Wednesday 11 January 2012

Ambadi and Toorichya Shenganchi Paatalbhaaji..Maharashtrian Style Gongura & Pigeon Peas Curry, New winner of ‘Only’ Series For Dec



Hi everyone.

Ever since I’ve moved into the new city, I’ve tried using the local produce creatively in different ways and I must say I’m enjoying it thoroughly. It is always exciting to use new produce, to explore new flavours and taste.

I’ve been using the tuvar beans/pigeon peas, surati papdi/avarekalu/lilva beans and recently the Mango-ginger too in my day to day cooking and enjoyed them thoroughly. I’m in particularly a little obsessed with the lilva beans (fresh tuvar daal beans) and have been experimenting a lot with them, though have not been able to share all the recipes here as the things get finished before I could click them.


I was particularly interested in trying the combination of the lilva with the gongura leaves. I was too convinced that both the flavours will blend well and the resultant dish will be an instant hit. My instinct proved correct, the dish was loved by all especially S.

I made a traditional Maharashtrian curry called Paatalbhaaji. Now, ‘Paatal’ means liquid in Marathi and ‘Bhaaji’ means curry, so it translates to a liquidly curry or a curry which has a thinner consistency. This kind of curry is made using the greens and the gram flour is used as a thickening agent. It is then tempered nicely with spices and asafoetida (heeng). It is a must in a traditional Maharashtrian thali but is made without the garlic.

I used the gongura greens to make this bhaaji. As we know that the Gongura is a sour vegetable  so this bhaaji has to be nicely balanced by the spice level of red chillies and also the jaggery, to reduce the extra sourness. Else Spinach and Gongura can be mixed in equal proportions too, to make this bhaaji.


1bunch gongura (ambadi/sorrel)

1 cup lilva beans (fresh tuvar beans)

4tbsp heaped, gram flour (besan)

a handful peanuts

2tbsp jaggery

2 green chillies chopped

1/4tsp turmeric

salt to taste

For Tempering 1

2-3tbsp oil

1tsp mustard seeds

1/2tsp fenugreek (methi) seeds

3tbsp red chilli pwd

a large pinch of asafoetida

For Tempering 2

5tbsp oil

5-6garlic pods, chopped

2tbsp chilli pwd

1/2tsp turmeric pwd


Pluck the leaves of Gongura and wash them. Chop them finely.

In a heavy bottom pan, cook together the green chillies, peanuts and Gongura leaves using a little water.

Once the leaves are cooked, cool it and then mash it using washed hand. using hand ensures that the vegetable is nicely mashed and later the gram flour does not form lumps.

Mix in the gram flour, turmeric and salt to taste. Also, mix about 3 cups water and put it on gas for cooking again. Once it starts boiling the curry will thicken and will get an even and smooth consistency. If you feel that the curry is too thick, add more water. And if the curry has a watery consistency then just mix in some more gram flour paste.

Once the curry thickens and is cooked, pour in the first tempering and mix.

Prepare the second tempering too but let it cool and use it at the time of serving to put on the top. The garlic tempering adds a good flavour and bite to the bhaaji/curry.

Serve it with hot rice and hand crushed onion.

Sending it to Vardhini’s New U

Priya Mahadevan’s event guest hosted by Priya Sreeram



Since Ambreen was not able to provide an address in India, I have picked up a new winner using random method. The winner is entry number 27 in the comment section, which is of PJ. Congrats dear, please mail me your address in India and your cell number too, to


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Radhika said...

That's a mouthwatering combo Pari. Lovely to be had with hot rice and papads.
Event : Lets’ Cook - Rice

Pari Vasisht said...

Thanks Radhika for that quick comment.

Priya Suresh said...

Such a tempting and delicious combo..seriously inviting..Congrats to PJ..

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

A lovely recipe...perfect with some steaming hot rice

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Wonderful combo and irresistible

Shri said...

Thankyou for sharing the recipe;would be delish with rice. Wish you a very happy new year PAri.

divya said...

Yum yum,mouthwatering here, wat a super tempting curry..

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

first of all a very happy new year to you Pari and congrats to the winner.
loved gongura and its tangy taste. beautiful curry you have made with this. wholesome and delicious.

Padmajha said...

The first click looks so rustic and delicious. I do not get gongura so I think palak is the only choice. And regarding the win I am truly thrilled..Thanks a bunch Pari :).Have sent you a mail...

Christy Gerald said...

Awesome recipe Dear!.Yummy thick Curry seems real tasy!.Delish!.

Chitra said...

Wow , its looking gr8 pari.. Bookmarked it. will try sometime :)

Sravs said...

wonderful recipe !! looks delicious !!

Ongoing event CC-Chocolate Fest

Amina Creations said...

fabulous recipe... looks delicious... thanks for sharing...
Wish you a very happy new year...

anjana said...

very healthy ,tempting and great combination..

Prathima Rao said...

I love the tangy flavor of gongura..This curry looks lip smacking!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Faseela said...

Delicious combo

Deeps @ Naughty Curry said...

lilva & gongura in gravy, i have never thought of this! looks fabulous, love that colour :)

Kalyani said...

nice combo - am sure its yummy with rice, Pari !

and congrats to PJ as well :)

Sizzling Tastebuds
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Event : Microwave Easy Cooking (MEC)

Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) said...

Yummy looking curry, lovely pics! Congrats to PJ :)

anjana said...

very tempting and delicious recipe for me..will try soon..

Priyanka said...

A very yummy and tempting dish.

PrathibhaSreejith said...

Thats a yummy combo n healthy curry. Sounds really delicious.
Thanks a lot Pari for following my space, I'm following u right back :)

Priya Sreeram said...

this is a nice combo and the dish looks delicious; thx for linking it to my event !

Vardhini said...

Nice combo with pigeon peas .. healthy dish and thx for linking to the event.


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