Friday, 24 July 2015

‘Sawatdee’ Thai Food Festival At Barbeque Nation- A Review

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee


Barbeque Nation is one of the most successful casual dining restaurants. It is the pioneer to promote DIY, ‘ Do It Yourself’ cuisine with a concept of live on-the-table grill, in India.

I was recently invited there, for their on going Thai Food Festival ‘Sawatdee’ which in Thailand means, ‘hello’. The festival has begun on 17th July and will continue till 2nd August in all the Barbeque Nation Outlets at Mumbai. I was told that the festival offered to provide me an experience, a feast of South East Asia by bringing a slice of Thailand to my platter.

I have been to Thailand and a part of my travelogue could be read here. I have a decent understanding of Thai flavours and have enjoyed it’s bounty at Thailand. The Thai food is extremely flavourful and has a mix of sweet, sour and spice in it’s preparations. Galangal, lemon grass, Thai bird chillies, Kafir lime leaves, Coconut Milk, Soy/Fish Sauce, Palm Sugar, Thai sweet basil  and Peanuts are a few flavours and ingredients used extensively in this cuisine.

I was looking forward to these flavours at the Thai Festival at Barbeque Nation. The restaurant was buzzling and there was an array of food preparations which looked comforting. The staff was welcoming and cheerful, eager to serve us better.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

To start off, I had a kiwi slush which was very refreshing and brain freezing too, I highly recommend that. Later, I tried a little of Som Tom which is the famous raw papaya salad from Thailand but it disappointed me in terms of it’s flat flavour.

To warm up the throat with a burst of authentic Thai flavours was the Veg Coconut and Cream Soup. It was far better than the Non-Veg Tom Yum Kai soup. If I had not gone for a review and  had a choice of skipping a few items on the menu, I would have had two to three bowls of the veg soup.

We were served a variety of Veg and Non-Veg starters, a few were a part of their regular menu and the others were created keeping in  line with the Thai theme. I loved all the Thai veg starters, they spoke loud and clear of the Thai flavours.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

There were a total of five Thai flavour based starters; Spicy Peanut Cauliflower, which was basically a grilled cauliflower served with a spicy peanut sauce. I requested for more sauce in mine as I like the kick from the spice hitting me on my palate.Then there was Lampang Tofu, Sa Kaeo Paneer, Sisakaet Corn and Chiang Mai Mushroom.

Sa Kaeo Paneer was a basically a  Paneer tikka with Thai flavours. Lamapang Tofu was Filo pastry filled with thai flavoured tofu and deep fried. The flavour was nice but I wished that the Filo pockets were crisp. Saisaket corn was grilled corn which was succulent and juicy and lastly the Chiang Mai Mushrooms, which were marinated in Thai green spices and grilled. The Mushrooms were outstanding in terms of  absorbing the flavours, which indicated they were very well marinated.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

Other than the five Thai starters we were also given to taste a veg kebab served with chutney, crispy corn and crispy baby corn coated with semolina served with schezwan sauce, which were also nice but the star dish remained the Cajun Potatoes which is the specialty of Barbeque Nation.

The non vegetarians could try Bi Kaeng Kung- which were basically succulent prawns marinated in curry leaf and Thai Hot Chilli Sauce, Ratchaburi Kai (Malai Basil Chicken) was delicately barbequed chicken in basil, cardamom & cheese and Mekong Pla-  was Grilled fish with aromatic Thai marinade.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

I was a bit disappointed with the Veg main course which displayed a mix of Thai and North Indian curries but unfortunately even the dishes which were suggested to be Thai, felt like coming straight from a Punjabi Kitchen.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

I was utterly disappointed with the Pad Thai Noodles which is the simplest noodle preparation to make and is flavoured with soy sauce, chilli, brown sugar, lemon and roasted peanuts. The peanuts add a bite and nutty taste to this popular street food of Thailand and those were completely missing from the preparation. Moreover, the preparation makes use of flat glass noodles which adds the soft touch to the preparation and even those were not used. I could have spared the glass noodles, if the flavour and taste was authentic.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

However, the non vegetarian section had  Thai Pla Kaeng (fish delicacy cooked in coconut milk) and Phad Ki Phrik (Thai dish prepared with stir fried chicken and lots of chilli) which were good.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

The desserts is something I looked forward to, post a spicy and savoury lunch. The desserts which were noteworthy and worth relishing were the Angoori Gulab Jamun, Litchi n Lemongrass Pastry and Lemongrass Kulfi. The pumpkin sticky rice and Mango n Sago pudding which were also a part of the Thai desserts could not sweep me away.

