Saturday 17 May 2014

ज्वारीचा दोसा | Jowar Dosa | Indian Style Sorghum Pancake | Jolladda Dose | Cholai Dosa

Summer has hit now and we are passing through the days of Agninkshatram here. With many guests coming in and going back in these vacations, I’m hardly getting time to try new recipes or click pictures. I’ve many more interesting posts planned for the next month, by which time my life will come to some stability.
I’m always trying to incorporate healthy grains in my diet and the easiest way that I find most of the times is to make a Dosa using them. Married to a South Indian, dosa is heartily welcomed by S and family. I keep changing the proportions of the grains to try new versions.
The Sorghum Dosa was made in an attempt to finish the grain which was lying in my pantry for some time and was seeking my attention every time I opened the container. This Dosa is very healthy as it has a lot of grains in it. It not only has sorghum but has multiple lentils, making it a protein rich preparation. This dosa is quite light to eat and makes a very interesting breakfast item.
While making sorghum dosa one needs to keep a few things in mind, firstly not to soak sorghum long else it ferments to produce a beer like smell, plus it’s not easy to grind sorghum finely on it’s own but if ground along with rice it grinds to a fine paste. The dosa batter for sorghum dosa should be made a little thinner as compared to the regular dosa batter, as it’s easier to spread when batter’s slightly thinner.
The multiple lentils added to the batter not only provide nutrition but gives the dosa a nice colour too. One can change the proportions of the lentils but I take maximum of the yellow lentils, then slightly lesser of the split red gram and the least of Bengal gram as it’s heavy to digest.
I serve this dosa with any spicy chutney and my breakfast gets sorted. It makes a good lunch box item too for the kid. This Dosa is good for vegans or people who avoid gluten as it’s gluten free. I’ve added rice to this preparation but it can be reduced in the quantity or completely avoided too.


Indian Style Sorghum Pancake

ज्वारीचा दोसा 

Preparation Time:10mins | Soaking Time:4hrs | Fermentation Time: 6-8hrs | Cooking Time: 2-3mins/Dosa | Yields:16-20 Dosa | Difficulty Level: Easy | Serves:5-6


2cups sorghum
1/2cup of mix lentils ( yellow lentils, bengal gram, split red gram)
1/2cup split black gram lentils
1cup rice
1tsp fenugreek seeds


Wash and soak all ingredients for 4hours.
Remove the water completely from the soaked sorghum and then grind it in a mixer. It will form a coarse powder. Add soaked rice and water as required and grind to a smooth paste.
Grind the fenugreek with the lentils to a smooth paste.
Mix all the ground pastes and leave it covered to ferment for 6-8hrs.
Add salt to the fermented batter and adjust the consistency by adding water. Mix thoroughly to remove the trapped air.
Grease a thick bottom dosa griddle or a non stick pan and take a ladle full of batter and spread in concentric circles quickly. Spread some oil along the edges and centre.
Release the corners and flip it to cook on the other side, cook and flip again. Let the lower side cook to a  golden colour.


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8 comments: said...

healthy and crispy dosa

great-secret-of-life said...

Looks so crispy and healthy too

Merry Tummy said...

That's indeed some healthy treat...great way to use grains

nandoos kitchen said...

nice crispy dosa.

Poornimacookbook said...

Healthy dosa and looks very crispy too.

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

this with some chutney or sambar will surely make a nutrition packed yet to try this grain..the dosa looks very tempting

Unknown said...

Dosa looks very delecious, perfect like traditional, rice dosa :)

Unknown said...

It tasty and healthy too....rajashtani special dish


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