Saturday 9 August 2014

Event Round Up-‘Only’ Gluten Free Cooking & The Giveaway Winner


Hi all!

August started a week back and my blog just went silent. Must confess it was a very hectic week at my end. The 1st and 2nd were spent at Aloft Cessna Business Park, Bangalore where the first ever all India food bloggers meet was organised (#IFBM2014). It was one learning experience to be amidst so many talented bloggers of the country. During the two days long sessions we were exposed to various aspects of blogging and how we could improve on them a few were photography, food styling, food writing and SEO.

We also got a chance to have master classes with Chef Jolly and Chef Sameer. It was heart warming to see the camaraderie amongst bloggers. I got a chance to make new friends and cherish the old ones. After coming back I was busy in DE cluttering and also do the maid’s job who was waiting for me to come back so that she could go on leave (I know many would empathise with my situation) but in all this I neglected my back which I had managed to get hurt during the trip. The pain escalated and I was forced to take a back seat from everything which included blogging too and hence the delay in posting this round up.

The event received 56 amazing recipes and I’m awed by the variety of gluten free food my aunt can cook now. So here’s the round up and the winner has been declared at the end of it..

1. Sriracha Eggplant and Tofu by Linsy

2. No Bake Oats Almond Dates Balls by Linsy

3. Chidambaram Gosthu (eggplant sabji) by Mayuri

4. Quinoa tabbouleh salad by Mayuri

5. Nunu's biryani by Mayuri

6. Healthy ugali by Mayuri

7. Papdi no lot (steamed rice flour dough)by Mayuri

8. Sev Khamani by Amarendra

9. Kadhai gobi by Mayuri

10. Samo and potato pattis by Mayuri

11. Surraikai Thataipayarru kulambu / Bottlegourd Cow peas by Sharanya

12.  Kathiyawadi Dudhi-Dhoklinu Shaak by Amarendra

13. Turkish Soup by Amarendra

14.  Purple Yam Kheer by Amarendra

15. Salad Juliennes in Solkadhi Dressing by Amarendra

16. Rajgira shiro/ halwa by Mayuri

17.  Thakali Kulambu / Mom’s Tomato Gravyi kulambu by Sharanya

18. Dhokar Dalna – Bengali Lentil cake GravyDalna by Sharanya

19. Seduce Your Tastebuds...: Masala Barnyard millet Porridge by PJ

20. Barnyard Millet | Kuthiraivali Sadham and All Abo by PJ

21. Spill the Spices: Maharastrian Kadhi Gole by Sona

22.  Homemade Chipotle Peppers in Adobo sauce by Linsy

23. Mint and Tomato Basmati Rice by Peri

24. Nutella Oats by Rafeeda

25. Bhein ki besan wali subzi by Sangeeta Khanna

26. Amaranth flour dosa and beans and potato stew by Sangeeta Khanna

27. Modak, patholi, patole or pitha : a steamed rice dumpling by Sangeeta Khanna

28. Sama ke chawal ki tehri for vrat ka khana by Sangeeta Khanna

29. Holy Mocktail by Pari

30. A Two in One Dessert:Vanilla Panna Cotta With Plums-Chilly Sorbet by Pari

31. Chinese Plum Sauce by Pari

32. Virgin Plum Mojito by Pari

33. Plums & Peri Peri Chillies Salsa by Pari

34. अलुबुखारचे सार | Maharashtrian Style Plum & Coconut Saar/Soup by Pari

35. Sabudana vada in a new avatar- low oil and cheese stuffed version by Pari

36. Mixed Sprouts Salad in Cabbage Cups by Pari

37. Pottukadalai Ladoo / Maladu Recipe by Priya Shiva

38. Smoked Cottage Cheese & Peas Curry by Pari

39. Karnataka Style Spice Mix For Curry–Palyada Pudi | पल्या पुडी by Pari

40. Eggless Peanut Butter Cornmeal Cookies by Priya Shiva

41. Raw Mango Salsa by Pari

42. Pomegranate and Pineapple Granita by Priya Shiva

43. Carrot Buttermilk/Carrot Mor by Priya Suresh

44. Blackeyed Peas & Raw Banana Tikkis by Priya Suresh

45. Milagu Jeeraga Kambu Sevai/Cumin, Peppered Pearlmillet Vermicelli by Priya Suresh

46. Mixed Millets & Brown Rice Kuzhi Paniyaram /Siruthaaniya Kaara Paniyaram by Priya Suresh

47. Barnyard Millet & Black Urad Dal Sponge Dosa/Kuthiravali Karuppu Ulundhu Do by Priya Suresh

48. Kuthiravali Venpongal/Barnyard Millet Pongal by Priya Suresh

49. Little Millet Kheer/Samai Payasam by Priya Suresh

50. Ragi Semiya Upma/Fingermillet Vermicelli Upma by Priya Suresh

51. Pavakkai Poricha Kootu/Bittergourd Poricha Kootu by Priya Suresh

52. Betel Leaves Tomato Rasam/Vethalai Thakkali Rasa by Priya Suresh

53.Ragi Vegetable Uthappam/Finger Millet Vegetable by Priya Suresh

54.Ragi Paal Kozhukattai/Fingermillet Paal Kozhukat by Priya Suresh

55. Vegan Red Capsicum & Moongdal Soup by Priya Suresh

56. Green Gazpacho/Gazpacho Verde by Priya Suresh

The winner has been picked by random method and the lucky number this time was 40 which is a cookie recipe by Priya Shiva. Congrats dear. Please inform me through mail in which way you follow my blog publicly and do provide me your address with a landmark, pin code and cell number within 48hrs to claim the giveaway. Please write to


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    Priya Shiva said...

    Wow!wow! Wow! Such amazing recipes and I'm sooo happy to win. Thank you Pari. Love your blog :)

    Torviewtoronto said...

    delicious recipes looks wonderful

    Kurinji said...

    Nice roundup!!!

    Hamaree Rasoi said...

    Excellent and delicious looking round up that too gluten free preparation.


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