Thursday 29 August 2013

Red Beaten Rice & Potato Cutlets | Vegan | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

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A lot of thought process goes into creating a recipe and then a lot of creativity is involved in clicking the pictures. If you notice in all food magazines, food channels, food blogs or any food related websites, a lot of attention is give to food styling and food presentation. As it’s said, that you eat first with your eyes and then with the mouth, so it’s important that the food  looks appealing and attracts you to try it. This is especially important when the food is presented in the virtual world where you can not really taste the food!!
One recipe rather one picture which was on the cover page of Good Food Magazine made me drool over it and I was so tempted to create a recipe similar to that and style it in a similar way,  And finally after many months of postponing I’ve created a similar recipe in my style and  made it more healthier. The original recipe was of a poha cutlet with a rasam dip. I’ve also made a poha cutlet only but instead of using the white version of poha (beaten rice) I opted for red, the more healthier one. Similarly, instead of the rasam dip, I made a tangy Mint chutney.

It was a recipe created for the kid’s lunch box. I need to make healthy and tasty food for the kid which would guarantee that he would finish it without making a fuss. It might sound funny but being a food blogger’s Mom brings in a lot of challenges too especially on deciding what goes into the lunch box, the food going into it can’t be compromised. To my delight, the kid’s lunch box is quite popular amongst his friends and they would demand to eat his lunch box most of the times, leaving him hungry. He would come home famished with a headache. Finally the kid acted smart and gave his classmates my blog id so that their Moms could cook recipes for them from my blog and they could also carry that in their lunch box. This has helped him to a certain extent.
Anyways, I had shaped the cutlets and refrigerated them so that in the morning I didn’t have to rush since I wanted to send them in kid’s lunch box. The kid happily carried this in his lunch box and he came back complaining again that he got only two pieces to eat and he wanted to eat more. He also said that it is one of the best cutlets that I have made and I should make them more regularly. I was more than happy to hear that, as my purpose was solved..Thumbs up

Red Beaten Rice & Potato Cutlets

Preparation Time: 1hr | Cooking Time: 8mins/batch | Makes: 16 | Serves: 4 | Difficulty Level: Easy


1-1/2cups soaked thick red beaten rice
3 large potatoes
4-5 green chilies
4-5 garlic cloves
1inch piece ginger
salt to taste
handful of chopped coriander leaves
oil for shallow frying



Wash the beaten rice several times with water and drain the water completely. Soak it for an hour.
Boil, peel and grate the potatoes.
Finely chop green chilies and coriander and grind ginger and garlic.
Crush the beaten rice with the fingers and add salt to taste. Also add the chili, ginger, garlic and coriander.
Mix together properly. Divide the mix into 16-18 portions. If you feel that the mix is too wet, you can add bread crumbs too.
Shape them into a ball and then flatten. Smoothen the edges.
Take a non stick pan and sprinkle a tea spoon of oil and heat it. Place 5-6 cutlets at a time and cook on a medium flame on both the sides till crisp and golden in color.
Serve with ketch up or Mint chutney.

Sending this to my event ‘Only’ Food For Pregnancy, hosted here.
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Hamaree Rasoi said...

Not only you are a creative cook but also a very well decorator of food items.Loved the post.

Priya Anandakumar said...

simply awesome and delicious potato cutlets dear...

Angie's Recipes said...

These rice potato patties look absolutely droolworthy!

Mayuri Patel said...

brilliantly photographed. Looks so tempting.

Unknown said...

very creative cutlets :) thats an delicious combo and tempting cutlets dear!! :) lovely clicks :)

nayana said...

can really understand ur plight in packing kid's lunch box as I too am still going through the same phase...ur cutlets are really healthy n yummy, satisfaction guaranteed for both mom n child....

Priya Suresh said...

From this year onwards, i dont pack foods for kids and its definitely a huge relief for me.

Cutlets looks excellent that too with healthy red beaten rice.

Divya Shivaraman said...

This looks super interesting and really organic and healthy

Shruti J said...

Should I praise for the dish or clicks??!!! Lovely one... It looks healthier too... Simply superb, Pari :)

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Gouri Guha said...

Healthy and delicious - two in one.

Unknown said...

I am completely speechless by ur food styling and presentation. Click looks quite equal to international standards and cutlets are awesome dear, keep rocking :)

Chitz said...

Excellent looking cutlets.. Healthy & tempting !

Nilu A said...

Very creative recipe Pari.. Cutlets look healthy and delicious dear :-)


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