Wednesday 23 July 2014

Plums & Peri Peri Chillies Salsa | Quick To Make Dip



Hi all!!

I’m in love with the salsa of all kinds. Love their piquant flavour. I keep concocting various versions as they are easy and quick to make dips which could be used for snacking. Also, they are low in calorie, light to eat and one of the better ways of using fruits. I had posted a  Raw Mango Salsa earlier in the month, which I had made several times during the mango season, as my son loves it. It was an easy way to make him eat mangoes which he otherwise eats rarely.

The kid loves his nacho chips and he wants some kind of salsa to go with it, so I make it a point that I keep one version ready in the fridge. With the plums and peaches around I have been cooking a lot with them and after using the plums for the plums and coconut milk soup and virgin plum mojito, I had a few of them left, so decided to make the salsa. Now, as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that the plums I had bought were very sour, so to balance the sour flavour I thought of adding a contrast flavour coming from the spice, that’s when I remembered I had a bottle of peri peri chillies in brine. I cut a slice of plum and put a piece of peri peri chilli on it and tasted it, I realised they match well. The spice from the chilli cut the sour and what was only missing was a little sweet, which was lacking in the plums, so decided to add a little sugar later if it was required.

I added a few veggies to the salsa to add more colour and crunch as both plum and the peri peri chillies were red in colour. Also, I find this as the easiest way to feed more veggies to the kid. The resultant salsa was loved by the kid and the coloured bell peppers added enough sweet to the salsa, so I did not need to add more sugar. The salsa was ready under 10mins and we all loved the fresh flavours going into it and the sharp kick that the chillies gave. As the plums were sour in taste, I did not add any lemon juice to this version, else it would have become too sour to eat.

Sending the dairy free, gluten free salsa to the Kitchen Aid cooking contest organised especially for the participants of IFBMeet , where I’m trying to win a Kitchen Aid Chopper and to my event ‘ONLY’ Gluten Free cooking, hosted here through this month.



Plums & Peri Peri Chillies Salsa

Preparation Time: 5mins | Mixing Time:1min | Makes:1/2cup | Difficulty Level: Easy



2plums, finely chopped

1tbsp cucumber finely chopped

2-3, Peri Peri chillies in brine, chopped or green chillies, chopped

1tbsp each of yellow and red bell pepper chopped

1tbsp coriander chopped

2tsp, brine of Peri Peri Chillies

salt to taste (if required)




Mix all the ingredients together and check for salt, sugar and spice. The brine added enough salt, so I did not need to add more. If one doesn’t have Peri Peri Chillies, they can use jalapenos in brine or fresh green chillies. I have mentioned in the Mango salsa post also, that the brine adds more flavour and should be added if one has it.

Once mixed, tasted and adjusted to balance the flavours, serve immediately with cracker, chips or nachos.


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Radhika's Kitchen said...

Loved all the recipes that you posted with plum Pari, especially the mojito simply rocked.

Catherine said...

I also love salsa. It is a healthy and delicious dip and a great way to eat your veggies.
This does sound good.
Blessings, Catherine

Unknown said...

Such awesome captures :) good luck to your entry for the contest Pari :)

Hema said...

Very innovative with the plums and chillies, salso looks very tempting..

Mayuri Patel said...

I love plum salsa. Love the little colourful bowls.

Unknown said...

wow thats an interesting salsa dip with plum & peri peri chillies :) looks very colorful and tempting dear !!

Vimitha Durai said...

Salsa looks so good. All the best for your win

Sona said...

Nice pics.. Salsa looks colorful and yummy.

Kurinji said...

very innovative and inviting recipe and clicks too....awesome!!!

Unknown said...

colorful salsa.all the best


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