Monday 10 March 2014

California Pizza Kitchen- Hollywood Menu Review | Menu Review

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Though I do believe that each day is our day, I would still like to wish all my women readers a belated Happy Women’s Day.

My readers would remember reading my review of California Pizza Kitchen. A few food bloggers were recently invited to check out their Hollywood Menu which was launched on 24th Feb and is available till the 16th March’14. The menu comprises of dishes which are Hollywood Star’s favourite pick.

We were served Mocktails, Pizzas, Pastas, Speciality Dishes and a dessert. The menu is limited as it primarily focuses only on the Hollywood favourites but within the menu there’s some variety to taste.
Two Mocktails namely the Mango Mint Ecstasy and Pineapple Twister were served. I tasted both and loved the Pineapple Twister for it’s perfectly balanced sweet-sour taste. The place still doesn’t have the permit to serve liquor.
The Mocktails were followed by a variety of Veg and Non Veg Pizzas, namely The Hawaian Chicken Grilled Pineapple Pizza (Rs.445 for 9” and Rs.605 for 14”), Jamaican Jerk and Chicken Pizza (Rs.545 & 705),  Deli Style Bistro Pizza (Rs. 575 & & 735), The Rustica Pizza (Rs.445 & Rs. 605) and Spicy Sonora Pizza (Rs.545 & Rs.705). I tasted the Rustica Pizza and The spicy Sonora which was made with Cottage Cheese for us. I loved the Rustica Pizza as it was thin crust and had grilled zucchini, sautéed mushrooms, green olives, capers. The over all flavour was really very nice.
Spaghetti Carretierra ( Rs.425) followed the Pizzas. The spaghetti was perfectly cooked (Al dente) and had hot red chilies, rocket, bocconcini cheese and was served in a tangy creamy sauce. It was topped with freshly crushed pepper. Also, was served the Mediterranean Roasted Mushroom Spaghettiini (Rs.425) which had roasted mushrooms, garlic, serrano chilies, mediterranean herbs and was tossed in extra virgin olive oil. I didn’t like this version simply because it was too bland for my palate, a bit more spice and olive oil in it would have suited me fine.
We were also served California Peri Peri Chicken (575) and Spinach & Paneer Malfati With Milan Sauce (Rs.575). The chicken was served with tossed veggies and a creamy sauce, so I tasted the sauce and veggies and I must confess, the sauce was too good. We spent a lot of time discussing the sauce and what probably went into it. The Malfati is a tender spinach and cottage cheese Gnocchi style dumpling served with a creamy caramelised onion sauce flavoured with garlic and goat cheese. It was served with a light black bean and corn rice which was flavourful and complemented the Malfati.  I sprinkled more of pepper on the Malfati and then it was absolutely good to relish.
Last came the dessert which was absolutely worth the wait. It was the star dish of the day and is called California Delight(Rs.215). It is a dessert for which I would return again and again to CPK. The dessert is a trio of white chocolate, strawberry and dark chocolate mousse with cranberry and almond praline. The dessert melts in the mouth with the explosion of mixed flavours. One should not miss this one.
Those who want to try there Hollywood star’s favourites must visit CPK and check out their menu, though I felt more justice was required towards the menu and also a mention of which star liked the particular dish would have caught more attention. From my side the recommendations are definitely the Rustica Pizza and The dessert which one should not miss.
One can make reservations in advance and since the place is in the mall, ample parking space is available.
California Pizza Kitchen
Phoenix Market City, Ground floor, Velachery
Phone: 044- 65108888

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Unknown said...

Beautiful clicks Pari...and yea it's fan alert...:)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

I think mocktail pics and the first collage are clicked by your new lens rest are taken by your 18 mm right? Nice place to hangout with friends..

Pari Vasisht said...

No, only the first collage was clicked using new lens, rest all are with the old lens.

Rafeeda AR said...

looks like an awesome place... congrats on ur domain... :)

Unknown said...

Enjoyed reading the post.Was blown away by the lovely pics!


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