Saturday 2 March 2013

Winner Of CupoNation Giveaway eVoucher


Hi all!!

Finally I’m able to post the winner of the giveaway sponsored by cupoNation. There were a total of 44 entries from 16bloggers. I had mentioned in the announcement page that every recipe posted will be accepted as one entry plus for both FB likes will be accepted as 2entries and subscription to Foodelicious, as one more entry. Based on the comments that you have left in the announcement page and the recipes linked, I’ve created an excel sheet and counted the number of entries per blogger. I’ve posted two recipes but I’m going to exclude myself while using to pick the winner, so there will a total of 68 entries instead of 70 to be picked as a winner. All the recipes can be checked here.




  1. Raksha from Raksha’s Kitchen
  2. Raksha
  3. Raksha
  4. Raksha
  5. Raksha
  6. Sharanya From Sara’s Tasty Buds
  7. Sharanya
  8. Sharanya
  9. Sharanya
  10. Sharanya
  11. Sharanya
  12. Sharanya
  13. Sharanya
  14. Sharanya
  15. Sharanya
  16. Sharanya
  17. Sharanya
  18. Sharanya
  19. Sharanya
  20. Sharanya
  21. Sharanya
  22. Sharanya
  23. Sanoli Ghosh from Sanoli’s Recipes
  24. Sanoli Ghosh
  25. Sanoli Ghosh
  26. Sanoli Ghosh
  27. Sanoli Ghosh
  28. Sanoli Ghosh
  29. Sanoli Ghosh
  30. Nabanita Das from Esho Bosho Aahare
  31. Nabanita Das
  32. Nabanita Das
  33. Nabanita Das
  34. Nabanita Das
  35. Nabanita Das
  36. Naaz from Ammi Rasoi
  37. Naaz
  38. Naaz
  39. Naaz
  40. Naaz
  41. Chaitra from Aathidyam
  42. Chaitra
  43. Chaitra
  44. Chaitra
  45. Chaitra
  46. Jyothi Chhabria from This N That Of Food & Life
  47. Jyothi Chhabria
  48. Jyothi Chhabria
  49. Jyothi Chhabria
  50. Pramitha from Pramitha Loves Cooking
  51. Pramitha
  52. Pramitha
  53. Pramitha
  54. Shruti Dhingra from Shruti Rasoi
  55. Shruti Dhingra
  56. Shruti Dhingra
  57. Lubna Karim from Yummy Food
  58. Ramya Krishna Murthy from Lemon Kurry
  59. Kauser From Kausers Kitchen
  60. Kauser
  61. Kauser
  62. Kauser
  63. Being Fab from Shocks & Shoes
  64. Being Fab
  65. Being Fab
  66. Deepa From Hamaree Rasoi
  67. Deepa
  68. Anshu From My Mom’s Recipes
  69. Pari from Foodelicious
  70. Pari

As I’ve mentioned above that I ‘m using to pick the winner. So, out of the 68 entries the winner is


No.34 which is of Nabanita Das from Esho Bosho Aahare. Congrats dear, you get the Rs.1000 voucher from Flipkart sponsored by cupoNation. Please mail me at within two days, so that I can send you the voucher details.

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Raksha said...

Congrats to the winner

Divya Shivaraman said...

congrats guyz

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Congrats Nabanita :-)
Lucky girl !!! said...

Dear Where to find I am not getting the page can you help me plz Pari... said...

I am really Sorry Dear that I could not check within time limit.

Thanks a Lot Pari... Thanks for your Co-operation... I was late. Still you are considering me... You are so Sweet Dear. Thanks you very much


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