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Foodelicious- Sweetened Boondi

Hi all!!
I am posting after a long time and with the Diwali approaching in a few days I’m all set to post recipes for the same. To start off I’m posting the colourful sweetened boondi. The coloured boondi not only looks attractive but tastes good too. My younger one who is quite finicky about eating sweets, loved it to the core.
These are easy to serve  and are welcomed by children, so you can call them a ‘kid’s delight’ too. Moreover, these can be used as garnishes on sweets. Also, can be served with rabadi and make a wholesome dessert.
Making boondi is easy once you get the right consistency of batter and understand playing with the oil temperature. I have used the ladle used for making boondi. This comes in two sizes, one for making very small boondi which are used for making Motichoor laddoos and the other has  slightly bigger holes which is used for making the regular boondi laddoos. I have used the ladle with bigger holes.
As I said, getting the right consistency of batter is very important. The batter should be such that it has just reached the consistency, that when poured on the ladle it falls freely as drops. If the batter is thick, it will form dense and flat boondi and if it’s thin, the boondi will have a tail and will absorb more oil.
Both water or milk can be used for making the boondi. Boondi made with milk has a better texture but it can’t be stored long. However, the boondi made with water stays longer.
The oil/ghee temperature is a very important factor. The oil’s temperature should be such, that when boondi falls in the oil, it goes into it and instantly bounces up but at the same time it does not burn it. Also, take sufficient oil or ghee in the pan, so that boondis get sufficient space to fry and do not stick with each other. I did not take a lot of oil/ ghee initially for frying and while frying realised my mistake as a few boondis started sticking with each other. Also, more oil/ghee for frying also ensures that the fried item absorbs less oil.
Here’s how the boondi is made..
 Foodelicious- Sweetened Boondi

Sweetened Boondi

Preparation Time: 15mins | Frying Time: 15mins | Soaking Time: 2hrs-overnight | Difficulty level: Moderate | Makes: 3cups



For Boondi

1cup chickpea flour/ besan
oil/ghee for frying ( I have used ghee)
water/milk ( I used milk )
pink, green or any other food colour
Boondi ladle for making boondi
1/2tsp cardamom powder

For Sugar Syrup

1 cup sugar
1/4cup water
1tsp cardamom powder


Heat sufficient oil/ghee on a medium heat in a pan, meanwhile get the batter ready.
Take chick pea flour in a bowl and add milk gradually to make a thick, lump free batter. Add cardamom powder and mix. Now add milk gradually and keep checking the consistency. Best is to mix with cleans hands, and during mixing keep checking the consistency, by dipping the fingers in the batter and then pulling out to see the dropping consistency. Dip a fork in the batter and then drop the batter in the oil/ghee to check the batter’s consistency and oil’s temperature. Like I said previously, both play a very important role.
Once you get the desired consistency and you get the round shaped, puffed boondi. Divide the batter in 3 equal parts. To the two portions add the colour (around 4-5drops) and mix thoroughly.
Fry the boondi.  For frying, place the boondi making ladle about 10inches above the oil put a ladle full of batter on it and let the batter drop into the oil. If required tap the ladle for letting the boondi drop. If the consistency is correct, one doesn’t need to tap. The gas flame should be on a medium. Once, the boondi falls into the oil and then comes up instantly, reduce the flame to low and fry the boondi. Do not let the colour change. Once fried, remove on kitchen towel.
Meanwhile, start getting the sugar syrup ready, it doesn’t take too long. Take the sugar and water and boil it to get a half string consistency, in which the sugar after dissolving in water has just started to feel sticky on the finger. take a drop of sugar syrup on a finger and press with another finger and pull. If the string breaks when fingers are pulled away, the consistency is perfect. The consistency of syrup is similar to the one made for Gulaab Jamun.
Add the fried boondi to the warm syrup and mix thoroughly. Leave covered for at least 2hrs for the boondi to soak the syrup. Best is to leave it overnight.
Store in an air tight container.
Foodelicious- Sweetened Boondi


1. Use freshly bought chickpea flour for better results.
2. Making a lump free batter is absolutely essential for making boondi.
3. The ladle should be wiped clean after each batch, else the pores get clogged and the boondi won’t fall.
4. Use sufficient quantity of oil for frying for making even sized boondis and this also prevents them from sticking to each other.
5. Milk or water both can be used for making the batter. Boondi made with milk has less shelf life.
6. Adding colour is completely optional but that makes the boondi look more attractive.
7. If you feel that your batter is watery or loose, add more flour to get desired consistency.
8. Do not keep the boondi making ladle very low or very high above the oil, if it’s low it affects the shape of the boondi and if it’s too high, the oil can splash.
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