Monday 22 April 2013

अक्का पणजीच उपवासाच थालीपीठ​ | Akka Panaji’s Thalipeeth For Fasting Version I, Step Wise/ Upavasache Thalipeeth


Nine days of fasting, the ‘Navaratra’ have recently got over. Many people fasted through all the nine days and a few on selected days. I wanted to post fasting recipes that time but things at home kept me away from active blogging. But this week again has few fasting days which also includes Hanuman Jayanti falling on the 25th, so thought of posting this fasting food, which I loved and now my family likes it too..
I’m posting today a recipe I grew up with, this is my great grand mother’s recipe. Whenever she used to fast, she would make thalipeeth of various kinds and we would eye her as we would only get a bite to taste. I must confess, I’ve never eaten a better thalipeeth than what she made.

Telling you more about her and her fond memories….She was an excellent cook but at the same time well educated too. By education, I do not mean that she went to college and all but she had the urge and desire to learn new, she was hungry for knowledge. My great grand father was a freedom fighter, while he was in Vellore Jail my great grand mother who was a follower of Vinoba Bhave would lead the rally of ‘Prabhat Pheri’ every morning.

I still remember in my childhood, during our visits to our hometown, my day would start hearing shlokas, ovis and bhajans which my great grand mother would sing early in the morning while she worked on the stone mill (jaata). She was very hard working and at the same time a strict disciplinarian.

At the age of 82 too, whenever we would have guests at home, she would sit on the floor  to make ‘ghadi chi poli’ which was her specialty. Till she was alive, she had a strong influence on the kitchen and all the three generations after her were benefitted by her skillSmile.

This thalipeeth not only makes a tasty fasting food but it is great as breakfast item, for lunch box and even for snacking.

Upavasache Thalipeeth

Soaking Time:4hrs

Preparation Time: 30mins

Cooking Time: 5mins per Thalipeeth

Makes: 8

Serves: 3-4

Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy


3medium sized potatoes boiled and peeled
2-1/2cups soaked sabudana/sago
4-5 green chilies, finely chopped
2-3tbsp sour yogurt
2tsp cumin seeds
3/4cup coarsely pounded roasted peanuts
6-7tbsp rajgira flour/ amaranth grain flour
sendha namak/ rock salt
1/2tsp sugar
2-3tbsp chopped coriander
water for mixing
ghee/oil for cooking


Wash and remove all water from the Sago and let it soak for 4-5hrs. Separate the grains of sago using finger tips.
To the sago add grated, boiled potato, finely chopped green chilies, pounded peanuts, cumin seeds, sugar.
Now add the sendha namak/rock salt.
Add yogurt and chopped coriander.
Finally add the rajira flour and mix thoroughly. Use some water and bring it to a consistency that can spread easily on patting (soft dough consistency).
Smear the griddle with ghee or oil (I used ghee for an authentic taste) and then pat a large lemon size thalipeeth dough to an 8inch circle using hand, if required, wet the hand while spreading. Make a hole in the center for oil to spread evenly. Cook on medium flame covered till one side is nicely cooked and roasted. Flip to the other side, smear some more ghee and cook open till done. Cool the griddle and repeat the process for the entire dough. If one wants to cook on hot griddle continuously, one can spread the thalipeeth on a greased banana leaf and then transfer it on to the griddle. Usually one thalipeeth needs about 2tsp oil or ghee but one can make it in very low oil or oil free too, if using a non stick pan.


This thalipeeth has a large portion of peanuts which are leguminous plants, hence sending it to my event ‘Only’ Cooking With Legumes hosted by Nalini.


This thalipeeth needs gentle handling especially while flipping. Flip only when one side is cooked and roasted thoroughly.

Thalipeeth tastes better if the green chilies are spicy and have good flavor.
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Usha said...

This looks fabulous and inviting, would love to give it a try :)

Revathi Ramkumar said...

Yummy totally new to me...bookmarked will try out..happy following u when free drop into my space

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Delicious and healthy snack. Apt meal for this fasting season.

Aps Kitchen said...

This one is filling and perfect for fasting seasons :)

Merry Tummy said...

Such beautiful clicks. Amazing colour and texture
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easyfoodsmith said...

Beautiful clicks and delicious recipe. Bookmarking it.

Unknown said...

Love this dish .

Vikis Kitchen said...

Snack looks very delicious. Yummy!

Shanavi said...

Loved the perfect shaped one in the tawa..This is one of my fav..Unfortunate;y am yet to blog abt it. U've made it so perfect, Yum
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Nilu A said...

Wow.. Healthy and tasty thalipeeth Pari.. Lovely clicks.. Have heard about thalipeeth a lot but haven't tried it.. Will try this soon dear :-)

Preety said...

it looks super tempting

Sangeetha Nambi said...

Preety inviting dish... Love to taste it...

Nupur said...

I have never had Sago Thali peeth... Infact I have not been in Maharashtra that much...

nice cliks btw

Shobha said...

Nice .. I made a similar sago roti once ..

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

i am new to this..but sure, it does luk tempting. good post, dear. do drop by pick quicks and quick picks as well when u get the time :) said...

really new to me but these luks really yummy..

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Looks so crunchy !


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