Thursday 11 March 2010


I feel elated making the  round up of my first event, which I had announced to celebrate my 100th post. Thank you friends for making my first event successful and sending so many tasty and interesting combos. We have a large variety of combos to try from a large number of states of India and International cuisines too. Over all I have received around 80 entries as I still type this post!!!
For convenience I am dividing the combos on the basis of Cuisine so that it’s easy to choose when we want to  try out something new.
INDIAN CUISINE is a very diverse, with a vast range of preparations from North- South. I am starting off from the southern tip of India and will head North. In some cases the cuisine is generalised so that will be posted separately with the International cuisine. In this Post we can read Combos from South India and from West to East India.
                                              SOUTH INDIAN CUISINE

 Anu's adai  avial                                 

Anu from Chandrabhaga sends Adai and Avial, she says it’s a perfect Kerala delight.

Collaborative's Appam

Suneetha and Namitha of Collaborative Curry have sent Appam with Potato and Peas curry which they say is a festive breakfast.

Gayatri and Kalyani's RasamThogayal

Gayatri and Kalyani Rajamani of Adiruchi have sent  Pepper Rasam and Parupu Thogayal, they say, it is  a combination that can be made in a jiffy.

Anu's Ven pongal 1

Anu from Chandrabhaga also sends Ven Pongal, she say’s it’s a very satisfying meal.

Avamthi's Kudumulu

Avanthi of AvanthiRao’s Kitchen has sent  Kudumulu with Kobbari chutney which is a specialty from Andhra Pradesh and is made on Ganesh Chaturthi. She is participating for the first time in any event. I hope we will read many more of your interesting recipes in other events too.

Chaitra's bisi bela bhaat

Chaitra of Aathidhyam  has sent   Bissi Bele Bhaath with Crispies, she says that it  is her father’s favorite.

Kalva's pulihora and spinach vada

Kalva of CurryInKadai has sent Pulihora and Spinach Vada which is her Grandma’s awesome combo. Pulihora is served in South Indian temples as Prasadam.

gayatri and kalyani's banana pepper subji

Gayatri and Kalyani Rajamani of Adiruchi have sent Banana Pepper Subzi and Stuffed Roti, it is the famous Mirchi ka Salan from A.P. If you are bold use Jalapeno is what they say.

Nithya's kotsu for event

Nithya from 4th Sense Samayal sends in  Idli and Brinjal Kotsu. She says, Kotsu is one such super duper combination with Idli that I can afford to have more idli’s than ever.

padma's pesarattucombo

Padma from Padma’s recipes sends in  Pesarattu-Upma with Ginger Chutney,  is one of the best South Indian Combos.

PJ's Keerai sambhar

PJ from Seduce Your tastebuds sends in Keerai Sambar and Easy Garlic Potatoes. She says this combo of Potato curry and greens is a winner. The Potato curry is her MIL’s version.

Gomathy's Appam

Gomathy’s Appam with Coconut Milk from Kerala, was her first blog post.

Nivedita's Poori Kurma

Nivedita from Nivedita’s Kitchen sends  Poori and Kurma a preparation from North Karnataka. She says it’s her husband’s favorite.

Srilekha's rava pongal (1)

SriLekha from srishkitchen sends Rava Pongal with Coconut Chutney. It’s one of the most popular breakfast items in South India.

PJ's veg kurma

PJ from Seduce Your Tastebuds also sends in Vegetable Kurma and Chapathi. She say’s Veg kurma is the most preferred side dish of South India.

Rohini's H veg Biryani and Mirchi Ka Salan

Rohini Vijay from Curries & Spices sends in Hyderbadi Biryani and Mirchi Ka Salan from Andhra Pradesh. She says, some enormous googling, some addition, some innovation and lots of patience resulted in a lip-smacking (authentic looking and tasting) Hyderabadi Veg Biryani! Keep up the hard work dear.

Swathi Iyer's puttu payarum pappadam

Swathi from Zesty South Indian Kitchen sends Puttum Payarum Pinae Pappadavum/Steamed Rice cake with Field Peas curry and Indian Wafer from Kerala. She says she loves to have the Puttu with banana and sugar but being health conscious makes it in this combination these days.

Aruna's onion gosthu

Aruna Manikandan of Veggie Paradise sends Idli with Onion Gosthu. She says, you can also prepare Brinjal / Kathirikkai and Ridge Gourd / Peerkangai Gosthu in the same way .

