Wednesday, 23 April 2014

मिश्र दालों की स्टफ़्ड खाण्डवी | Reena’s Stuffed-Mixed Lentils Khandvi & PaperBoat Drinks At a Glance | Step Wise



Hi all!!

I’ve turned quite a loner after moving into this city which was like ages back but the language constraint and the cultural difference has prevented me from finding like minded friends here. Though I have a small group of friends from the locality with whom I connected through FB, that is all is my social life here. A few months back craving for some social connect and the inner urge to connect with school friends, I created a group on Whatsapp. Gradually, many more friends from my batch joined there, where we would walk down the school’s memory lane together.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

गव्हाच्या कुरडयांची भाजी | A Traditional Recipe Of A Dry Curry Made Using Indian Home Made Wheat Vermicelli like Fryums | Step Wise




Hi all!!

It’s peak summer time here and while posting this recipe I’m filled with nostalgia. It seems like ages that I would sit patiently with Akka (my granny) and press out the kurdayaa (कुरडया) on plastic sheets under the scorching sun and then leave them to dry. Once in an hour she would make one of the grand children to run to terrace and check whether the birds were not attacking the drying fryums. I do not know what these fryums, made out of wheat are called in other languages, but in Maharashtra they are called कुरडया/Kurdayaa. They are made after soaking the whole wheat in water for 4-5days (water changed every day) and then the wheat is grinded, strained. It is then cooked with equal water, a lot of heeng to add flavour and salt to make a thick shiny mass called the ‘Cheeka’ (चीक​). The चीक​ topped with filtered ground nut oil is a delicacy in itself and my mother and my my maternal aunts relished eating that. My granny ensured that there was enough चीक​ left for the family to eat. I never liked the cheeka but I did love the dried product, kurdaya.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Kitchen Tips–Post II


Hi all!

I’ve posted the first set of kitchen tips earlier which can be read here and in continuation to that is this post. I’ve been posting kitchen tips on my fan page and these tips are an aggregation of those. I will continue to post more tips in my FB page and those who are interested in picking up more tips and tricks are welcome to visit my fan page and like it, by which you will get notifications of my posts in future.

In this post I’m sharing 27 kitchen tips which are useful in the kitchen. There are few tips which are useful precautions while cooking and a few are cleaning tips too. In future I would try to put the tips category wise but for now here they are for you to read and try..Please give me a feed back, would love to understand whether you found this useful..

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Stuffed Bitter Gourd With A Bengal Gram Filling | चना दाल वाले भरवां करेले | Step Wise | No Onion-Ginger-Garlic Preparation

I’m back again with a vegetable which is not liked by many people and this time again I’m posting a stuffed version and that too using chana besan (Chickpea Flour) but used in an unprocessed form i.e, I’m using the lentils. In my previous version posted here years back, I had used the chickpea flour as well as the Bengal gram and Split black gram. Other than the Bengal Gram, the ingredients used in making both the fillings are quite different.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tender Mangoes Pickle Without Oil | बाळ कैरीचं पाण्यातलं लोणचं | Midi Maavin Uppinkayi | Step Wise | Vegan | Dairy Free

Hi All!!
I mentioned my love for the tender mangoes in my tender mangoes in brine post and here I’m with my second post on tender mangoes and this time it’s a pickle. I was very fond of pickles in my childhood and my school lunch box would always have 3-4 pieces of mango pickle. My mom’s mango pickle was very popular amongst my school friends as well as friends in the neighbourhood, so it was customary for me to carry extra pieces in  my lunch box. Though, now it sounds funny but I would wipe off all the spices first with the paratha and then wash the pickle piece and eat it.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

नवधान्य पूरी | Savoury Deep Fried Indian Bread made using Nine Grains | Dairy Free | Vegan | Winners Of Only Event

Today while I surfed through my old pictures, I landed on these Pooris and realized that I have the recipe lying in my drafts for ages now. I kept wondering how I missed posting this but at the same time was happy too, as it is just the right time for me to post it for my current event ‘Only’ Cooking With Grains running through this month and is guest hosted by Shruti.


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