Thursday, 21 May 2015

Halsinkayi Rassa ..A Heirloom Recipe For 6th Blog Anniversary | Vegan | Step Wise

Foodelicious-halasinkayi rassa
Hello all!
21st May marks the anniversary day of my blog and today happens to be the 6th blog anniversary. Time does fly..looking back, there are so many memories associated with my blog..right from the day I started with my first post Maavinkaayi Chutney, to my recent last post on Vegan Galauti Kebab.
Yeah, I know that the kebab post was almost 2months back. Past two months were frantically busy during which I packed, moved into a new city and got settled. But today being a special day, I decided to post without any procrastination.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Galauti/Galawati Kabab- Vegetarian Version | Vegan Preparation


Foodelicious-Veg Galauti Kebab

Hi all!!

I love making Kebabs, which is quite evident from the number of kebabs I have posted earlier. Just to name a few here, there are two versions of vegetarian Shami kababs, one made using elephant foot yam and the other using soya. Then there are a few versions of vegetarian seekh kabab, to name a few, there’s one made using yellow lentils and then there’s another unique one made using green peas and walnut.

Recently, S got an entire raw Jackfruit from his office tree. And when we cut into it, we realised how tender and fresh the fruit was. Since, there was an entire jackfruit cut into pieces, we made many preparations using it, which I would gradually share here but I’m starting off with a kebab. I have posted a Jackfruit biryani for my 100th post and have also posted a unique Jackfruit and raw banana cutlet earlier using this wonderful, fibrous fruit which yields a meaty texture on cooking, enabling it to be used as meat replacer in vegetarian preparations.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Heralekai Chitranna | Citron Flavoured Rice | Narthangai Saadam | Gluten Free Recipe


Foodelicious- Heralekai Chitranna

Hi all!!

As much as I want to post here regularly, I’m unable to. It’s not that I do not cook regularly but some how it’s just not happening. And with exams round the corner, my head is focussing more on the kid who still needs to mature up and show responsibility towards his scores, leaving me a worried Mom. Please do pray for him, a sincere prayer has the strength to move a mountain too.

Last month was Pongal, which is one of the biggest festivals in TamilNadu. Four days of celebrations and most of the people and workers travel back to their native to celebrate the festival with their family. Many new buses and trains are run during this period, keeping the travel rush in mind. It’s believed that 35% population travels back to their native. My maid was no different, she had told me a month in advance that she would be taking leave for 5days.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Crispy Coriander Stem Chutney | Easy Side Dish | Step Wise


Foodelicious- crispy coriander chutney

Hi all!!

I am extremely happy with the response I received for the first post of the year Panko Crusted Mushroom and Buttermilk Croquettes. When a recipe I liked to make is liked by others too,  It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction, makes me smile within.

It’s winter time and the greens are abundantly available here but the variety I used to get in Delhi was huge and that I do miss here. I’m happy to see big and green bunches of fresh coriander in the market and I happily buy and use them in my cooking. I separate the leaves, stems and roots and use all of them.

The maximum flavour is there in stems and roots. Roots, I wash them thoroughly and add in my curries and lentils while they boil so that the roots release flavour. Later, I remove and discard the roots. The stems I use in my dry curries or in tempering. The green leaves gets used in making chutneys and as garnishes.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Panko Crusted Buttermilk & Mushroom Croquettes | Easy Appetiser Recipe

Foodelicious- Panko Crusted Mushroom Croquettes
Hello  all!!
Wish you a very happy 2015. I know I’m quite late in wishing you that. Though blogging makes me feel content inside, I know I have been absent for a very long time here. This was probably the longest break I took. Let me assure you the break was not intentional but sometimes there are other things which take a priority and blogging takes a back seat. I do not get time to sit and draft a post easily even if I cooked and clicked pictures.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Quick No Bake Bread Pizza | Easy Recipes With Bread | Step Wise



Hi all!!

For those who read my face book fan page regularly, would know that I share my son’s lunch box pictures quite regularly there to share more ideas on what can go into a lunch box. Recently, I had shared these quick to make, no bake bread Pizza which a lot of my friends and readers had liked and asked me to share the recipe.

So today on popular demand I’m sharing the recipe for the same. These bread pizzas are very healthy as I use a lot of veggies and also the bread I use is multigrain and not the white bread.


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