Tuesday 8 April 2014

Kid's Lunch Box Ideas| नवधान्य पूरी | Savoury Deep Fried Indian Bread made using Nine Grains | Dairy Free | Vegan | Winners Of Only Event

Today while I surfed through my old pictures, I landed on these Pooris and realized that I have the recipe lying in my drafts for ages now. I kept wondering how I missed posting this but at the same time was happy too, as it is just the right time for me to post it for my current event ‘Only’ Cooking With Grains running through this month and is guest hosted by Shruti.

I remember that I had made these for Kid’s lunch box as he had demanded something fried. And I being the typical mother would squeeze in health ingredients into any food that he eats. I had picked this Nine grains flour at Navadanya in Delhi. For those living in Delhi, if you haven’t checked the Navadanya outlets please do, one of which is also in Delhi Haat. They have a good collection of grains and flours to incorporate in our daily cooking.
The kid had got a chance to visit the Navadanya’s biodiversity farm near Shimla, when he had gone on a school trip, so he has a special attachment to their products, which makes my job easy too. The mix that I have used to make the pooris  has 20% Barley (jau) and 10% each of  Finger Millet (ragi), Maize (makka), Sorghum (jowar), Barnyard Millet (jhangora), Oats (jai),  BegalGram (Chana), Soybean (soyabean), Amaranth (rajgeera). Knowing the ingredients one can understand that these are health packed Pooris. It is not a gluten free flour as it has 20% barley which is a gluten based grain.
Because of the presence of barley it’s easier to roll the pooris though the edges are not so neat as all the other grains are gluten free. The poori needs to be rolled out immediately once the dough is made and if the dough is allowed to rest then working with the dough gets tricky. I used rice flour to roll out the poori but one can also roll it in between two plastic sheets to make the job easy.
As the flour is quite bland, one has to add proper amount of spices to balance the flavours. I used kasuri methi, sesame seeds and the regular spices to flavour the poori but one always has the choice of spices to add.


Savoury Nine Grains Deep Fried Indian Bread

Preparation Time: 10mins | Cooking Time: a minute/poori | Serves:3 | Makes: 12-15 | Difficulty Level: Needs Practice


2cups Nine grains atta/flour
1-2tsp crushed kasuri methi
1tsp sesame seeds
3/4-1tsp red chilli powder
1tsp coriander powder
1tsp cumin powder
salt to taste
water for kneading
oil for deep frying
rice flour for rolling


Mix all ingredients other than water, rice flour and oil together.
Using minimum water make a not so hard dough.*
Divide the dough into 12 – 15 parts and make balls. Flatten the balls to make thick discs.
Using a rolling pin, roll the discs using rice flour (or roll in between two greased plastic sheets) to make thick poori of 3mm thickness and 3”diameter. Do not worry if the edges are not smooth.
Deep fry in hot oil on both sides till it puffs. Press the poori gently using a slotted spoon to help puff. Once you observe a light golden hue (one has to observe carefully as the dough is dark in colour) remove on kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
Serve hot with garlic chutney, curds, radish-green chilli pickle or a pickle of your choice. I personally love it with curds.


* Regular poori needs a hard dough for rolling but if one makes very hard dough for this mix, it gets difficult to roll as it has largely non-glutinous grains, so binding is difficult.

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Coming to the winner of ‘Only’ Events. I’m announcing the winner for last month’s Only Dairy Free and a new winner  for February’s Only Food For Growing Children as the previous winner did not claim the win. I’m using the round ups to pick the winner.
image   image
For ‘Dairy free cooking’ the winner is Babitha Costa and the new winner for ‘Food for growing children’ is Smitha Kalluraya. Congrats ladies and please intimate me your details and address with the subject line ‘Winner Of Only Event Giveaway’ to cookingoodfood@gmail.com within next 48hrs. Also, do mention in which way you follow my blog publicly.
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Priya Suresh said...

Nine grains atta, wish i could get them here, poori looks very attractive and prefect for fasting days.

Congrats to the winners..

great-secret-of-life said...

less guilt deep fried food.

Pari Vasisht said...

Priya, this can't be eaten for fasting as it has Jowar, barley and millets too.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this post.My son loves to have puri. We do have a Navadanaya outlet in Delhi from where we buy millets in particular.congrats to the winners!

nandoos kitchen said...

nice version of poori

Hema said...

Nine grains atta, very healthy and the pooris look superb..

Priya said...

Love the puri.VEry healthy one ofcourse.

Archana said...

Mmm! this is fantastic. I think I will try it.
Thanks for visiting me and the methi in the pickle its not too much. It too had the same conception or rather misconception that 1/2 a cup will make the pickle bitter but believe me its not. In fact its so yum that I have had to make only Methia Keri 2 times in 3 weeks

jong belegen kaas said...

love your indian bread, great for any kind of curries. tasty and healthy.

Vimitha Durai said...

That poori sounds so healthy and yum

Rajani said...

That is one healthy indulgence and perfect for kids.

Hari Chandana said...

Wonderful pooris.. yummy!!


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