Tuesday 15 December 2015

Idlis in Jackfruit Leaves-Stepwise; Khotte/Khotte Kadubu; Light Meal On Monday - Post 3

Khotte Idli

Hello!  I couldn’t post anything last Monday as my head was too occupied with Chennai floods disaster and during that week I was feeling to low to cook or post anything elaborate when so many out there in Chennai had lost their homes.
I have a sentimental attachment with the city where I have spent 5 good years of my life, during two stints and have lived their till 8 months back. Many of my blogger friends spent days without power and proper food, I went sleepless during those days, feeling helpless and miserable.
All the while I prayed, that God shows mercy, the rain stops and people could get back to their normal lives. Now that things have normalised in the city, my head and heart can focus back on the blog

So here I'm back again with my post on Light Meals On Monday. Today I’m sharing an Idli variety which is a specialty of Konkani/Kannadiga cuisine and is called Khotte or Hittu in Konkani or Khotte Kadubu in Kannada. The name is derived from the Konkani cuisine where ‘Khotto’        means Jackfruit leaves hence it is also called Khotto Idli. Another popular name for this Idli is ‘Kottige’. This Idli derives a distinct, unique flavour from the Jackfruit leaves.

The tender Jackfruit leaves are woven to make a basket/kadubu/bowl/katori shape in using tender stems of betel stem which are called ‘Shigir’ in Konkani. The Idli batter/Idli hittu is put into the Kadubu and then the latter is steamed. Because of the basket shape made from leaves it is called Kadubu Khotte too. This Idli is very popular in coastal regions of Karnataka towards Mangalore.
Four  leaves are joined together to form a bowl, the video for which can be seen here. For a more simplified version, a single leaf can be shaped liked a cone and then the Idli batter filled in it. Since I did not have many leaves, I used single leaf and made a closed cone and sealed the joint using a toothpick.
I had made these Idlis when we lived in Chennai along with the Halsinkaayi Rassa when S was kind enough to get me tender jackfruit and the leaves from his office tree. I had served the hot Khotte with spicy coconut chutney for breakfast. My MIL was visiting us that time and I was surprised to hear that she had never tried or tasted it. I was glad that I could make something new and interesting for her.
This post is a tribute to Chennaites for being so brave, warm, extending all the help to each other during the adversity. Made people believe once again ‘United We Rise and Divided We Fall’!!

Khotte Idli

खोट्टे ईडली

Ingredients for Idli Batter using Idli Rava

3cups Idli Rava
1cup Urad daal/
1/2tsp methi/fenugreek seeds
water for soaking and grinding

Method For Idli Batter using Idli Rava

Wash and soak urad daal  and fenugreek seeds for 3-4 hrs. Soak Idli rava for 2hrs.
In the mixer grinder first put the soaked Fenugreek seeds and then add the soaked urad dal. Grind it to a smooth paste, use more water if required. The batter should form bubbles, become lighter and almost double in volume after grinding.
Decant the water from the soaked Idli rava.Run it once in the mixer grinder.
Mix the idli rava and urad daal  and mix the batter thoroughly. Let it ferment for 8-12hrs.

Ingredints required to make Khotte Idli

Idli batter
Jackfruit leave cones or bowls
Idli steamer
pressure cooker plate with holes

Method For Making Khotte Idli

Wash the jackfruit leaves and wipe them dry. Soak the toothpicks in water for half an hour. Make cones or bowls using the leaves and using the soaked toothpicks, seal the edges. Ensure that there are no gaps at the base of the cone.

Insert the cones into the holes of the pressure cooker plate, leaving spaces between the cones. Keep an inverted tall glass in the centre of the plate. This will help the cones to balance.

Fill 3/4ths of the cone with the idli batter. Close the lid, once the water boils, let the water simmer, this prevents the cone from falling down. The bowls or kadubu made using four leaves, definitely have a better balance. Steam the cones for 10-15mins.

Open and remove from the leaves, serve hot with spicy coconut chutney and sambhar.

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