Monday, 23 November 2015

Spicy Soba Noodles & Tofu Salad In Peanut Butter-Basil Dressing;Maharaja Whiteline TurboMix King Hand Blender’s Review; Light Meal On Monday; Step Wise

Spicy Soba Noodles & Tofu Salad in Peanut Butter and Basil dressing



I work through the week and also make three meals a day, so when weekend comes, my only requirement is to break the monotony and eat out. And probably like me, many families relax on weekends and eat out, so it becomes important that to balance it, we eat healthy and light food on the Monday, giving due rest to our stomach, which finally keeps our digestive system healthy and improves digestion.

I have been planning to start this series of ‘Light Meal On Mondays’ for quite some time now but somehow it was just getting postponed because of the currently more important commitments at home. I know I’m pushing my boundaries but I am going to really try hard and post a recipe to a light meal once in the week, preferably on a Monday hence forth.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Easy To Make Classic Marinara Sauce – Stepwise


Marinara Sauce


Last few days have been the most hectic days of my life. There was blog related work, food events, prepping for the festival of lights and the regular family chores. It was really very tiring especially when my body is fighting severe infection and has been put on strong dosage of antibiotics for a prolonged period, but that didn’t falter my spirit and eventually I did manage to finish most of the things on time. But in all this I could not find time to sit and write a blog post which I actually love the most.

I believe I type very slow and that’s probably the reason that I spend a lot of time finishing  a post. If you have any tips on improving the typing speed, I am all ears. Leave me a note in the comment box or just shoot me a mail at

Monday, 2 November 2015

Egg Curry Version II and Eggless Sheermal Made In Tandoor; Step Wise

Egg Curry Version II

Hi all!
I cook various cuisines at home and really try to feed the family a variety of food. Home made food is always so healthy and nutritional too. When it comes to home cooked food, there are certain preparations which we call as comfort foods. They are easy to make and always a pleasure to stir up.
I am still on my sabbatical as kid writes his X board exam at the end of this session and I’m trying to be available for him in his crucial year. I might like to take up learning culinary skills if anything comes my way but all that are speculations, I have nothing concrete to speak about as of now.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Easiest Method Of Making Goda Shankarpaali; Shakkarpaare; Diwali Sweets; Step Wise

Hi All!
Navaratri are over and in a few days we would celebrate Deepawali, the festival of lights. It is now that time of the year when we clean up the house, buy new clothes and jewellery for the family and prep up for the festival.
Any celebration or festival is incomplete without sweets, savouries and good food. And Deepawali is the biggest festival for Hindus, so obviously, it is that time of the year when I gear up to make a lot of sweets and savouries for the family.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Seemebadnekaayi Gojju ; Chayote Squash Curry Made In a Kannadiga Style ; Karnataka Cuisine



Seemebadnekaayi Gojju

Hi all!!

Gojju is a very popular preparation in Karnataka. It is slightly sweet, quite sour and also quite a spicy curry which is very popular in a Kannadiga household. A variety of vegetables are used to cook this popular curry, one of the most popular being Bendekayi Gojju but I have never heard any one trying the Chayote Squash or Seemebadnekayi for making the Gojju.

I experimented with the Chayote Squash and to my surprise it tasted really good. Also, the Chayote absorbed all the flavours very well. Hubby was extremely surprised and loved the preparation. A gojju preparation, steamed rice and some curds and one is sorted. Simple wholesome meal which is far better than any five star hotel’s meal.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Lunch Menu-1: Karnataka Thali


Foodelicious-Karnataka Thali


My regular readers would know that I’m married into a Kannadiga family. Though my husband loves trying new cuisines and all the kinds of food that I experiment with, his soul lies in the home style Karnataka food. I ensure to provide him his favourite food once in a while.

It was one of such days that I cooked most of his favourite food and served it on his platter. They are very simple preparations but very high on taste and flavour and the best part is that they complement each other well and also make a wholesome meal that has all the components for a balanced diet.

Served on the plate are Aloo Gadde Hurda Uperi which is a recipe very popular in my in laws family made using finely sliced potatoes. Then there is Maatvaadi Palya which is a North Karnataka preparation made using Fresh fenugreek/Methi leaves. There’s Jeerige Kattu as the lentil preparation which goes well with both the curries.


Foodelicious-Karnataka Thali

Rice, which is staple food for South Indians goes well with all the three and to add more crunch their are deep fried papads to complete the Thali. A little ghee on top of the rice and this combination is so delectable. My husband loved the Thali and was beaming with joy. When I shared the pic with my BIL, he was absolutely J.

This Thali is gluten free as there are no wheat products used in any preparation. If ghee is not put on the rice, it’s a completely dairy free, vegan preparation too.

Try the combination and treat your family with Karnataka delicacies.

Foodelicious-Karnataka Thali


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