Saturday 4 July 2009

Healthy Wheat Chocolate

The word chocolate brings water to every ones mouth. I believe there are very few people who do not like eating chocolate.My kids too are very fond of chocolate. My elder one was unable to to eat this divine thing for the last one year because of his braces. Recently he has come out of it and I thought of treating him with loads of home made chocolate.
Adding wheat to the chocolate not only adds to the nutritive value but it gives a different texture to the chocolate.Wheat flour is a rich source of carbohydrates, dietery fibre, Vit.B , folic acid and Calcium.
Growing kids need Calcium for their bones and teeth. Calcium is important in attaining peak bone mass,which is achieved in adolescence. Low peak bone mass increases the chances of Osteoporosis later in life. Children aged 4-11 years need 800-900 mg of Calcium every day and adolescents need 800-1200mg of Calcium. I found this a good way of introducing Calcium in their diet in a very tasty way. Even bottle gourd is a rich source of Calcium but try giving that to kids .....what say?
I would like to mention that unlike the normal molten chocolate this chocolate is not that easy flowing as it's cooked , so putting it in small moulds is a bit tedious and does not yield perfect shape. Spreading it in a flat dish and then cutting it like a burfi is much simpler ( which I did in the last when I got bored pouring in the moulds ).
2 small cups whole wheat flour
3 small cups sugar
1 small cup unsalted butter
1 small cup cocoa
1 small cup milk powder
2 small cups mixed dry fruits(chopped into small pieces)

  • Dry roast the wheat flour on low flame /microwave till it's light brown in colour and produces the roasted fragrance.
  • Let the flour cool then sift it 3 times along with the milk powder and cocoa pwd so that it gets mixed thoroughly.
  • In a non stick pan take sugar and pour water enough to immerse it.
  • Put in on fire and when the sugar dissolves add the butter.Now add the wheat flour mix gradually to the sugar syrup and mix continuosly so that no lumps are formed.
  • When the entire flour has been added and mixed and it starts thickening and leaving the edges mix the dry fruits (I used raisin,walnut and cashewnut), remove it from the flame and immediately pour it in a greased plate or moulds.Do it fast as the mix hardens quickly.(Removing the chocolate from the mould is a little tedious).
  • Chill it in the refrigerator for an hour or till it sets.
  • Makes amout 35-40 chocolates.
  • Be careful about the moisture content in the atmosphere as milk powder absorbs that quickly.
  • Take the room temperature also into consideration while making the chocolate as it deforms easily in hot climate.
  • In case of using moulds use large ones.
I wish to share the sweetness of the chocolate with all the Americans who celebrate their Independance Day today.

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Unknown said...

Homemade chocolate looks heavenly!

Parita said...

This such an innovative way of making chocolate and guilt free too!

Nivedita Thadani said...

lovely home made chocolates.
bookmarked to make these chocolates.
thanks for sharing.


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