Monday 1 October 2012

‘ONLY’ Event For October & The Giveaway

Hello all!!
It is just two days now that we asked Lord Ganesha to return again the next year and with the onset of October, we are ready to welcome the Goddess Durga. The next two months are full of festivals, fun and food galore. It is definitely the most awaited period of the year here in the country.

Festival or no festival, a mother’s role for her family never changes. Her day starts with making breakfast and packing lunch box for her family. Her job is never ending.. Moreover, today most mother’s being educated and health conscious invest their time, energy in healthy cooking and that’s what the theme for this month’s event is going to be..
only lunch box
The definition of healthy food can vary from family to family and person to person, so I’m not going to provide the criteria for healthy food but I would insist on a balanced diet, i.e a food that contains protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water.. So don your health cap and come up with healthy and yet interesting ideas for lunch boxes…
For this month’s event the giveaway cookbook sponsored by is
Click on the cover image to sample content from the book

Rules Of The Event

1. Send your entries through the inlinkz tool. There are two inlinkz tools, one for Indian entries / giveaway participants and the second for other countries.
2. Send in vegetarian healthy lunch box ideas (eggs allowed). In case you are not able to use the inlinkz tool, send me a mail at with following details: post name, blog’s name, recipe url, your name and resized picture.
3. Any number of new entries are accepted but only two entries from the archives accepted. Either repost or link the old post to event announcement and provide it’s URL link in one of your current month’s post.
4. Enter your entry only in one of the inlinkz tools.
5. Link all your entries to this event announcement.
6. The giveaway book is shipped only in India, hence it is open for any blogger who can provide an address in India.
7. To be part of the giveaway enter your entries under ‘Entries for Indian Bloggers and Giveaway participants’.
8. The giveaway is open only for the followers of my blog whom I can see ‘publically’.
9. Usage of logo is optional but I would appreciate if you could use it as it helps spread a word.
10. As much as I want to comment in all your posts, unfortunately with the time constraint these days I’m unable to. But that does not mean that I do not read your posts.  I will definitely leave a comment for those posts where the rules to the event have not been followed. For the remaining posts,  I may or may not leave a comment (depends on how much time I can squeeze out)

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Unknown said...

Lovely n healthy event..Happy hosting:)
Can I link my sandwich recipe?????

Jillu said...

Hi Pari, I jus linked in my recipes. Will enter more new entries...

Pari Vasisht said...

Priya Sathhesh, If your sandwich is a healthy version, pls link it.

Unknown said...

Lovely event Pari, i have linked 2 old entries will work towards some new ones too. I live in UK so linked in other countries. Do visit and follow my blog


Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Interesting event :-)
Happy Hosting Pari !!! Will link my recipes soon ...

Today's Recipe
My First Giveaway

Unknown said...

Hi Pari,
Nice event!! have submitted 2 entries from archives and hope to add more from the new ones!!
Ongoing Event - Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids - Combo Meals
Ongoing Event + Giveaway - CEDD – HONEY

Lavanya said...

Hey Pari! Linked my recipe Nimbu Poha and already following your blog since long :)

Eat2live2travel said...

Hi Pari..
Linked up an old entry, will soon try on for something new.
Happy Hosting dear!!

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pari,
Wonderful event dear. Will surely send my entries soon. Happy hosting dear.

Sharanya palanisshami said...


Asiya Omar said...

Nice Event.Soon link my entries.
Participate in My First Event - Feast of Sacrifice Event

team ecoSycle said...

Lovely event. Just linked my entry. Can you assist me with editing the name of the entry please? For some reason it's showing my name!

Shobha said...

Lovely event.. I have linked my new entries. Will link a few more till October end.

Shobha said...

Hi Pari,
Papad paratha and Pasta stuffed Triangles ... these 2 are re-posts.
Just for your information.

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

H Pari ...
Posted my 4th recipe....Sabz Pasta.

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Pari ...I entered my archived post.
The link is given in the egg sandwich recipe :-)
Plz check once :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Linked Methi Parantha from my blog..
Ongoing Event + Giveaway: Mission Street Food


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