Tuesday 13 May 2014

लहसुनी टिंडली | Garlicky Ivy Gourd Curry | Step Wise

Hi All!!
After posting a simple home style lotus stem curry, I’m posting yet another simple curry which can be made for the regular cooking. This makes use of the humble Ivy Gourd also called Coccinia or टिंडोरा which is a tropical vine. At many places it’s believed that if you eat this vegetable you lose your intelligence. It’s definitely a superstition and I can personally vouch for this gourd, as I’ve been eating this since my childhood, I have lost no intelligence till now Smile.
There are  a few vegetables which tastes best with garlic, like the greens, beans, lotus stem, mushrooms etc. and Ivy gourd is also one of them. This preparation is for garlic lovers as it has loads of garlic in it. If you do not like garlic, just omit that from the recipe completely and the curry prepared that way also tastes good.
This particular recipe is an adaptation of Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe which I’ve tweaked, to suit my palate. My family loves the spice so I’ve definitely increased that in my version and one can adjust that as per their taste, if they attempt to make  this.
This curry tastes best with plain rice and daal with some poppadum and pickle.

लहसुनी टिंडली

Garlicky Ivy Gourd Curry

Preparation Time:30mins | Cooking Time:15mins | Serves:4-5 | Difficulty Level: Easy

Ingredients (in the order of use)

5-6tbsp vegetable oil
1tsp cumin seeds
8-10 whole red chillies, broken into smaller pieces
an inch piece of ginger
15-18 thick garlic cloves
1/2-1tsp turmeric powder
500-600gms of Ivy Gourd, washed, tipped and cut longitudinally into 4-6pieces
2tbsp coriander powder
1tsp chilly powder
salt to taste



Heat oil and splutter the cumin seeds.
While the oil heats and you add the cumin, quickly crush together ginger and five to six cloves of garlic. Finely slice the remaining garlic cloves.
Add the crushed paste and broken chillies to the oil. Once chillies start changing the colour add the sliced garlic and let it wilt under the heat and turn slightly brown.
Add the turmeric powder and ivy gourd, mix thoroughly. Cover and cook till half done.
Add salt to taste, chilli and coriander powders. Mix and cook till done.
Serve hot with some curds, rice, daal and roti.


Keep dipping your hand in plain water while cutting the ivy gourd, to avoid the juices to harden on the skin later on.
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Kaveri Venkatesh said...

My grandmother also used to say that eating this vegetable would make us dumb..but it has always been one of my favorite veggies...Nice preparation

Merry Tummy said...

well now everyone can have tindi...even me who hates it but garlic oh yes yes yes:)

Unknown said...

This curry looks too good!! I am book marking this :)

nandoos kitchen said...

stir fry looks super! toooo good.

Catherine said...

Sounds delicious and healthy too!
Blessings, Catherine

great-secret-of-life said...

interesting recipe & nice presentation

Priya Suresh said...

garlic adds a fabulous flavor to Ivygourds na, will try out soon.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Very healthy and lovely looking Ivy Gourd curry. Wonderfully prepared.

Sona said...

One of my favorite veggies.. It looks delicious and adding garlic lends more flavor..

Unknown said...

Dish looks so tempting or healthy... nice presentation....

Mayuri Patel said...

I make tindora sabji very often but never thought of adding garlic.Must try it out. Thanks for the idea.

Aparna said...

looks delicious ... we too prepare ivygourd stir fry with garlic and it tastes heaven,, my post about it is in draft on the way to be posted soon


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