Tuesday 12 August 2014

Purple Cabbage & Kidney Beans Salad in French Dressing | Salad Recipe



Hi all!!

Given a choice, I prefer to have a light meal for dinner and a bowl of salad or soup is what I will always look forward to. Since I make them at night, I rarely get a chance to click them and post here. Realising that many of you would like to see more of such recipes, I decided to make small batch in the morning and click the pictures. So, henceforth I would consciously try to post more of such recipes here.

When I cook Kidney beans or Garbanzo for curry, I always soak and cook a little extra and freeze them. These come out handy to make snacks, patty or salads anytime. And when I made this salad, the kidney beans were readily available. I like combining beans with veggies as they add the required protein in our diet and protein is very important for cell building in growing children.

The salad is very easy to assemble that it’s perfect for bachelor's cooking. If the kidney beans are already cooked, this salad can be made just under 10minutes and has bag of flavours. The mustard adds a mild pungency which balances the tartness coming from the non-fruit vinegar and the pepper adds the required spice kick. The freshly cut vegetables provides enough crunch and balances the soft texture of the kidney beans.



Purple Cabbage & Kidney Beans Salad In French Dressing

Preparation Time:5mins | Assembling Time:5mins | Makes:1-1/2cups | Serves:1-2 | Difficulty Level: Easy


Ingredients For French Dressing

a large pinch of mild mustard powder

2tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

2tsp non fruit vinegar (I used brown vinegar)

salt to taste*

1/2tsp pepper

Ingredients For Salad

1cup of boiled kidney beans

1/2 tomato, chopped finely

2jalapenos, chopped finely

1tbsp jalapeno brine

4tbsp purple cabbage, chopped finely

1tbsp spring onion white, chopped finely

For garnish

1tbsp spring onion greens

2tsp corn


Mix all the ingredients of the French dressing and keep aside.

Chill all the cut vegetables**.


Mix all the ingredients under the salad.

Pour the dressing and toss it lightly.

Serve immediately.




* add salt carefully as the jalapeno brine also has salt in it.

** chilling adds more crunch to the veggies, ensure that they are covered using a cling wrap.

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Hamaree Rasoi said...

Salad looks so delicious and mouthwatering. It's a light and healthy meal as well.Excellent preparation.

Unknown said...

awesome presentaion and clicks there

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

A very colorful and healthy salad...Nice dressing

virunthu unna vaanga said...

Refreshing and filling recipe... Love the colorful...

Priya said...

Oh the salad look scrumptious .Love to have salads anytime.

Priya Suresh said...

Very nutritious and healthy colourful salad.

Unknown said...

I love purple cabbages a lot and this salad look so colorful :) very healthy and tempting !!

Rajani said...

I like the attention to detail in your posts - chill the salad veg covered wit cling film, and handy tips - to soak, cook and freeze extra beans. In the absence of canned beans, this comes in very handy!
Great Pics as usual.


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