Saturday 17 November 2012

Event Round Up & Winner Of ‘Only’ Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Hello to all my readers!

I had mentioned that I’ll be back with my posts by end of October but destiny had set some other plans for me. For the first time in the last three years I could not announce my event for November’12 for which please accept my apologies. I was travelling and I returned back very sick and I’m still recuperating..that explains my absence here..

I’m posting the awaited round up and winner of last month’s event. The winner is picked by random method. I’ve also moderated the entries which were not linked to event announcement.

The Indian Entries of Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

1. Gobhi paratha by Jillu.

2. Lemon sandhavai by Sara’s Tasty Buds.

3. Instant Oats,Wheat and Corn Idli  by Sowmya Karthi

4. Sprouts Pulao by Sowmya Karthi

5. Flattened Rice In Lime Juice / Nimbu Poha by Lavanya

6. Mini Frittatas by Anshu Bhatnagar

7. Hash Browns by Lavanya

8. Padhuwali Chapathi by Jillu

9. Egg Sandwich by Shruti Dhingra

10. Sabudana Kichadi by Shruti Dhingra

11. Channa Pulao by Sara’s Tasty Buds

12. Punjabi Style Aloo Paratha by Sanoli Ghosh

13. Missi Roti by Shobha

14. Masala Pasta by Shobha

15. Quinoa Rotis by Shobha

16. Almond and Cranberry Whole Meal Bread by Sowmya Karthy

17. Sabz Pasta by Shruti Dhingra

18. Ellu Saadam by Kaveri Venkatesh

19. Soya Matar Pulao by Sara’s Tasty Buds

20. Multigrain Paniyaramby by Sara’s Tasty Buds

21. Veg. Paneer Rolls by Amarendra

22. Sprout Chana Chaat by Shruti Dhingra

23. Methi Parantha by Sheelu Agarwal

24. Dahi channa chaat by Sara’s Tasty Buds

25. Spinach Pulao by Sara’s Tasty Buds

Entries From Other Countries

1. Seasoned Coriander Leaves pancake by Kitchen queen

2. Mexican Pizza- Taco Bell Style by Kitchen queen

Coming to the winner announcement. I used to pick the winner from the 30 entries from India and the lucky number is 1. Congrats Jillu, you win a cookbook on Parathas by Tarla Dalal sponsored by Tarla Dalal Enterprises.
Please mail me your address in India with postal code and cell/ landline number within 48hrs to In case Jillu for some reason does not communicate with me, I’ll pick another winner.
Stay tuned for some interesting recipes and my travelogue….COMING SOON HERE

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Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Congrats Jillu ....lucky girl !!!

Jillu said...

Thanks Pari.... U made my day !!

Jillu said...

Hi Pari... I have mailed u my address and phone number....


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