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Hi All!!

My readers might be wondering that it’s Diwali time and why am I not posting any Diwali recipes? Well, the fact being that the house where I live currently has a pipeline gas, the supply of which was stopped at a half an hour notice about a week back and ever since then our daily cooking is on a roller-coaster ride. The first two three days we managed with eating out and making quick sandwiches, as we were hopeful that the problem will get sorted soon. But then another bomb was thrown on us, we were told it could take a few days to months to get the line  repaired, as it’s an underground leak..That’s when reality hit me hard, I urgently needed other means of cooking!!! We take things so granted that unless an adversity hits us, we do not move out of our comfort zone and think out of the box..and for me, cooking completely without LPG is new. Though the task is  challenging but I’m managing well gradually..

Thanks to the new age kitchen gadgets, I have a microwave so managed with cooking basic vegetables and making rice in it, but my family is largely a roti eater and that could not be made in the microwave, also the lentils do not cook that well in the microwave. What I needed was a roti maker to make quick roti and also an Induction cooker on which I could cook everything. I thought Induction cooker was a better option..

My current state of dependence  on appliances made me ponder..The current century is just 13yrs old and the world has already seen so much of growth and development in science and technology. So many gadgets, games, appliances have been developed and are developed everyday. The shopping trends have also changed during this period. Unlike olden days people do not just go to the market and pick up stuff. With the advent of education and technology, people are tech savvy and are well informed about latest gadgets, appliances through the use of internet and other media. As a result of which many e-commerce sites have come up and people prefer to shop online through e-commerce shops, and I’m no different!

I decided to look out for the Induction cooker online and while I searched I stumbled on this site called www.magickart.in and what attracted me instantly to the site was a Rs.1500 voucher offered by the site on providing your email id. I thought it’s a perfect Diwali offer for people to shop online and avail discounts on purchases.

I explored the site further and realized that the site is well designed and has a good collection of kitchenware, bakeware, cookware, appliances etc. I thought of sharing the site with all my readers, as it’s Diwali time and all of us prefer shopping where there’s a vast rang offered with competitive rates and festive discounts..

My first stop was definitely checking out Induction cook top, so I searched the Appliance section of the site and I was overwhelmed to see that they had 13 items in that category from four different brands. The site offers you to refine the search by providing a shopping range. One can select items that suits their pocket!!

Morphy Richards Induction Cooker Chef Xpress 400                                                     Pigeon Induction Cook Top - Rapido Plus

Morphy Richards Induction Cooker Chef Xpress ...                   Pigeon Induction Cook Top - Rapido Plus

Looking at the variety of Induction Cook Top offered by the site I decided to check if they offered same kind of variety in Bakeware too. I’ve been looking out for baking sheets for quite some time now so decided to check them first…I was impressed at what I saw, there were a variety of sheets I could choose from, I was particularly attracted towards the silicon one, being the IN thing these days..

Silicopat Cookie Sheet (270 x 420 mm) - SC-040                                                      Tescoma Delicia Baking Sheet 36x25 Cm

Silicopat Cookie Sheet (270 x 420 mm) - SC-04...                         Tescoma Delicia Baking Sheet 36x25 Cm

I also checked Bundt pans as I love collecting them, and the two pans which I liked the most and would love to buy, I’m sharing here..

Silico Flat Lotus Bundt Cake Mould - SC-028                                                       Silico Sunflower Bundt Cake Mould - SC-027

While I was surfing, a box kept propping on the window asking if I required assistance. I realised it’s an online help centre. I chatted online with a Magickart personnel who guided me to check out their Kitchen Tools section. She also mentioned that they have many International brands available which are new to our country. I decided to check it out. The online shop was getting more interesting for me and  after checking their Kitchen Tools, I was awed..there were many International brands and their product range is worth having a look..a few I’m sharing here..


Silo Sandwich Guard                   Silo Froot Guard           Silo Banana Guard

Silo Sandwich Guard                                       Silo Fruit Guard                             Silo Banana Guard

Joseph Joseph Multi Colour Nest Cups Set 5 Pcs                                                                   Joseph Joseph Elevate Gift Set 6 Pc

Joseph Joseph Multi Colour Nest Cups Set 5 Pc..                                       Joseph Joseph Elevate Gift Set 6 Pc

MOM Italy Can Opener                                                                 Tescoma Can Colander

MOM Italy Can Opener                                                                                           Tescoma Can Colander


Watermelon Slicer (Free S.S Handle Peeler)                                                                      Pigeon Diecast Nonstick Paniyarakkal (7 Rounds)- (Free Stainless steel Chimta)

Watermelon Slicer (Free S.S Handle Peeler)                                               Pigeon Diecast Nonstick Paniyarakkal   .

Other than what I’ve shared here, there’s a multitude of shopping options that can be checked in the site..

  1. Baking Accessories
  2. Bar Accessories
  3. Blenders
  4. Bottles
  5. Cake Baking Pan
  6. Canister
  7. Casserole / Hot Pot
  8. Chocolate Moulds
  9. Chopping Board
  10. Coffee & Tea Maker
  11. Cookies Sheets
  12. Cookware Set
  13. Cups
  14. Cutlery
  15. Cutters
  16. Dinner Set
  17. Fruit Bowl
  18. Ice Trays
  19. Induction Cook Top
  20. Kettles
  21. Knife
  22. Lunch Box
  23. Mixer Grinder
  24. Muffin Pan
  25. Napkin Holder
  26. Peelers
  27. Pitchers
  28. Rice Cooker
  29. Salad Bowl
  30. Salt & Pepper Shakers
  31. Serving Set
  32. Serving Trays
  33. Storage Set
  34. Strainer
  35. Thermos
  36. Toaster & Sandwich Makers
  37. Tools

From various brands like: AnjaliCocotwist, Corelle, Joseph Joseph, Master Kitchen , MOM ItalyOpinel, OXOPeugeot, PrimeRubbermaid, Servewell, Silico, Simply Solid, Tala, Tescoma

Magickart provides free shipping in India for any product more than Rs300 and promises to deliver in 2-5 working days. It also promises no hidden charges.For all order value below Rs300, they charge Rs40 extra as shipping & handing charges.

I personally loved browsing through the Magickart and have decided to pick a few items from here for home and for Diwali gifting as the products are interesting and many are available on a discounted price. I hope my readers also benefit from Magickart.

Hopefully, I will share a few microwave recipes soon..

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