Monday 15 April 2013

Shahi Dosa, Step By Step Filling & The Winner of March Month’s ‘Only’ Event



Hello Friends!!

Firstly apologies for disappearing suddenly, I was just held up with too many things..

Today I’m posting a Dosa recipe very close to my heart. This brings in many childhood memories..Almost once in a month after the Sunday meditation, I and my brother would accompany my parents and visit a vegetarian restaurant called Naivedyam, where I and my dad would religiously order the Shahi dosa and  savor that. While my brother ordered spring rolls and my Mom would order a paav bhaaji or chhole bhature. This happened for several years till the restaurant shut down. My dad also loved their Kashmiri pulao and after the restaurant shut down I tried the preparation

at home for him and fortunately in my first attempt I made it exactly like the restaurant and then whenever we had guests coming over my mom would ask me to make the pulao. After the success of the pulao, I tried my hand on the dosa, I did not have any recipe in hand what I remembered were the ingredients, flavor and taste. Keeping all that in mind I attempted making the filling and I got it right the first time Smile.

I had almost forgotten about this dosa preparation and recently while remembering old memories I was reminded of it and I was too eager to try it again and when DH asked me to make masala dosa on a Sunday, I also made the filling for Shahi dosa and treated myself with age old memories and relived those moments..

The word ‘Shahi’ means ‘royal’, and the word royal is related to the richness of the filling. It is cooked in ghee with nuts, raisins and cottage cheese all of which make the preparation rich looking and obviously high on calories. But once in a while indulgence is okay, isn’t it?

I felt like a kid after eating the dosa and wished that I could go 20yrs back and visit the place again. Me and my dreams..nevertheless, I know whenever I want to be a kid again, I’m going to make this DosaWinking smile.



Shahi Masala Dosa

Preparation Time For Filling: 15mins

Preparation Time For Dosa Batter: 8-10hrs

Cooking Time For Filling: 10mins

Cooking Time For Each Dosa: 2-3mins

Makes: 8-10 dosas with the filling

Serves: 3-4


For Dosa Batter

3cups parmal rice

1cup boiled rice

1cup thick beaten rice

1cup urad dal

1tbsp methi seeds

1cup mix of chana, tuvar and yellow moong daal

For Filling

10-15 cashew nuts

1tbsp raisins

2-3tbsp ghee/clarified butter or oil

an inch of ginger, grated

1green chili, chopped

2medium tomatoes chopped

1 onion chopped

250gms cottage cheese/paneer grated

a pinch of garam masala

1/4tsp turmeric

1-1-1/2tsp red chili powder

1tbsp coriander powder

salt to taste

1tsp cumin powder

salt to taste

1 green capsicum, finely chopped


For Dosa Batter

Soak all ingredients separately for 4-5hrs and grind them into a smooth paste, mix and leave aside for 5-6hrs to ferment. Add salt and mix again. Adjust the consistency of the batter, it should not be very thick nor too thin. It should have a consistency thinner than a cake batter. The addition of three yellow lentils adds more nutrition as well as color to the dosa. For another version of Dosa batter check here. Sending this dosa rich in legumes to my event ‘Only’ Cooking With Legumes hosted by Nalini.

Heat a griddle or non stick pan and grease it. Pour a ladle full of dosa batter in the center and spread it using the base of ladle in circular movements. This process has to be done really fast else the batter gets cooked and does not spread.

Cook on one side till it develops a golden color and then turn and cook on other side.

Turn again and put the filling in center and fold the dosa or turn the edges lightly on three sides (I did it).

For Filling


Heat the ghee and add the cashew nuts and fry them.


Tip in the onions and ginger, sauté.


Add the green chili, tomato and dry spices, raisins along with salt, mix and cook.


Finally add cottage cheese and capsicum and cook for a minute. Do not overcook, the capsicum needs to be crunchy. This filling is multi purpose, it is great as a side dish with paratha and a good stuffing for sandwiches too.


Coming to the winner of last month’s event. Out of the 25entries sent under Indian Category posted here, the winner is number 18 picked by random selector.

The recipe at number 17 is Shell Pasta in Spianch Pesto Sauce, posted by Sharanya of Sara’s Tasty Buds. Congrats Sharanya, you win ‘Baked Dishes’ cookbook by Tarla Dalal. Please mail me your address in India, with landmark, pin code and phone number to within two days to claim the win. If you are unable to claim within two days, I will pick a new winner.


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divya said...

wow looks fab tempting

virunthu unna vaanga said...

very yummy dosa... really royal one... Congrats Sharan...

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Totally royal dish, paneer filling dosh, yummy.
Congrats Sharanya.

today's post:

meena said...

super royal dosa,love the stuffing.

AJ said...

Yummy! Mouth watering just looking at the Dosa.

Simplyfood said...

Dosas look delicious.At what stage do you add the cooked rice?

Chitz said...

Wow.. Awesomly mind blowing clicks.. Really well presented too :)

Shobha said...

Dosa looks absolutely tempting..
Congrats to Sharanya for winning !

Akila said...

Lovely dish and congrats saranya
Event: Dish name starts with S till May 30th and a giveaway

Sharanya palanisshami said...

happy to be the winner , I had mailed you my address...........

Yummy royal panner filling dosa

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Dosa looks so well presented. Must have tasted awesome as well.

Rafeeda AR said...

looks really amazing...

cookingwithsapana said...

Creativity snd perfection are clearly visible by seeing the first pic!

Priya Suresh said...

Shahi dosa looks absolutely fabulous,super rich,definitely a royal treat..Lovely stuffing.

Prema said...

I can't resist here dear,pls pass it...

Anitha said...

Yummy dosa...

Azzina said...
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Amarendra said...

Dosa navapramaney ekdam shahi aahe. Look yum!!

Azlin Bloor said...

Definitely a recipe fit for a king! Nothing like food that reminds us of our childhood!

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Tempting and inviting

Dhanish said...

Love the Dosa filling, i have never had any filling Dosa other than Masala Dosa, This looks really great and the filling too. Will definitely give a try. :) Thanks for visiting my space dear.


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