Foodelicious- Review of Sawatdee

The Barbeque Nation Outlets are at Andheri (E), Lokhandwala, Nerul, Thane, Belapur, Kurla and Worli.
Festival Date: 17th July-2nd Aug
Average Meal For Two: INR 1600
Timings: Open For Lunch& Dinner

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Everything In A Place, A Place For Everything- A Review On Dining Etiquettes Workshop

Foodelicious- Dining Etiquettes Review

Hello All!

‘Etiquette’ : this word is normally picked up by children in their foundation years from their parents and the school teachers. At that age probably they do not even understand what the word means but as one grows, the importance of the word sets in life. The word ‘etiquette’ means,  a code of conduct, a social norm that suggests a sense of dignity or appropriate behaviour. The word itself has been derived from a French word which means ‘a tag’.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sun Dried Tomatoes/ Oven Dried Tomatoes In Olive Oil

Foodelicious- Oven Dried Tomatoes
The most important thing that got me attracted to my current abode is that it’s very well lit. There’s a lot of sunlight coming into the house. I get rising sunlight straight into my kitchen, so the kitchen and all the other rooms feel quite bright. I had shared a few pictures of my kitchen on my FB page earlier.
While I was packing in Chennai, the one thing that I would keep aspiring to do once we settle down in our new abode was sun drying some home made potato wafers and to make a batch of sun dried tomatoes using the sunlight coming in my kitchen balcony. So, once we settled down, the first thing that I did was buying a large batch of plum red tomatoes for sun drying.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Halsinkayi Rassa ..A Heirloom Recipe For 6th Blog Anniversary | Vegan | Step Wise

Foodelicious-halasinkayi rassa
Hello all!
21st May marks the anniversary day of my blog and today happens to be the 6th blog anniversary. Time does fly..looking back, there are so many memories associated with my blog..right from the day I started with my first post Maavinkaayi Chutney, to my recent last post on Vegan Galauti Kebab.
Yeah, I know that the kebab post was almost 2months back. Past two months were frantically busy during which I packed, moved into a new city and got settled. But today being a special day, I decided to post without any procrastination.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Galauti/Galawati Kabab- Vegetarian Version | Vegan Preparation


Foodelicious-Veg Galauti Kebab

Hi all!!

I love making Kebabs, which is quite evident from the number of kebabs I have posted earlier. Just to name a few here, there are two versions of vegetarian Shami kababs, one made using elephant foot yam and the other using soya. Then there are a few versions of vegetarian seekh kabab, to name a few, there’s one made using yellow lentils and then there’s another unique one made using green peas and walnut.

Recently, S got an entire raw Jackfruit from his office tree. And when we cut into it, we realised how tender and fresh the fruit was. Since, there was an entire jackfruit cut into pieces, we made many preparations using it, which I would gradually share here but I’m starting off with a kebab. I have posted a Jackfruit biryani for my 100th post and have also posted a unique Jackfruit and raw banana cutlet earlier using this wonderful, fibrous fruit which yields a meaty texture on cooking, enabling it to be used as meat replacer in vegetarian preparations.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Heralekai Chitranna | Citron Flavoured Rice | Narthangai Saadam | Gluten Free Recipe


Foodelicious- Heralekai Chitranna

Hi all!!

As much as I want to post here regularly, I’m unable to. It’s not that I do not cook regularly but some how it’s just not happening. And with exams round the corner, my head is focussing more on the kid who still needs to mature up and show responsibility towards his scores, leaving me a worried Mom. Please do pray for him, a sincere prayer has the strength to move a mountain too.

Last month was Pongal, which is one of the biggest festivals in TamilNadu. Four days of celebrations and most of the people and workers travel back to their native to celebrate the festival with their family. Many new buses and trains are run during this period, keeping the travel rush in mind. It’s believed that 35% population travels back to their native. My maid was no different, she had told me a month in advance that she would be taking leave for 5days.


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