Tuesday 1 July 2014

Announcing the last event of the series 'ONLY' GLUTEN FREE COOKING

Hi All!!

Looks like yesterday that I started the 'ONLY' Series of event and now with this event announcement, the series will successfully complete 4yrs and this one also happens to be the last one of the series. Yes, you read it right I've decided to discontinue the series for the time being. Life at a personal front has bigger priorities and the event will have to take a back seat for now.

For the last 'ONLY' event I've chosen a very important theme that's 'ONLY' GLUTEN FREE COOKING. I realized the importance of this topic when my maternal aunt was diagnosed with gluten intolerance at the age of 62. All her life she could eat Gluten and at 62 faced severe health problems like joint pain, low hemoglobin, indigestion which were later on diagnosed as symptoms towards Gluten intolerance. She had to change her food habits drastically the most important being avoiding eating wheat products as wheat was her staple food till then. So, it can happen to any one at any stage of life and hence this topic is very important to be looked into..

Here's a chart explaining Gluten related disorders and any one falling under any of these categories are advised to avoid Gluten

Image source Wikipedia

Gluten is a protein found in grains, and the word Gluten in Latin means 'glue'. It is a substance that provides elasticity to the dough thus helping it to rise and hold a shape. It is found in Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Barley and any food items made with these grains. The most commonly used grain is wheat and avoiding it means avoiding wheat flour and other wheat derivatives made using wheat which may include:

Wheat bran
Durum Wheat
Wheat Germ
Kamut (khorasan wheat)
Bleached Wheat Flours etc.
Triticale (a cross between rye and wheat)

Commonly made products using wheat are:
Indian Roti
Cakes, Cookies and Muffins
Sauces (bechamel sauce)
Beer and many more

To know more about gluten and gluten related problems one can check these links:

So, this month's event theme throws the challenge of cooking and creating recipes without the Gluten. 
My dear friend Shruti has made a beautiful logo for the event.

The event runs through the month of JULY and the winner of the event giveaway, which will be picked by a random method, will be sent a cookbook sponsored by www.tarladalal.com. The book gets shipped only in India and anyone who can provide a valid address in India and is a follower of Foodelicious Publicly can claim the win.

The giveaway book for this event is:

Product Image

Rules For The Event:
  1.  Any number of  Vegetarian Gluten Free Recipes will be accepted.
  2.  Up to four recipes from the archives will be accepted.
  3. Link your recipes to this event announcement. 
  4. Use the logo as it will bring more awareness to the topic and will help spread the word. 
  5. Join Foodelicious Fan club by hitting a like on face book fan page here.
  6. There are two inlinkz tools provided below1. For Valid Address In India ( who can be a part of giveaway) 2. For Others
  7. Use inlinz tool only once to submit your recipe  under suitable category. 
  8. In case you have a problem in linking, mail me your entries to the email id provided below.
  9. Non bloggers can send me their recipes with an image to cookingoodfood@gmail.com
  10. The winner of the giveaway cookbook will be chosen by a random method.
  11. The book is shipped only in India and to the followers of Foodelicious Publicly and not privately or in any hidden way.

So cook and create healthy and tasty gluten free food and whether a giveaway participant or non-participant, join this event and be a part of this health related topic and show your creativity which will benefit many.

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Home Cooked food said...

i check this list and posted it, http://www.glutenfreeliving.com/nutrition/ingredients/

Rafeeda AR said...

this event of urs has been really successful, unfortunately some things have to take a back seat for much more important matters, and such an interesting theme to end it with! all the very best...

Priya Shiva said...

Lovely event and great to follow you!

Priya Shiva said...

Lovely event and great to follow you!

Mayuri Patel said...

Pari, regarding the healthy ugali recipe, red beans are same as kidney beans or what we call in India rajma.

Padmajha said...

Hi Pari! I have been a huge fan of this series and it's sad that this is the last one in this series.But as you said, in life, we have to meet the priorities.
And this theme is definitely fitting for the finale.Linked up my recipes and more to come as soon as I post them later next week.


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