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Hi! I have updated the I part with a few more interesting Combos so do peep in  there too. Here comes the second and the last part of Combo Event Round Up. In this part we will see Combos from the Northern states of India, Generalised Indian Combos, some International Combos and Fusion recipes.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the variations in making the very popular Chana Bhatura. Everyone has their own style of making it, emphasizing the popularity of this Combo. I have tried to highlight the key feature of each Chana Bhatura which makes it different from others, in this round up.
We will start with the North India  and Generalised Indian combos first..


Smitha's Poori Chole

Smitha from Smitha’s Spicy Flavour has sent the famous Punjabi Combo Poori Choley. She says, there are two ways I make this curry. One way is by grinding a few chick peas to get the extra thick gravy or by just adding the yogurt to get the gravy. This is the latter kind. She is a new blogger, pls find out time to visit her space.

Nivedita's brown rice, green veg and curry

Nivedita from Nivedita’s Kitchen has sent a Combo from Sindhi cuisine, Brown rice,green veg curry and brinjal fry. She says, It is nothing but Bhooga Chaawal aur Sai bhaji. A traditional Sindhi dish. A wonderful combo for a hungry stomach.

Chaitra's dum aloo

Chaitra of Aathidhyam has also sent Dum Aloo with Roti, a delicious combo from North India. She says, it’s a Sunday special at her place.

Chaitra's onb with veg pulao

Chaitra of Aathidhyam  also sends Mixed Veg Pulao and Paneer Veg Masala. She says, the Paneer butter masala recipe has been loaded with veggies to make a yummy Sunday lunch.

UN's mini punjabi treat.png resized

Nandini of Ushanandini's Recipes has sent Makki Di roti, sarson da saag & lassi a delectable combo of Punjab. All Punjabis have to have this combo almost 2-3 times in a week during winter.

Preeti Kashyap's Punjabi Chole Bhatoore

Preeti Kashyap of  Relishing Recipes has sent the ever popular Punjabi Chhole Bhature.She says, I have used fresh chhole masala (from a pukka punju aunty- A typical Punjabi lady) and not any branded one in the store. People did find the difference and it did win me a couple of accolades.

NOT yet 100's palk fritters with coffee

Notyet100 of Asankhana has sent a very tasty Chaat item from Uttar Pradesh, Palak fritters with coffee. She says, she tried to recreate her favorite chaat at home and she is very glad for that.

Jyoti of Veggie Hut Chola Bhatura

Jyoti of VeggieHut has sent Chhola Bhatura from the state of Punjab. She says, this is another dish which is a hit in my house.

Asha ar's Parathas-Egg masala

Asha of Foodie’sHope has sent Punjabi Egg Masala with buttered Shajeera, Ajwain and turmeric flavored square Parathas from the world of Punjabi cuisine. She says, this is the easiest and yummiest Egg masala I have ever made. I used "Punjabi Garam Masala" that I  made at home.

Cham's samosa-300

Cham from SpiceClub has sent Samosa and Green Chutney a famous snack from North India. She says, it could be served as a light meal along with garbanzo beans curry, a simple green chutney, sweet chutney or even a dash of ketchup!

Collaborative's puri chole

Sunitha and Namitha of Collaboraive Curry have also shared their recipe of Chhole and Poori, which is abundantly seen in every nook and corner of North India and here in the round up too… Enjoy Namitha’s puffed pooris which reminds her of the Sundrop oil advertisement…read her post for more.

 Combo Event

Shama of Easy2cookrecipes has sent three wonderful combos from North India. Aloo Paratha and Chili Paneer  Punjabi Chhole Bhatura and Poori and Potato Masala.

Smitha's vegpulao1

Smitha from Smitha’s Spicy Flavour has also sent Vegetable Pulao and Onion Raita. She says, one pot meal, easy to make and handy when there is less time. I used crispy bread too, to give it an extra touch.

UN's aloo muttar paratha

Nandini of Ushanandini's Recipes has also sent Aloo Muttar Paratha with Dahi. Punjabi breakfast has to have hot parathas accompanied with Dahi.

Priya Y's Aloo Methi ki Sabzi and Paratha

Priya Mitharwal from MharoRajasthanRecipes has sent a Combo from Rajasthan, Aloo Methi Curry and Paratha. Rajasthani food is full of flavours, a must try!!

jyoti veggie hut Chola Tikki

Jyoti of Veggiehut has also sent a famous Chaat Combo, Chhole Tikki Chhat. She says, another preparation of chickpeas which my hubby eats with delight.


Jayashree Srinivas of Desifoodbytes has sent another Paratha combo, Methi Chapati and Raita. She says, pinching out these leaves from their stems is laborious and time consuming, but the goodness & flavour of these greens more than rewards all the effort.

Combo Event-1

Silpa from Anita’s Kitchen has sent three yummilicious and healthy combos, Dal with collard greens, Potato in poppy almond gravy and Capsicum tomato curry.

Lakshmi's Parota, Curry and Salad

Lakshmi of Taste Of Mysore has sent Maida Parota, Peas and Potato Curry and Onion salad. She says, it is  weekend dish I can say for us.  An awesome threesome combination.

Deepti's Chana_Bhatura_copy

Deepti Sidana of A Hint of Spice sends in Chhole Bhature. Do read her post for a unique recipe of Bhatura using buttermilk biscuits and interesting tips on making Chhole.

Srividhya's dal roti

SriVidhya Ravikumar of Vidhu’s Kitchen has sent Daal and Roti.

