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Seemebadnekaayi Gojju ; Chayote Squash Curry Made In a Kannadiga Style ; Karnataka Cuisine



Seemebadnekaayi Gojju

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Gojju is a very popular preparation in Karnataka. It is slightly sweet, quite sour and also quite a spicy curry which is very popular in a Kannadiga household. A variety of vegetables are used to cook this popular curry, one of the most popular being Bendekayi Gojju but I have never heard any one trying the Chayote Squash or Seemebadnekayi for making the Gojju.

I experimented with the Chayote Squash and to my surprise it tasted really good. Also, the Chayote absorbed all the flavours very well. Hubby was extremely surprised and loved the preparation. A gojju preparation, steamed rice and some curds and one is sorted. Simple wholesome meal which is far better than any five star hotel’s meal.


I usually have my home made Gojju Podi ready, so this preparation gets ready in no time..


Seemebadnekayi Gojju

Chayote Squash Gojju/Curry Karnataka Style

सीमेबदनेकायी गोज्जु

Preparation Time:5mins | Cooking Time:30mins | Serves:2-3 | Difficulty Level: Easy



1 large Chayote Squash/ Seemebadnekayi

1/4tsp turmeric +1/4tsp turmeric

3tbsp Gojju Podi

1to1-1/2tsp rice flour

1tbsp jaggery grated

about 2-3tbsp tamarind paste (add more if you like very sour)

salt to taste

For tempering

1-1/2tbsp oil

a large pinch of asafoetida/heeng

1tsp mustard seeds

a sprig of curry leaves


Wash the chayote squash. Oil hands and peel the chayote to remove the hairy peel. Cut into half and remove the hard pith. Now cube the Chayote squash.

In a pan take the cubed squash and add 2-3 cups of water. Bring it to a boil and simmer. Cook till the chayote is almost mushy and breaks easily on pressing.

Add jaggery, Gojju podi, turmeric, salt to taste, tamarind paste to the cooked chayote.

Mix the rice flour in half cup water and add to the chayote. This provides the adequate binding to the curry. If required add more water.

The consistency of the curry should be like that of a batter made for fritter, neither too thick nor very thin. The curry thickens further on cooling so try to keep it slightly edging towards a thinner side.

Let the chayote cook in spices for 5-7mins.

Make the tempering by heating oil and then spluttering the mustard, followed by curry leaves and asafoetida. Pour the tempering on the curry and mix.

Cook for 2-3mins more and the Gojju is ready to serve.


Seemebadnekayi Gojju

Note: Add jaggery and tamarind as per your taste. It’s a sweet, spicy and sour curry, so adjust as per your palate.

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