Tuesday 18 March 2014

अक्काची मुळ्यातली मिर्ची | मूली और मिर्ची का अचार​ | Radish- Green Chilies Pickle | Instant Pickle | Step Wise | February’s ‘Only’ Event Winner


Finally the kid’s exams are over and I can breathe with a sense of relief! As long as the kid was writing his papers, I felt that I was the one who had exams. Immediately after exams I and the kid have taken a short break and currently I’m relaxing at my Mum’s place.

We travelled right on the Holi day,  as the city that  I live in currently, there’s no holiday for Holi and in my apartment complex they do not allow to play Holi, about  which obviously the kid isn’t very happy! But personally I’ve no qualms about it, as I’m allergic to the colours.

Normally when I travel without S, I cook food elaborately and then freeze it for him to use later. But this time, the kid wouldn’t allow me to step away from him during his exams and later I didn’t have much time left and  nor  I had the energy, to cook elaborately.

Nevertheless, I made a few things which could be cooked fast and amongst them was this instant pickle which is ready in a matter of few minutes.

This recipe is my granny’s (whom we fondly called Akka) contribution. The pickle would always frequent in her kitchen and was very popular amongst family and friends. 

It's my personal favorite and when I got married, I started making this in my kitchen and it was an instant hit. 

Both S and his mother are very fond of this and now even the kid’s love it. If there’s no vegetable cooked (or even when the curry is cooked) and you love the strong aroma of heeng with a burst of spice and tangy flavours on the palate, this is a dish for you.

It’s a dish whose sheer memory can salivate you, once you have tried and tasted it, that’s a promise from my side!!!



6tbsp oil
2tsp mustard seeds
a large pinch of strong heeng (asafoetida)
3small Rasish peeled, washed and sliced
10 green chilies, cut into 1cm pieces
1tsp turmeric powder
1-1/4tsp  salt or as per taste
juice of one small lemon or as per taste


Heat oil, splutter the mustard seeds.


Add radish, heeng and half the turmeric, sauté for 2-3 minutes.


Add the green chilies, remaining turmeric and salt to taste. Mix all. 


Cover the pan and cook on low flame till done. This takes about 5mins.

Remove the lid, switch off flame and cool the mix.


Once properly cooled add the lemon juice and give a final mix.

Remove in a glass jar and store in refrigerator. This stays good for about a week.

Serve it with roti or rice as a pickle or side dish.

Sending this recipe to my event ‘Only’ Dairy Free Cooking guest hosted by Priya Suresh.
Coming to the winner announcement, based on the round up made by Shruti here, the winner is recipe number..
and the winning recipe is Italian Twist Roll by Prachi Aggarwal. Congrats Prachi, please contact me via mail at cookingoodfood@gmail.com within 48hrs to claim your win.
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Droolsss said...

Wow really nice pickle. Considering the health benefits of radish, this is indeed a must try.

Anonymous said...

Simple but must be very tasty...

Priya said...

wow looks amazing n colorful ...i m yet to study for the exams (i mean my kid is not old enough)

divya said...

wow nice presentation...looks so tasty

nandoos kitchen said...

pickle looks tasty really nice

Akila said...

Very tempting n yummy... Congrats to Prachi

Rafeeda AR said...

nice and simple pickle...

great-secret-of-life said...

nice pickle.. nice clicks

Unknown said...

Neat presentation and Lovely photography .... looks yummy

Rajani said...

That so describes what I love, green chillies with a strong heeng punch! I am surely going to try out this instant pickle.

Malathi Ganesh said...

Looking great..First time at your blog.. Step in mine to stay connected on healthy foods

Shruti J said...

Awesome!!! Missing mum after seeing this pic :( Just one question... Can I use red radish instead of white one?

Pari Vasisht said...

Shruti, yes, you could use the red one too but I feel it would taste better with the white.


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