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Tender Mangoes Pickle Without Oil | बाळ कैरीचं पाण्यातलं लोणचं | Midi Maavin Uppinkayi | Step Wise | Vegan | Dairy Free

Hi All!!

I mentioned my love for the tender mangoes in my tender mangoes in brine post and here I’m with my second post on tender mangoes and this time it’s a pickle. I was very fond of pickles in my childhood and my school lunch box would always have 3-4 pieces of mango pickle. 

My Mom’s mango pickle was very popular amongst my school friends as well as friends in the neighbourhood, so it was customary for me to carry extra pieces in  my lunch box. Though, now it sounds funny but I would wipe off all the spices first with the paratha and then wash the pickle piece and savour it.

If I liked the mango pickle my brother was fond of the Carrot-Peas and Cauliflower pickle. My mother would make the mango version in summers and the Cauliflower pickle for my brother in winter. 

Over the years my love for pickle has become less and I tend to eat more of fresh chutneys but my brother still relishes the cauliflower  pickle and my mom ensures to make that for him during his visits.

When I was in college, it was the first time that my mother had made the pickle using the tender mangoes (fondly called Baal Kairya in Marathi or Maavin Midi in Kannada) freshly plucked from the Mango tree in our garden and I had savoured it through my holidays. 

I loved sucking the tangy spicy juices from the baby mango. I craved to make the pickle once I got hold of the tender mangoes, so once the brine preserve for tender mangoes was a week old and I realised I could make more of pickles without spoiling them.

I then tried my hand on this pickle made without oil. When I say without oil, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a drop of oil in there. The oil is there but just about a tablespoon which was required for mixing the spices. 

This pickle is preserved in salted water. In dry areas it can be stored at room temperature but in humid or coastal area it is better to refrigerate the pickle. 

One also has to keep in mind that as it’s a water based pickle, the spice level needs to be high and even the salt added should be a tad higher.


Tender Mangoes Pickle Without Oil

Preparation Time: 30mins | Cooking Time: 10mins | Difficulty Level: Moderate


260gms tender mangoes (1/2”-1”in diameter)
3/4-1cup water
4-5tsp salt or as per taste
3tsp mustard seeds powdered or use ready made rai daal
1to1-1/2tsp turmeric powder
6-7tsp red chilli powder (adjust as per your spice level)
2tsp fennel seeds, slightly pounded
1/2tsp asafoetida powdered (good smell)
1tsp fenugreek/methi seeds
1tbsp refined oil/ mustard oil*


Remove the stem and wash the tender mangoes and dry them on a clean cloth completely.
Once dried, with a clean knife remove the top layer of the skin near the stem.

Place the mangoes in a sterilised jar till further use (this helps understand how much water needs to be added).

Boil the water and add the salt to it, simmer and boil for 5mins. Cool completely.

Beat the water with mustard powder either by hand or in a mixer till it froths up.

In a clean pan heat oil and fry the fenugreek, remove and powder it in a clean pestle and mortar. Take precaution not to burn the seeds.


In the same oil crackle the cloves*. Add the fennel  seeds and asafoetida.

DSC_6054-001 DSC_6056-001

Switch off the flame, add turmeric, red chilli powder, fenugreek powder and mix.

DSC_6058-001 DSC_6060-001

Once the spice mix is completely cooled, tip in the mangoes and mix thoroughly.

DSC_6062-001 DSC_6063-001

Transfer the mango-spice mix into the jar. Pour the cooled salted water. The water should cover the mangoes completely. Mix using a sterilised spoon and close the mouth of the jar with a clean cloth tied with a string, cloth ensures circulation of air.

Keep the jar under the sun for 4-5days. Mix once every day. After a week close it with an airtight lid and store but keep mixing regularly for 2weeks. One can start using the pickle after a week but it taste’s best after a month.



* The oil is added just to bind the spices together and provide their coating on the mangoes, it also prevents spoilage.
* The cloves add an amazing flavour to the pickle. It’s a surprise item and one should not avoid it.
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Priya Suresh said...

Dont kill us like this Pari, those pickled tender mangoes makes me crave for some.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Pari, the tender mango pickles look so delicious and mouthwatering.
Just the right kind of food for summer time.

nandoos kitchen said...

awesome pickle..

Deepa G Joshi said...

I am drooling..LOL..looks yummy. You know my mother adds cloves to the mango pickles. It tastes divine in the khaar..

Priya said...

Its vadu manga in tamil i guess ...Super tempting pickle

Tahemeem said...

Awww.. they look so cute... my mouth is watering!!!

Cubic Zirconia Simulated Diamonds said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

Cubic Zirconia Simulated Diamonds said...

Nice post, i hope everyone will like your post..

Rajani said...

A recipe just right for the season. I have never tried adding cloves and now with your vouching for it, I can go ahead and try for sure.

Unknown said...

Interesting pickle made with water, looks delecious as well.


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