UN's adai and aviyal resized
Nandini from Ushanandini’s blog sends Adai and Aviyal. Check out her blog for a wide range of recipes.

Aruna's Kadappa

Aruna Manikandan of VeggieParadise sends Idli-Kadappa. Check out her blog for the variety of side dishes and south Indian dishes she posts.

sp and mj's millet and daikon

Sp and Mj from turmericnspice have sent Millet balls and Daikon Sambhar from Karnataka. They say, Ragi has been a much loved grain in our home. We have seen  Ragi dosa,  Ragi balls dipped in sambar and Ragi rotti to name a few.Extremely healthy one!!

Aruna's Kuzhi Paniyaram

Aruna Manikandan of VeggieParadise  also sends Kuzhi Paniyaram with Tomato Thokku. An excellent Tamilian snack or breakfast item.

Varsha's baby onion curry

Varsha from Vegantreatsahealthyoption sends in Rice with Baby Onion Curry , Butternut Squash Palya and Vegetable Bajjis. She says, the Onion curry is karnataka cuisine and butternut squash palya is konkani style but overall it’s a South-Indian  version of Thali.

Kiran's rsz_potato_kitchadi_with_sesame_chutney_015

Kiran from Samudhara has sent Potato Khichadi with Sesame Chutney a combo from Andhra Pradesh. She says, she tasted at her friend’s place a few years ago and it’s very yummy with the spicy Sesame chutney.

Prathy's veg kurma and parotta

Prathibha from The Chef and Her Kitchen has sent Mixed vegetable Kurma and Parotta. She says, this vegetable kurma tastes best when the vegetables are crunchy and not over cooked and is well balanced with mild flavors from spices and fresh coconut.

ramya Vijaykumar's ragi dosa and peanut chutney
Ramya Vijaykumar of Memory Archieved has sent Ragi Dosa with Peanut Chutney. She says, Ragi Dosa is a staple dinner back home and have been following it ever since marriage too... When my in-laws were with us last summer, I used to make this for them atleast twice or thrice a week.I dont use Oil for the Dosa.

Nivedita's dal roti

Nivedita from Nivedita’s Kitchen has also sent a very rustic combo from North Karnataka, Jowar Rotti and Daal. She says, a very common food for farmers in villages. They eat raw green chilly also with it. The most tastiest combo(as per me) that too if you have one day old Jowar rotti.


Ruchikacooks has sent Gutti Vankaya with salad and coconut rice. The Gutti vanakaya is a Andhra recipe and the dish is described as a “bouquet of brinjals”.


Ruchikacooks also sends in the South Indian Thaali. Do check out the platter which she and her DH cooked on their house warming day.


Ruchikacooks has also sent Lemon tomato rasam with cabbage kari and rice. Read her post to check out the various kinds of utensils she uses to cook her stuff.


Cool Lassie of PanGravyKadai has sent three South Indian Combos, Paniyaram with Peanut Chutney, Rice Hoppers with tomato chutney and sweetened coconut milk, Idli with Kara Podi. Do check out for the various fusion recipes that she attempts.

Combos from West- East India

Muskaan Shah from A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine sends in Usal and Pav from Maharashtra. She says,  very easy to make traditional  preparation..enjoyed by everyone is a quick dinner idea, with a little planning and less cooking involved. Do check out their blog for the health tips and low calorie food.

Asha ar's Pithla Bhakri

Asha from Foodieshope sends in  rustic Maharashtrian Combo Pithla and Bajri Bhakri. She says,  heart healthy and hearty meal, a Indian farmer's favorite meal, is a specially around Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra and also some other states in India but now they are mine as well.

Deepa's Sabudanavada

Deepa from Foodlyrics sends in a fasting delicacy from Maharashtra sabudana vada and peanut chutney. She says, in Dadar, Mumbai there is an eatery called Prakash, just close by Sena Bhavan now that I can’t visit it, preparing this dish helps me remember those wonderful times.

Preeti B's Daal-bafala-batti

Preeti of Khaugiri sends Daal Baafla made in Khandeshi style of Maharashtra. She says, my husband taught me this dish. It's his favorite dish. Instead of baking it in the  tandoor or in Oven, he deep fries it in the oil.


My entry (Pari) from Foodelicious is a Konkani delight, Urid Maida Polo with Potato and Onion Bhaaji. It is an extremely delectable combo. The Polo is amazingly soft and the bhaaji very flavourful. It is a super hit in my family and can be made in a jiffy.

