Wednesday 9 June 2010

A Plate Filled With Health – Succulent Jackfruit & Soya Burger

Hi Friends!
Let me start with a funny incident, about a decade back I guess McDonald’s was very new in this country and visiting it was an important job and considered very happening if one is visiting the metro cities. The first time I visited McDonald’s I was at a complete loss as I did not understand how to order a decent meal at a low price. Anyhow, my cousin helped me in understanding the various options and combos (how dumbo I was) and I ordered a Veggie burger combo. Now eating a burger is an arduous task, yes I realised that the minute I had my first bite and I pushed the stuff backwards towards my palm. I must confess with great difficulty I finished eating that and my mouth and hand was completely messed up by the time I finished it.LOL. Today I laugh at myself remembering this but over the period I have learnt the art of eating a burger…
DH has been quite busy in his office these days and during his meetings they normally would invariably eat Pizza from Pizza Hut or a Burger from McDonald’s. Over a period he has developed a hatred for Mc burgers and was after me that he wants to eat homemade Indianised Burgers. Now the caring and obedient wife I am, how could I ignore his demandWink . Jokes apart I truly love pampering him at times and so decided to innovate a new Patty for the burger.
What Goes In a Burger
A classical burger basically comprises of a bun cut into halves, a patty which could be veg or non veg, Mayonnaise, cut vegetables. It can be served with or without cheese.
To make the burger really tasty and inviting the key ingredient that should be really good is the patty. I always tend to make a healthy and tasty patty and that’s the reason my family loves homemade burgers as the flavours are not repetitive.
As I mentioned in the Jackfruit & Red Lobia Salan that Jackfruit is available abundantly these days and I am right now on a Jackfruit spree…the real truth is I was left with some jackfruit after making the curry so wanted to use it in an innovative waysmile_wink . Honestly speaking I was overwhelmed with the result. The burger turned out very tasty and undoubtedly extremely nutritious and healthy to eat. Kids and S loved it and I was all collars up.Open-mouthed
Ingredients for 8 Patties
3 cups cooked jackfruit
1 cup soya chunks soaked in water
4 boiled and peeled potatoes
8-10 garlic pods
2 inch ginger
1 large onion finely chopped
1/2 cup milk
4 tsp oil
6-7 green chilies
salt to taste
oil for shallow frying
Slices of onion and tomato
cheese slices
lettuce/cabbage leaves
Burger Buns
1-2 tsp red chili pwd
3 tbsp coriander pwd
2 tbsp cumin pwd
1 tsp garam masala
2 tsp amchoor pwd
To Make The Patty
Squeeze out the excess water from the soya chunks.
In the food processor put the soya, cooked jackfruit, garlic, ginger and green chilies and blend to mix.
The jackfruit being fibrous needs a binding agent, that  role is played by the  boiled potatoes, mash them and mix. Mix the chopped onion, all spices, salt to taste, oil and milk.
Adding oil and milk in the patty dough makes it more soft and succulent (if one likes a very firm patty do avoid these).
Take a tennis ball size portion of jackfruit mix in one palm and shape it like a patty using the other hand.
Shallow fry the patty from both the sides. Take due precaution while flipping.
Assembling the Burger
Cut the burger into equal halves and lightly toast them on a griddle using oil or butter ( I used oil).
Spread mayonnaise(I used eggless, low fat) on the lower half and place the patty over it.
Place the sliced onions and tomatoes (one can use cucumber, beetroot too) over the patty.
Cut the cheese slice and place over the sliced veggies.
Now put the lettuce leaf ( I did not have that so use cabbage leaves) and finally put the other half of the burger and close it.
Warm it at 60% microwave for 30 seconds before serving.
Press it gently from the top, serve it with tomato and mustard sauce. This can be a very filling meal too.
Sending this to Bread Mania hosted by Chaitra at Aathidhyam.

and also to Sara and  Sunita’s- Think Spice Think Garam Masala.
Sending the burger to my event ‘Only’ Sandwiches, burgers & Panini, guest hosted by Savi-Ruchi.
Ongoing Event !!!
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Preeti Kashyap said...

Jackfruit and soya burger is new to me. Bookmarked!

Indian Khana said...

The burger looks so gud Pari I dont mind to trade off McD, pizza hut for these too...and hehe love the readup...gr8 going gal

jayasree said...

Interesting recipe for patty.. The burger looks very fresh and inviting.

