Thursday, 31 July 2014

Coffee Tasting Session With Coffee Master Vibhor Mishra At Star Bucks



It was almost about 2 weeks after the launch of their 50th store in Chennai, that Star Bucks which is considered the most celebrated coffee brand in the world, had invited a few food bloggers & media  for a Coffee Tasting Session with India’s first Starbucks Coffee Master, Vibhor Mishra, at Phoenix Market City, Velachery.The Starbucks India is a 50-50 partner with Tata Beverages which is Tata & Sons company.

I had to make my way through a crowded Starbucks to reach a neatly laid out table at the far end of the cafe, for the coffee tasting session. The crowd looked excited and enthusiastic about being in Starbucks and made me realise that the Starbucks fever is catching up in Chennai.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Baked Savoury Gujiya With Corn Stuffing| भुट्टे के दानों की बेक्ड गुजिया



Hi All!!

My city is turning hot and humid and my days are most busy with parents around, son’s upcoming exams and regular chores at home and amidst all this chaos I’m gearing up for the first ever IFBMeet at Bangalore. I’m both nervous and excited. There’s excitement to meet the faces behind the well known food blogs and to stay together with a few blogger friends but there’s equal amount of nervousness which I really can’t understand why, I would call it as the fear for the unknown..

The few of the sponsors of the IFBmeet have encouraged bloggers to participate in contests, challenging to cook and create recipes  based on a core ingredient. Freedom Tree has thrown a challenge to the participants of IFBMeet to bake a savoury dish  which has fresh corn as one of the main ingredient. They are giving out a bake ware hamper to a winner. Browsing through their site I realised, there’s so much I would like to pickup as I’m always on a look out for props..

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Holy Mocktail or Betel Leaf - Indian Holy Basil- Tukmaria seeds-Coconut Water Mocktail | पान के पत्त्ते–तुलसी- नारियल पानी और सब्जा का शरबत | Drinks Recipe



Hi all!!

Today I’m posting a very simple to make drink which has the Indian flavours and benefits coming from the native ingredients Betel leaf/paan and Indian Holy Basil/tulsi . To add a more soothing and cooling touch to the drink, there’s coconut water and tukmaria seeds/subza or Indian Holy Basil seeds as well.

Friday, 25 July 2014

A Two in One Dessert:Vanilla Panna Cotta With Plums-Chilly Sorbet




Hi All!!

Looks like day and night I’m Plumming, Lol!! Yes, I’m  thinking only of Plums these days. This would be my fifth consecutive post on Plums and this one’s a combination of two desserts with a chocolate jalebi/nest made in an interesting way. I admitted in my previous post of Five Spice Flavoured Cottage Cheese Balls Stuffed With Plums & Chinese Plum Sauce, that I’m getting inclined towards making a  dessert, but I never knew that my craving would land me making two desserts.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Five Spice Flavoured Cottage Cheese Balls Stuffed With Plums and Chinese Plum Sauce | Step Wise | Food Presentation Ideas-2



Hi all!!

I can’t believe at myself, I’m posting like I’m running a marathon. This is my fourth post in the last four days which  also happens to be my fourth consecutive post on plums and it is yet again a savoury preparation in which  I’ve used plums in two ways; stuffed and prepared a sauce. I’m trying hard to avoid the sugar but I might land up posting something sweet..temptations are bad!! As you must have guessed this post is again for Kitchen Aid Contest for IFBMeet, where I’m trying to win a Kitchen Aid Chopper.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Plums & Peri Peri Chillies Salsa | Quick To Make Dip



Hi all!!

I’m in love with the salsa of all kinds. Love their piquant flavour. I keep concocting various versions as they are easy and quick to make dips which could be used for snacking. Also, they are low in calorie, light to eat and one of the better ways of using fruits. I had posted a  Raw Mango Salsa earlier in the month, which I had made several times during the mango season, as my son loves it. It was an easy way to make him eat mangoes which he otherwise eats rarely.


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