Friday 13 September 2013

Event Round Up-‘ONLY’ Food For Pregnancy | Giveaway Winner


Hi All!!

Firstly my apologies for the delay in posting the round up. I was down with viral fever and still recuperating. Somehow have mustered up all the energy to post this round up. I have removed all the duplicate entries linked for the event. I’ve read each and every post and loved going through them. I must confess every recipe is special in it’s own way and there’s so much of learning for me as a reader and a food blogger.

Thanks so much for such wonderful entries. I’m sure many pregnant women and even others too, will benefit from this collection. I’ve announced the winner at the end of the post.


Entries with a valid address in India

1. Kadala Curry by Sapna Behl.

2. Dal Makhani by Sapna Behl.

3. Cheesy Potato Nachos by Linsy Patel

4. Lemon Rice by Sapna Behl.

5. Tofu Cutlet by Sapna Behl.

6. Carrot Apple Gingerale by Nayana Pikle

7. Multigrain Tawa Roasted Nippats by Nayana Pikle

8. Instant Mix For Indian Poha by Rekha Hegde

9. Tandoori Paneer Tikka by Sapna Behl.

10. Caprese Sandwich by Linsy Patel

11. Corn Cheese Balls by Sapna Behl.

12. Baked Soya Potatoes Cheese Tikkis by Linsy Patel

13. Mexican Rice by Sapna Behl.

14. Chilly Tacos by Sapna Behl.

15. Orange Mango Coconut Refresher by Pooja Agrawal

16. Chinese Chilled Salad by Pooja Agrawal

17. Beetroot and Carrot Relish (Kachumber) by Pooja Agrawal

18. Vegetable Daal Dalia (broken /cracked wheat lentil Dalia) by Pooja Agrawal

19. Black Chick Peas Mint Pulao by Pooja Agrawal

20. Gavar Nu Khatiyu by Linsy Patel

21. Spinach Tomato Soup by Hetal Acharya

22. Kaju Karela Nu Shaak by Hetal Acharya

23. Samo Khichadi by Hetal Acharya

24. Bhindi Capsicum Masala by Hetal Acharya

25. Vegetable Biryani by Hetal Acharya

26. Aloo Matar Sandwich by Hetal Acharya

27. Fresh Plum and Rose Juice by Hetal Acharya

28. Dudhi Halwa by Hetal Acharya

29. Gujarati Dal by Linsy Patel

30. Seru Keerai Stir Fry by Magee C

31. Urud Dal Rice (Ulundu Sadam) by Magee C

32. Matar Paneer by Tina Mazumdar

33. Stir Fry Arbi Chips by Linsy Patel

34. Sheer Khurma by Nilu A

35. Baigan Bhartha by Linsy Patel

36. Peanut Burfi by Hetal Acharya

37. Vegetable Upama- Khara Bhaath by Hetal Acharya

38. Singoda Ni kheer – Water Chestnut Flour Payasam by Hetal Acharya

39. Baked Macaroni & Vegetable Delight by Nilu A

40. Sprouts With Moong Vadi by Linsy Patel

41. Vegetable Makhanwala by Sangeetha PN

42. Mango cheesecakes by Sangeetha PN

43. Dry Fruits Shrikhand by Sangeetha PN

44. Mexican Corn Salsa by Laavys Kitchen

45. Moong Dal by Nilu A

46. Mixed Vegetable Bhujia by Nilu A

47. Besan Laddoo by Sangeetha PN

48. Oats - Dalia Idli by Nilu A

49. Butter Sweet Corn with Pepper and Lime by Sangeetha PN

50. Brown Rice & Red Beaten Rice Dosa by Pari

51. Raw Banana & Tender Fenugreek Leaves Paratha by Pari

52. Tandoori Bhein Kebab by Pari

53. Bhindi Do Pyaza by Linsy Patel

54. Creamy Coconut Milk & Rice Pudding by Nilu A

55. Cucumber-Cheese-Chutney Sandwiches by Nilu A

56. Red Beaten Rice & Potato Cutlet by Pari

57. Cabbage and Carrot Sambharo by Linsy Patel


Entries From Other Countries


1. Badam Halwa by Minnie

2. Fresh Cheese Dessert Cups and Kulfi by Minnie

3. Karaishoortir Ghoogni by Minnie

4. Vegeterian Soybean Burger by Pravina Parikh

5. Malai Kulfi by Minnie

6. Shahi Tukra by Laavy

7. Cantaloupe Lemonade by Priya

8. Mushroom Moong Sprouts Curry by Priya

9. Gobi Ka Kheema by Priya

10. Chettinad Vegetarian Fish Gravy by Priya

11. Grilled Tandoori Tofu Steak by Priya

12. Drumstick Pulp Thokku by Priya

13. Ragi Tofu Paratha by Priya

14. Foxtail Millet Laddoos by Priya

15. Red Rice Dosa by Priya

16. Flax Seed Paruppu Podi by Priya

I’ve picked the winner from the 57 entries sent for giveaway participation by using a random number generator and the lucky number is the last entry no.57 which is Cabbage and Carrot Sambharo by Linsy Patel. Congrats Linsy, you win the giveaway cookbook ‘ Nutritious Recipes for Pregnancy’ by Tarla Dalal. Please confirm to me via email within 48hrs in which way you follow my blog publicly and also your address with pin code, your cell/landline number to

In case Linsy does not claim her win within 48hrs, I will pick another winner. Keep sending you entries for the current event hosted by Sushma Madhuchandra


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Unknown said...

Lovely roundup. Lots of healthy and nutritious recipes are here.

Home Cooked food said...

thank you so much Pari, this means a lot to me. Will send u address in separate email.


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