Friday, 25 September 2015

Lunch Menu-1: Karnataka Thali


Foodelicious-Karnataka Thali


My regular readers would know that I’m married into a Kannadiga family. Though my husband loves trying new cuisines and all the kinds of food that I experiment with, his soul lies in the home style Karnataka food. I ensure to provide him his favourite food once in a while.

It was one of such days that I cooked most of his favourite food and served it on his platter. They are very simple preparations but very high on taste and flavour and the best part is that they complement each other well and also make a wholesome meal that has all the components for a balanced diet.

Served on the plate are Aloo Gadde Hurda Uperi which is a recipe very popular in my in laws family made using finely sliced potatoes. Then there is Maatvaadi Palya which is a North Karnataka preparation made using Fresh fenugreek/Methi leaves. There’s Jeerige Kattu as the lentil preparation which goes well with both the curries.


Foodelicious-Karnataka Thali

Rice, which is staple food for South Indians goes well with all the three and to add more crunch their are deep fried papads to complete the Thali. A little ghee on top of the rice and this combination is so delectable. My husband loved the Thali and was beaming with joy. When I shared the pic with my BIL, he was absolutely J.

This Thali is gluten free as there are no wheat products used in any preparation. If ghee is not put on the rice, it’s a completely dairy free, vegan preparation too.

Try the combination and treat your family with Karnataka delicacies.

Foodelicious-Karnataka Thali

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Top 5 Websites To Order Pizza Online In India

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Who doesn’t wants to eat a Pizza in the company of their friends or family? After all it is one of the best and tastiest fast foods in the world. One never gets bored eating it! You go to any part of the world, people love to have it with the same enthusiasm and craving! People start smacking their lips, the moment someone talks about it! Such is the magic and craze for the flavourful Pizza!

It is not only loved by elders but its greatest fans are the kids. Nowadays in any kid’s birthday party is incomplete without a Pizza.It is on the top of the menu. Children love their Pizza. So, in the near future if one is hosting a kid’s birthday party, then try to treat the children with pizzas and witness their enthusiasm and enjoyment! Looking at the happy kids, savouring  a piece of pizza, gives a feeling of immense satisfaction and contentment.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Avarekaalu Akkitari Uppittu Made Using Borosil’s Digi Kook Rice Cooker- A Product Review

Foodelicious-Avarekaalu Akkitari Uppittu
Here comes the last and final review of the three products, that I had received from Borosil . The previous two reviews can be read here and here.
I can very happily say that this product has become an innate part of my kitchen. My every day rice gets cooked in the Borosil Digi Kook Rice Cooker and I’m very happy with the outcome.
Not only is the rice cooker very sleek and smart looking, with a great finish but the final product cooked in it has always turned out very well. There are days when I get busy with work and the delay timer on the rice cooker has come to my rescue there.
I put the rice in the rice cooker with the delay timer ‘ON’ and get absorbed in my work. The delay timer helps me get a well cooked rice at a time I want. Once the rice gets cooked, it moves into ‘Keep Warm’ mode, so one always gets a hot rice on the plate. Sounds fuss free right!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

How To Make An Authentic Thai Red Curry or Gaeng Daeng At Home; A Vegan Version Of Thai Red Curry


Foodelicious- Thai Red Curry


Hi all!

In my previous post I have shared the recipe to Thai Red Curry Paste and in this post I will share the recipe towards the making of the curry. It’s a very simple recipe and gets ready in 10mins if the red curry paste is ready.

While the curry started  bubbling, I gave DH a taste of the curry and his instant reaction was it’s magical. I was ecstatic to hear that! Since a long time we were in search of a place that serves good authentic Thai Curry and now I  know for sure that I do not have to search a one…

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How To Make Red Thai Curry Paste or Namprik Gaeng Daeng At Home; Review Of Borosil Sumo Amaze

Foodelicious-Thai Red Curry Paste

Hello all!
In my last post of Tandoori Aloo Sandwich using Borosil’s Jumbo Grill, I had mentioned that I would be reviewing two more of the Borosil products. So here’s my review on Borosil’s Sumo Amaze which is a 750W mixer grinder. The third Borosil product review would be posted very soon.

The mixer grinder has a neatly designed body made of dual colour ABS plastic.

It comes with three food grade stainless steel jars for blending (1.5L capacity), dry grinding (1.2L capacity) and a wet grinding jar (400ml capacity). The jars have a better capacity as compared to the jars of the mixer grinder I have been using.

Friday, 7 August 2015

‘Tandoori Aloo Sandwich’ Using The Newly Launched Borosil Jumbo Grill: A Product Review

Foodelicious- Tandoori Aloo Sandwich
Being a food blogger, I am not only trying to create and eat good food but also looking out to try various food related gadgets, appliances which I could use to make my cooking easier and better. Those could range from simple peelers to complicated electrical appliances. I use them all. Smile
Borosil, India,  is a well known name in the glassware industry, it being the pioneer. It is the market leader for laboratory glassware and microwavable kitchenware in India.
Recently, they have ventured into the manufacture of kitchen appliances. They sent me three of their kitchen appliances for product reviews.
To start off with, I am sharing the review of their latest launch into the Indian market, that’s the Borosil-Jumbo Grill. My regular readers know my penchant for the grill and the grill marks on the food I serve, especially the sandwiches and the seekh kebabs.


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