Siddhi's shirvalya2

Siddhi Shirsat from Cooked Dil Se has sent a Goan delicacy Shirvalya with Sweetened Coconut Milk. She says, I have enjoyed this lovely combo from my childhood and I love it. Check out this talented blogger’s blog for more..

Preeti B's vada pav

Preeti of Khaugiri also sends another very famous street food of Maharashtra, the Vada Pav. She says, in college days, this was our breakfast, lunch and evening snack. I know it is very heavy  on calories …..but "Vada Pav ke liye kuch bhi karega".

 Jyoti of Veggie Hut's paav bhaaji

Jyoti of VeggieHut has sent Pav-bhaaji. She says, Lots of memories of college days in Guwahati are linked to this dish. I learnt this version from my friend who had once made it for our monthly Girl's get together

Rupali's Kadhi Khichadi

Rupali from RecipeGrabBag sends a very interesting combo from Maharashtra, Kadhi-Khichadi. She is a new blogger so please do find time to visit her space.

Collaborative's paavbhaji

Suneetha and Namitha of Collaborative Curry have sent Paav-Bhaaji the very famous street food of Mumbai. Namitha says, my daughter needs her share of experiment with the famous street food of India, won’t you agree?

Sonia's Shrikhand.Puri.7Spice

Sonia of SevenSpice sends a tasty combo from Gujarat, Shrikhand-Puri. She says,  if you want a heavy and deep sleep, have  2 cups of this. You’ll feel something heavy and will have a very peaceful sleep.

Sayantani's kochuri.alurdom

Sayantani  of A Homemaker’s Diary sends Dum alu and green peas stuffed kachori. She says, no Bengali can think of celebrating the inception of winter without this fried meal. Do check out her blog for many more Bengali delicacies.

Asha's complete meal

AshaLatha R K Prasad from  "ASRA"...ASHAON KA sends Veggie Khichdi with it’s Char Yaar. She says,"Khichdi Ke  Chaar Yaar - Dahi, Chokha, Papad aur Achaar" Meaning ....."The four friends of Khichdi are  - Yoghurt or set curd, a potato mash, a cracker and Pickle".

Asha's sabsige soppu sabzi

AshaLatha R K Prasad from  "ASRA"...ASHAON KA also sends Sabsige soppu sabzi with rice, a cuisine from Bihar. She says, I get carried away easily by the aroma of the leaves ..... I do not mind associating it with KUKU for the impact it has on me. Very romantic indeed… do check out her blog for all the creative work she does.

For North Indian Combos, non categorised and International cuisine please wait for the next part. Do give me  a feed back if your links are not functioning properly and if I have missed out any entry.


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Nice round up pari..

Pari I sent a south Indian thali complete with 5 side dishes and a rice.. Link is

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Lovely round up.

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An excellent roundup!Glad that your first ever event is a roaring success. I, for one, will be sending mine pretty soon(as in Few hours) as its still March10th in this part of the world. :)).

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Nice roundup, looking forward to second part

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Awesome roundup, so many dishes to try out...

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Excellent roundup. So many dishes to try.

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बढ़िया collection है आपका! Congratulations !


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Good round-up, pari!!!now we have a wide variety of beautiful combos to try out!

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excellent round-up, Pari.....Congrats on success of 1st event...all are popular combos are absolutely comfort food

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Hats off 2 ur patiency Pari explained abt each and every blogger and d recipe ........

Pari said...

Thank you friends for the words of appreciation.
Nivedita your posts are in this part too, pls check!!

Pari said...

Dear Ruchika, I had answered to ur problem earlier too here in my blog, I guess u did not read that. Moreover I never got ur entry, pls send it I will add it to the round up.

Nandinis food said...

Awesome round-up! So many mouthwatering dishes. Great work Pari.

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Awesome roundup, everything looks delicious...each one is perfect in its own way...wish to come back try them in my kitchen. Congrats for hosting this lovely event:)

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waiting to see my entry(ies) :)


Khaugiri said...

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I wish u all success in all your future ventures too..... Which I'm very sure of..... :-)Hugs))))))


Katy ~ said...

A virtual feast! Each recipes brings something so delicious and special from the participants...oooh how I would love to sample each and every one.

Many thanks to those who shared.

Many thanks to you for hosting this delicious event.

sangeeta said...

Hey Pari ..
congrats for such a wonderful successful event , so many great recipes are there to choose from...
enjoy your break and come back rejuvenated..


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