Gorgeous click.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

wow - that looks delicious... would love a bite!

Kanchan said...

Bookmarked.. this looks too delicious to miss it !

Pari Vasisht said...

Thanks Preeti and Kanchan, do let me know when u try it.
I am glad Priti you liked the read and could make u giggle.
Thanks Jayasree.

FH said...

My problem with Burger is I can't open my mouth big enough to take a bite! My mouth is too small, I have to use fork and knife to cut into pieces and then eat!:D

Soya and JF gravy burgers look wonderfl.

Unknown said...

Pari, that sure is one lovely and healthy looking burger. I am sure your husband is very pampered :)

Sreelekha Sumesh said...

That looks absolutely healthy &delicious one.

Aruna Manikandan said...

Burger looks gr8 dear!!!
Definitely ur Hubby must have enjoyed this burger :-)

SathyaSridhar said...

Pari,,burger pattice looks perfect sounds great the pattice you prepared with jackfruit dear..

divya said...

wow - that looks delicious... would love a bite!

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

Pari dear,

Loved your cute presentation...your style of perfection and preparation are very fascinating...can't move out of your space....Hats off dear.

Parita said...

Burger looks yummy...never seen pattice made with innovative!

Pari Vasisht said...

Asha, same pinch, even I have a small mouth but somehow I have learnt to eat a burger now :-)
Thanks Divya, Sathya, Aruna and Priya.
Jay that's so sweet of u to say that.
Thanks Parita, wish I could pass u some.

Suji said...

Jackfruit and soya, indeed a different combo, but looks very good Pari. BUrger looks healthy and delicious!!

Kairali sisters

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Wow wonderful idea pari.. thanks for sharing this.. this is really innovative using raw jackfruit too..

SS blogs here said...

Love your burger story and recipe. Jackfruit in burger was unexpected! :) I recently met someone who eats a burger with a fork and knife!! No mess, he says! :D

Nithu Bala said...

Lovely write up dear..burger is very delicious, healthy and tempting..wonderful pictures..

Kiran said...

Very well explained and lovely step by step presentation.Nice pictures.Very creative burgers.

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

delicious recipe. love jackfruit and thats a nice idea of preparing burger with this. the photography is superb and love that white serving plate.

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

lovely write up....these burgers super delicous n healthy...whole packed meal....great meal for kids......10 on 10

Swathi said...


Jackfruit and soya chunk burger looks really good. Nice one. My hubby asking to make it, Now i got a recipe.

Unknown said...

Loved reading your story :) Healthy and delcious burger..Jackfruit and soy patty sounds very interesting and tasty..Btw I tried your cucumber pancakes yesterday for my lunch. Loved the flavour of cilantro and green chillies in those pancakes, it went along great with curd and pickle. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

Priya Suresh said...

Always admire the way u write, enjoyed reading..Patties with jackfruit and soya sounds very healthy, bookmarked..

Suganya said...

Healthy burger. Looks so good. Nice recipe... YUM!

Rachana said...

What a unique combo! The Burger looks so delicious and loved the clicks!

Lorraine said...

Sounds delicious! I have never seen a recipe for a veggie burger. I love it! Healthy and yummy! I will definitely give it a try. Thanks:)

PJ said...

oh wow, what a unique idea for the burger, Pari! jackfruit and soya.. fantastic.. i so want to take a bite out of that delicious burger pic you posted.

Gouri Guha said...

Lovely home-made burger. Like the idea of using jackfruit. Nice pics too.

Sushma Mallya said...

No one would have thought of such a unique combo...very innovative one pari and a great presentation too...burger looks delicious,would love to try this one...

Simply Life said...

wow, that burger looks SO good!

Suja Manoj said...

Interesting recipe..unique combo,healthy also... burger looks too good.

AJ said...

Wonderful burger!! The taste must have been great.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Thank you Pari for being so patient with me :-p . First of all I would like to say I liked the blog's new look.
It was fun reading about your first encounter with burger:-) Me too had a similar kind of experience :-)
Very unique combi and innovative burger pattie. Beautiful presentation dear.
I will be regular now :-p

Take care
Hamaree Rasoi

Shri said...

This is one of the best burgers I have seen around!!

preeti garg said...

Completely mouth watering recipe

Savi-Ruchi said...

burgers can't get any innovative than this! too good Pari. You rock!


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