Wednesday 14 May 2014

Ice-Cream Sundae’s Party at Destination Cream N Fudge

Hi all!!
It’s summer and we all indulge in summer coolers, cold drinks and ice- creams so when I got an invitation from Cream N Fudge for an Ice-Cream Sundae making cum Blogger’s party, I had to be there. I was all excited as I was going to get a first hand experience to make my own sundaes at a very popular Ice Cream destination.
Cream N Fudge is a part of GFA group.  The Pizza Corner, Coffee World are also their retail ventures. Hope, you remember reading my Pizza learning experience at Pizza Corner about which I had posted a few days back. I had loads of fun there, so I was so much looking forward to this party.
This time it was a smaller group of bloggers, so things went on very smoothly and every one got a fair chance to try their hands on Sundae making. We all shared our Sundaes and tasted each others. The camaraderie amongst the bloggers was amazing and the Cream N Fudge staff was very patient and supportive. The manager at Cream N fudge outlet, Mr.Irfan was leading his staff well and guiding the bloggers too with the art of making ice-cream sundaes.
They have three categories of Sundaes; Classique collection, Marble Collection and the Royale collection which can be served in two sizes Delight and Indulge. One has an option of choosing a waffle cup, a cone or a regular ice cream cup for their serving. The waffle cups and cones come in four varieties plain, chocolate dipped, chocolate rainbow and chocolate nut.
We were first given a demo on the entire sundae making process. All the ingredients are taken on the ice cream stone, crushed and mixed with spatulas. The entire process is done very systematically using clean utensils and we had our hair covered with a cap. After removing one flavour of ice cream, the scooper is first washed in high stream of water. After every mixing the spatulas are cleaned and ice cream stone scraped for fresh mixing. Due precautions are taken at each and every step to ensure that the customers get what they want in a hygienic way.
I along with Deepasri tried making Cafe Au Lait which had Coffee Ice Cream, Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Nutties, Whipped Cream and Cocoa Powder.  I guess by mistake, they put cinnamon powder and not cocoa powder in our mix which completely over powered the flavour. Later, S tried making a Chocolate Truffle Sundae which he tweaked to suit his palate and make his own creation. It had a Chocolate and Cookie dough ice cream mixed with brownie, Ferrero Rocher and Hazelnuts topped with chocolate sauce. He mixed it so skilfully that it left all of us surprised. Later, the kid made his own creation with Chocolate ice cream, M&M’s, Chocolate Oreo and Chocolate Fudge Sauce. My day was made, after seeing the happy grin on his face.
The other bloggers also tried other variations. Aarti made an Apple Crumble, someone made a strawberry variation and so on. The overall experience was so heartening and relaxing. It made an apt weekend activity for all of us. It gave all of us  a spoon full of smile.
Thank you Cream N Fudge for having us out there and letting us all scream ‘We want Ice-cream’. Feel free to visit Cream N Fudge outlet in your cities and enjoy the summer treats and try and make your variations. Also, try their newly introduced Tropical and Melon Feast which I would try the next time I visit.
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Priya said...

Oh there are so many to choose .hmm yummy

Catherine said...

Great weekend fun. It all looks delicious!! Blessings, Catherine

nandoos kitchen said...

nice post..

Rafeeda AR said...

this just looks like the coldstone creamery out here... delicious post...


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