Srividhya's Chana Bhatura

SriVidhya Ravikumar of Vidhu’s Kitchen has also sent Chana Bhatura.

priya's mint pulao

Priya of Easy N Tasty Recipes has sent Mint Pulao & Carrot N Avocado Raita. She says, if you are searching for something easy, flavourful, super quick and delicious rice dish for your lunch box or for dinner, one should definitely give a try to this aromatic mint pulao.

Cooking Foodie's Chole Bhature upload

Cooking Foodie of 365 Days Of Eating has sent Chhole Bhature. She says, I make smaller bhature as I find big ones intimidating to cook - especially the big wok of hot oil needed to fry them. Here is my favorite way to cook them.


Here comes my entry(Pari from Foodelicious) , Stuffed Fenugreek Leaves Paratha with curds. I say, this Paratha which I make with Methi is an excellent way to hide the methi in a very tasty way and in this way  more amount of methi can be incorporated in  the diet..


Smitha from Smitha’s Spicy Flavour has also sent the Nachos with the works from the Mexican cuisine.  She says, this recipe is an inspiration from the short trip we took with our friends last month to Mohegan Sun casino. It is simple and has lots to veggies and taste yummy, crunchy and spicy.

Shubha's apple-fritters-with-almond-sauce

Shubha of MunchCrunchandSuch has sent a Continental sweet starter Apple Fritters and Almond Sauce. Check it out for it’s amazing crunch.

Sudha's malaysiandelicacies

Sudha from MalaysianDelicacies has sent Pressed rice, Vegetable Stew with Groundnut Gravy a Malaysian Combo. She says, this is a very famous cuisine in Malaysia. Even though the originality of the dish is said from Indonesia, these three in one dish have found their way to Malaysia and Singapore. Do check out her blog for more of such delicacies.

Preeti B's Nachos-salsa

Preeti  from  Khaugiri has sent Nachos with Salsa, the famous Mexican combo. She says, Nachos are made from Maize flour and all purpose flour but this time I tried with whole wheat flour. Very healthy indeed!! Keep innovating dear.

Nithya's Tortilla and Salsa for event

Nithya from FourthSenseSamayal  has sent Mexican Tortillas and salsa another very popular starter from Mexican cuisine. Her posts are beautifully presented, visit her blog to explore more..

graziana's corn pattiese

Graziana from Erbe in cucina (Cooking with herbs) has sent Corn Patties with Coconut Sauce a combo from Indonesia. A combo very interesting and worth trying.

Prajakta's three bean chili and corn bread

PJ of Ginger&Garlic has sent Three bean vegetarian chili with low-fat cornbread, a combo from Southwest America. She says, my dad always says that the meal on a farm after a hard day of farm-work tastes the best, I have been craving to make this chili cornbread again and again.. Do check her blog to check out her excellent narration skills…

Prajakta's lentil zatar

PJ of Ginger&Garlic has also sent Middle eastern stuffed lentil zatar bread with a cool yogurt dip, a combo from Middle east.She says, it is similar to the Afghan Bolani bread except that the bolani wrappers are much thinner and flakier while wrapper for this bread are more paratha like.

umm's roti jala

Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj has sent Roti Jala and Vattalapam from Malaysian cuisine. She says, Roti Jala or lace pancake is made with a specially designed cup during both Eid ul fitr and Eid ul Adha our two festivals.


kanchan's pasta with sauteed vegiies

Kanchan from Personaltadka has sent a Fusion Combo, Pasta with sauted veggies. The Italian flavour of the Pasta is Indianised. Do read her blog for the touch of humor she adds to her posts.

Jyoti V's apple and carrot soup

Jyoti of Panch Pakwan sends Apple & Carrot Soup with Roasted Tomatoes. She says, Fennel seeds in the soup gives it a brilliant flavour.

Prathy's spinach-orange soup

Prathibha of TheChefandHerKitchen has sent Spinach and Orange Soup with Garlic Bread. She says, the orange gives tanginess and nice twist to the usual spinach soup.

NS rice and raita

N.S from My Experiments With Food has sent Capsicum-Radish Pulao with Sprouts-Apple Raita. Do check out this unusual Pulao which she made to consume the left over capsicum…

priya's peanut butter cream crackers

Priya of Easy N Tasty Recipes has sent Peanut Butter & Cumin Crackers & Indianized Chunky Avocado Dip. She says, these crunchy crackers were really tasty, a guilt free snack which can be enjoyed anytime.

Priya's corn tofu pilaf

Priya of Easy N Tasty Recipes has also sent Corn & Tofu Pulao With Coconut Free Potato & Green Peas Kurma. She says, this corn and tofu pulao suits terribly for lunch box menu and corn gives a crunchiness to this pulao while tofu turns this pulao more delicious and yummy.


Here goes my entry (Pari from Foodelicious), Corn Cottage Cheese Risotto and Grilled Broccoli. Risotto is an Italian way of making rice and Grilled Broccoli is an Indian way of making Kababs.

kamala's Green_Peas_Pulav_Thakkali_Pachadi_Combo

Kamala Bhoopathy of Cook@ease has sent Green Peas Mutter Pulav and Thakkali Pachadi. She says, this colourful green pulav is very tasty and suits well for parties or get together.

Trishna from Craftymaa has sent Spinach Pulav and Beetroot raita. She says, I love the colors it brings to the dinner table,making it festive right away.
I have tried to include all entries which I have acknowledged and accepted. However, in case I have missed out any entry, please do let me know. Also let me know if any link is not  functioning properly.
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