Friday 28 February 2014


Hi All!
The shortest month of the year is coming to an end. Yesterday was ‘Shivaratri’. It has been believed that Shivaratri marks the onset of summer and I can also feel the change in temperature. Though it’s still comfortable here but I know it’s going to bad and then worse in the coming months…
Coming to the next month’s event. A lot of people have converted to veganism by a conscious choice but there are people who are allergic to dairy products. Keeping such people in mind I’m throwing the next month’s challenge as ‘Only’ Dairy Free Cooking, which means one can’t use any animal product in their cooking; no eggs, milk, ghee etc.
Only dairy free cooking
The event is guest hosted by a very popular blogger and a dear friend Priya Suresh.
The event is accompanied by a giveaway sponsored by The giveaway book for the event is ‘CHINESE RECIPES’
Click on the cover image to sample content from the book
The giveaway book can be won by the followers of my blog who can provide a valid address in India. The rules and details of the event can be checked in Priya’s blog.
Good luck for the event.
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Archana said...

Okay now will make some boookmarked recipes. Thanks.


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