Tuesday 1 April 2014

Learning Pizza @ Pizza Corner Party




Hi All!

You might say that it 1st April so I’m trying to fool you. So just to confirm there’s no fooling around in this post so read it seriously Winking smile.

The next day after I landed back in the city after the well deserved break recently, I was invited to learn the art of Pizza making by Pizza Corner. I was in double minds as there was fatigue because of travel, I was still unpacking, the kid had a half day at school and I had a whole lot of other things to finish. But somehow things happened smoothly and since I had already committed, I didn’t want to back off. I knew that a similar kind of event was done at Bangalore and bloggers had loved it, so that motivated me even more.


I reached the Virgumbakkam outlet a little early so got a chance to meet a few other bloggers who had reached before me. I came to know around 20-25 bloggers were invited to learn. Finally when every one arrived I was happy to see a bunch of young, chirpy, enthusiastic bloggers. We were welcomed pleasantly by Deepa Pillay, who was the event organiser, the staff and the Area Mannager for Pizza Corner- Mr. Santosh Nair, who ensured that the hospitality was at it’s best. We were first offered drinks of our choice and then were shown around the kitchen. Later in a group of 5-6 we were allowed to dwell in the Pizza Corner Kitchen, where we were taught the nuances of Pizza Making. Mr.Srikanth who is the store manger and Mr.Raja who is the shift manager taught us the basics and then turn by turn and we were given a chance to create our own Pizzas.

The Pizza Corner Kitchen was clean, the staff efficient and well trained. All the topping, vegetables were neatly cut and placed in separate troughs. I was amazed to watch  the speed at which the pizza base was rolled out. For various size of Pizza there were different sizes of dough, kept ready in advance. We were explained the various steps of Pizza making like pinching, knocking and the precautions taken while rolling them. The details of which I will share in an upcoming post on Pizza. After observing several times, we tried our hands on rolling out the pizza. I was particularly interested in learning the Conizza which happens to be my son’s favourite and Pizza Corner’s speciality Pizza.  I’m glad now I can experiment on those lines. But for now some pictures to share..



Thank you Pizza Corner for a fun filled day which I thoroughly enjoyed and I’m looking forward to more of such events where there’s so much to learn. I would soon try to make use of the knowledge I have gained at your outlet into my cooking experiments. Pizza eating experience can become more enjoyable if the services are fast and the staff efficient and hospitable, which the Virgumbakkam outlet staff are.


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Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures and lovely write-up ! Feels good to have met you too :)

Unknown said...

wow that would have been a great experience!!! welcome back pari!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Nice to read review of pizza corner.

Priya said...

wow nice post n lovely pics .

Sangeetha Nambi said...

Lucky u.. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Nice clicks!!! Hope you all had a lovely time!!!!

nandoos kitchen said...

wow! that's a great experience.

Sandhya Hariharan said...

hOW Nice Pari... I m glad you got to attend such a nice workshop. Waiting to see your own perspective ..from here...

I m returning to blogging after a break.. So do sneak a peek when time permits..


Unknown said...

very nice and you got a lovely experience.. :) thanks for sharing it with us.. :)

Phantom Delight said...

Hi Pari, a delightful experience recounted in an equally delightful way :)

Phantom Delight said...

Hi Pari, a delightful experience recounted in an equally delightful manner :)


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