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StepWise -साबुदाणा खिचडी सोबत अक्काची कोकम - दलचीनीची आमटी / sago khichadi with Dry Mangosteen- Cinnamon Soup| Fasting Recipe | Gluten Free

Hi All!!
The festive and the fasting days have begun, so let me start by saying ‘ A Happy Navaratri’ to all my readers. I have  explained the significance of the Navaratra and Dussehra previously here and have posted a few fasting recipes earlier, which to my delight many of you have tried, liked and appreciated.
Since the ‘Navaratri’ have begun and many people are fasting, I thought of sharing a fasting food recipe. I was amazed at myself that I had never managed to post the most commonly eaten fasting food till date here…I gently admonished myself and steered the foodie in me to cook & post it right away.
Sabudana/ Sago khichadi is loved by all my family members and I cook it quite frequently in my kitchen. As a matter of fact, I stay quite away from fasting and my family does not need any special occasion or a reason to savour this preparation.
As a child I would always prefer sabudana over mordhan/ sama rice during any fasting meal for a simple reason that the sabudana was served with the kokam-dalchini aamti and mordhan with yogurt/dahyatli amti. I would demand my mom to make the kokam-dalchini aamti for me whenever she made sabudana. I loved the combination of the fairly plain khichadi with the spicy- tangy aamti to the core and I was pleasantly surprised when my both the kids also loved it  and started demanding that I should make the aamti if I’m making the sabudana.
The kokam-dalchini amti or the Mangosteen-Cinnamon soup is a recipe that I learnt from my mother, which she had learnt from her mother, who was fondly called ‘Akka’ by all of us. It is a recipe that has come to us from my Granny’s mom’s side, passed through generations. I do not want to sound pushy but still I can’t resist myself saying, please do try it, I highly recommend this aamti/ soup to all my readers as the combination is unusual and absolutely worth a try..

Sabudana Khichadi &Kokam- Dalchini Aamti

Soaking Time: 4-5hrs | Preparation Time:15mins | Cooking Time:30mins | Serves: 4-5| Difficulty Level: Moderate


For Khichadi
3-1/2cups dry sago
8-10green chilies l(spicy)
250gms roasted peanut
3 small potatoes, finely sliced or boiled & cubed
1tsp sugar
salt to taste
1/2 - 3/4cup refined oil for vegan version or ghee (melted)
For Aamti (non vegan preparation)
a large fistful of roasted peanuts
1/4”piece ginger (optional)
a few strands of coriander leaves with stem
1tsp roasted cumin
1/4cup-1/2cup kokam agal or 5-6 kokam soaked in 1/2 cup warm water
1small green chili
10-12 black pepper corn
3-4 cloves
salt to taste
For tempering
2tsp ghee
1/2tsp cumin

Method for Sabudana Khichadi

Wash the sago 3-4 times with plain water to remove excess starch. Decant all the water completely and keep covered for 4-5hrs. Separate the sago with hands.
Grind the roasted peanuts. Mix it with soaked sago. Also mix in sugar and salt to taste.
 DSC_5123  DSC_5145
Heat oil and splutter the cumin.
Add green chillies and sauté for few seconds, so that the flavour gets infused in the oil.
DSC_5156 DSC_5157
Tip in the sliced potatoes (I do not peel my potatoes) and also add salt to taste. Mix and cook covered.
DSC_5165 DSC_5169
Add the sago mixture and mix thoroughly. Cook covered for 5-8mins or till done.
Mix in some chopped coriander for more flavour.
Serve hot with the aamti.

Method for Aamti

DSC_5127 DSC_5128
Grind the pepper, cloves and cinnamon first. Now add the remaining ingredients other than the kokam juice and salt.
DSC_5131 DSC_5132 DSC_5136
To the ground mix add the kokam juice, salt to taste and about 2-3cups water.
DSC_5138 DSC_5140
Bring it to a boil and simmer for 10-12mins.
DSC_5143 DSC_5149
Make the tempering with ghee and cumin seeds and pour on the aamti.
Serve hot.

Sending both the recipes to my event ‘ONLY’ Traditional Recipes Guest hosted by Jiya's Delicacy.


1. While making sabudana khichadi get hold of good quality sago else the khichadi can turn gooey.
2. Sago is very starchy so do ensure that the excess starch is washed off thoroughly and all the water is drained off too after rinsing.
3.Star Another way of soaking sago which I normally follow and was taught to me by my Grand Mom’s sis is as follows…Rinse the sago thoroughly 3-4 times. Pour water in it such that it has water filled up completely soaking the sago. Keep it half an hour and not more. After that place a big plate on the container containing sago and invert the container and remove all the excess water. Leave the container inverted for 4-5hrs.
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Am craving for that Aamti now...delicious combo

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Droolicious recipes....aamti is very new to me and will try to soak sago the grandmom way next time....

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the amti recipe is new to me. It looks very tempting Pari.

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Looks very healthy and tasty!

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Delicious combo ! Wonderful clicks...

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super inviting khichidi

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Such a filling and irresistible dishes, both looks fantastic,especially that prefectly cooked sago khichadi is just inviting me.


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