji said...

Mouthwatering chutney...

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

I can't imagine a day without my mixer...hat's off to you for having cooked without the mixer for so many days...
The chutney looks really refreshing..lovely color

Rajani said...

This was one exhaustive, thoughtful and honest review! Just the way a review is meant to be.
I have lived with a defunct mixer-grinder for a month too, but that was ages ago. Now my Panasonic mixer is going strong for 10+ years and no issues at all.
Vivid colours of the chutney is very appetising!


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