Friday 14 November 2014

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Hi all!!

Today being children’s day, I am sharing an easy recipe to treat your children. This gets ready in less than half an hour and is an extremely fuss free preparation. The centre of the heart is filled with sweet Jam and hence I call it Jammy hearts.

My kid who is in his teens now and still loves to celebrate the Children’s Day, gobbled up all of these and did not complaint of a Jam filled centre. Yes, my son doesn’t like Sweet Jam and I was more than happy to see him eat the Jam this way.

I’ve followed the same technique to stick the bread slices as I did in the Cheesy Bread Rings. The Cheese acts as a glue and sticks the two bread slices. Also, the salt in the cheese breaks the overpowering sweet of the Jam so the Jammy hearts taste salty-sweet and since they are baked, these are extremely crisp too.

I’ve filled the with heart with Jam as it gives a nice colour coming from Red but one is free to try Nutella, Peanut Butter or any other filling in the heart centres. These can make excellent after school snacks or after play snacks.

To make the hearts look more appealing, I’ve used silver balls and coloured sprinkles.


Jammy Hearts

Preparation Time: 10mins | Baking Time:8-10mins | Makes-6 | Serves- 2 | Difficulty Level: Easy


6 whole wheat/ multigrain bread slices

heart shape cutters

2-3tbsp Sweet Jam (I used mixed fruit)

2-3tsp water

1tbsp cheese spread

1tsp butter or olive oil for brushing

sugar balls and sprinkles for garnishing



Food 71


Using the big heart shape cutter cut 2hearts from each bread slice and place the hearts one over the other to make 6 heart combos.

Remove the top heart of each heart combo and using the small heart cutter, cut a heart shape on it.

Place the hearts with heart cut centre on the top of uncut heart shaped slices.

Apply cheese spread on the uncut heart shaped slices and press gently the other heart shape piece with a heart centre on top.

Apply butter or olive oil on the edges of all the heart combos and bake them in  a pre-heated oven at 200C for 7-8mins or more, till the edges become golden in colour.

While the hearts bake, mix jam with water and smoothen up to form a paste.

Fill the jam in the centre of the baked hearts and sprinkle the sugar balls or colourful sprinkles. (No need to cool the hearts)

Serve immediately.


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Kurinji said...

yummy and innovative idea...

Beena said...

Wow super. Will try

Vimitha Durai said...

kids will definitely love it

Unknown said...

Lovely ..looks so tempting , even I can gobble up a few!!

Khaugiri said...

Superb! Will try.... Sara will love this <3

Merry Tummy said...

Looks so inviting:) very creative :)


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