Monday, 21 July 2014

अलुबुखारचे सार | Maharashtrian Style Plum & Coconut Soup | Vegan | Gluten Free | Dairy Free




Hi All!

The fruit market is still flooded with stoned fruits like peaches, cherries and plums, giving me ample opportunity to cook with them. Living in the hot and humid zone of the country, my attempt is always at cooking simple dishes with my personal touch. If one checks on the recipes from my archives, would realise that most of them are fuss free and quick to make.

I mostly love eating my cherries or use them for garnishes but with the plums and peaches, I love to cook. Unlike North India, here, the plums we get are not the sweet kind and while creating recipes using the plums, I have to balance the sourness wisely with the sugar and spice, else they are too sour to eat.

As I have mentioned in my Smoked Cottage Cheese and Peas Curry my excitement about going for the IFBmeet in Bangalore and when I got to know recently that Kitchen Aid has thrown a cooking contest only for the participants of the IFBmeet, where we get a chance to win a Kitchen Aid Chopper, I was super excited. Who would not like to win a Kitchen Aid product, I sure do, fingers crossed!!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Sabudana vada in a new avatar- low oil and cheese stuffed version | कम तेल में बना,भरा हुआ साबुदाना वडा | Gluten Free | StepWise





Being the foodie that I’m, I love collecting kitchen utensils, appliances and tools and one such utensil that I’m very fond of in my kitchen, is my non stick paniyaram pan. I love it to the core, as by using this I’m able to make low oil kofta, fritters and many snacks which are fried otherwise.

Recently I read a recipe using a paniyaram pan in a  food group on face book, that I follow religiously. The group is very inspiring as I learn something new everyday. The members there are so creative and encouraging. They love to share their food creations and are ready to teach and learn from each other. This recipe that I’ve created is inspired by a recipe posted in the food group.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mixed Sprouts Salad in Cabbage Cups | Food Presentation Ideas | Gluten Free | Dairy Free




Hi all!!

This is my first post on food presentation ideas and I’m hoping to post many more. I strongly believe we first eat with our eyes. A food that is not overly cooked, has fresh colours and served in clean and neat dishes always looks more appealing. I’m always looking out for ideas to present food whenever I visit restaurants or watch food shows. I always get bowled over by the food presentation shown on various food channels. When I watch Master Chef Australia, I observe how much stress is given on the food presentation. The chefs take out time to design the look of their food on the paper before serving it. Food presentation is an art and it does need a thought process to do it rightly.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Smoked Cottage Cheese & Peas Curry Flavoured With Unroasted Garam Masala | बिन भुने गरम मसाले वाले मटर पनीर | My perception of the first IFBMeet



Hi all!!

Living in my current city I’ve come to know a few bloggers very closely at personal level and there are many bloggers whom I have met in person and there are a lot many bloggers with whom I’ve connected virtually, who are from India and across the globe. But a chance to meet many at the same time, I guess any blogger would jump to grab such an opportunity. To meet the faces behind the creative world of food blogging under one roof would definitely be a dream come true.

I came to know about the first of it’s kind, an all India food bloggers meet about two months back when Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen had called to up to check out if I could be of any help in getting some one I know, to be a part of the  the event. She told me that four bloggers, Arunadati, Revathi, Nandita and herself, had come up with idea of having a bloggers meet and have been putting in all the efforts to organise the event. I was all excited to be a part of that and I told S to keep himself in the city to be with the kid while I was away attending the meet.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Karnataka Style Spice Mix For Curry–Palyada Pudi | पल्या पुडी |Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Step Wise



Hi all!

With this post I’m going back to the kitchen-basics of Karnataka cuisine. When I got married into a Kannadiga family, I had no idea about their style of cooking. I was just aware of the names of a few classic  preparations from Karnataka and knew nothing beyond that. Whatever I know today of this cuisine, it’s through my MIL and her teachings. She has been my mentor from the day one of my marriage, teaching me recipes right from the basics to the more trickier ones.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Raw Mango Salsa | Winner of Only Event Of June



Hi All!!

The monsoon has arrived and it’s time to say bye bye to the king of fruits in India- The Mango. I’m glad that I enjoyed eating the fruit through the summer and tasted many varieties. Ate it raw, pulped it, pickled it, brined it, made instant onion mango pickle, cooked chitranna, made lentils with raw mango (touvve), made tokku, also made  a spicy red chutney (maavinkaayi chutney) and the green chutney frequented the kitchen regularly. Other than these, made sweet things like juices, shakes, murramba, trifle, ice-cream, pana cotta and with this post  on salsa I made it back to the spicy flavour using this wonderful fruit.


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