Thursday 25 July 2013

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Hi All!!
It’s been about two years now that I’m off a full time job. At times I do feel that my monetary contribution to the family is very less as compared to my husband, who works really hard to run this family but when I see that I’m able to feed the family with a variety of food, take care of house hold chores, paying all the bills and many more things which are not even noticed, all those negative thoughts are thrown out of the mind. And the most important contribution which  I feel is, that I’m able to connect with the kid, give him time.
My younger kid who has just entered his teens is a lonely kid these days, with no company for him in the society we live… I’m his person. The minute he enters home after the school, he wants to be with me. He has to tell me what happened in the school, which friend did what, what subjects they studied, which movie they watched during break, who ate his lunch box and the comments his friends gave for the lunch box..

Apparently the kid’s lunch box is quite popular amongst his friends and they look forward to eat his food. My kid told me that his friends say that ‘your Mom makes excellent food dude’. He feels proud of his Mom and is glad that I cook good food and give him tasty lunch box. All these small compliments that I receive, they keep me going and I thrive to try new varieties and improve my culinary skills.
With the onset of teenage, the kid has his mood swings and is turning to be a fussy eater. Unlike earlier, he is more fond of Pizza, burger, nachos and all kinds of fast food and my attempt is to sneak in nutritive food in the so called junk food.. But I’m glad he is fond of parathas, so end up making a variety of those, these days. In one of his demands he said that you don’t make anything fried these days…Hmm, I agree to that, I thought…So, today it’s been cloudy mostly and it was a  perfect weather to eat fried. Every time it has rained, I’ve been mentioning to S that it’s perfect weather to make fritters. Finally, today I made a fritter, the recipe of which has been adapted from a book called Indian Home style Cooking by Sushma KK. Again, it’s a rarely seen book these days, which again, I had picked at Reliance Time Out, Gurgaon. The pictures are not so great in the book but the recipes are..
This particular recipe is again without any ginger, garlic or onion. Perfect for Chaturmaas. It can be good tea time snack, a good starter for parties and even for lunch box too (sometimes)..

Preparation Time:30mins | Frying Time: 5mins/batch | Makes: 20-24 | Serves: 4-6 | Difficulty Level: Moderate


4raw bananas, boiled
1potato, boiled
3-4green chilies, finely chopped
1-1/2tbsp cashew nuts, finely chopped
1/2 cup mini sago, soaked and drained
2-3 bread slices, crushed
1tsp, red chili powder
a few sprigs of chopped coriander
1-2tsp amchoor ( dry mango powder)
1tsp garam masala


Soak the mini sago in water for half an hour and then drain the water completely.
Boil the raw banana and potato. Cool and peel.
Take the soaked sago in a bowl, add the chopped cashew nuts and chopped green chilies.
Add the chopped coriander.
Crush the boiled potato and banana and mix with sago.
Add all the dry spices and salt to taste. Check the consistency of the mix and based on that add crushed bread slices ( I added two).
Take lemon sized mix, flatten it and make a hole in the center. Deep fry on a medium flame, till golden in color. Remove on kitchen towel.

Serve with tomato sauce, green chutney and salad.
Sending it to my event ‘Only’- Cooking From Cookbooks guest hosted by Gauri.


If the bread and garam masala is removed from this preparation it can be turned into a faraali/fasting food.
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Priya Anandakumar said...

very interesting and looks lovely...

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Crispy and delicious looking banana rings. Looks delicious.

divyagcp said...

Interesting and delicious snack.. Looks inviting!!

Unknown said...

that looks interesting.. nice pictures!!


Sona said...

Nice presentation, delicious snack.

great-secret-of-life said...

Interesting new recipe.. looks good

Suhaina said...

what a colourful feast to the eye..lovely clciks

LaavysKitchen said...

Wow yummy recipe :)

kitchen queen said...

super awesome banana rings.

divya said...

Ohhhh mouth watering!!!!!!thanx for the recipe

Anonymous said...

Wow..... these are looking delicious! Combination of bananas, sago and potato is just awesome. A must try for this monsoon.

Chitz said...

That's a yummy & interesting snack dear..A great combo.. said...

looks super delicious
pls visit my blog-

Purnima said...

Pari, thankyou for this wonderful recipe..followed it exactly shape too..and my ten year old and hubby came asking for more, the little one even asked me to pack it for her school tiffin! A keeper! Thanks for the share!!


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