Thursday 18 July 2013

‘ONLY’ SERIES OF EVENTS FOR 2013-14 | Inviting Guest Hosts |


Hello all!!

With the completion of ‘Only’ Cooking from Cookbooks, guest hosted by Gauri, the ‘ONLY’ Series would complete three successful years of cooking events. I’m so thankful to all the participants for their continued support in the events. I would also take this opportunity to request the winners of cookbooks from previous events to share a recipe from the book they have won earlier in the ongoing event.

I’ve been getting mails requesting to guest host the next year’s events and I had informed them that I would be posting the new set of events soon. So those who had already asked me and those who are interested in hosting the event, please write to me at with the subject line ‘HOSTING ONLY SERIES’ with information about them, their blog and how long they have been blogging and what will be their contribution in leading the event.

Those who have not blogged for more than 6months and also those who do not post 4 recipes a month please do not send a request. The month of May’14 will be hosted by me as I celebrate my blog’s anniversary in the same month.

I’m looking out for people who have a serious interest in hosting the event, who can steer the event they have chosen and popularize it. I want those people who could acknowledge entries on time and not just happily sit back after  announcing the event and then do nothing about it. Basically I’m looking for those bloggers who can give time and commitment for the event and encourage, motivate people to participate more and explore their culinary skills.

I’m happy to inform you that, for the fourth consecutive year will be sponsoring the giveaway and I’m short of words to thank them. Tarlaji, can’t thank you means a lot to me and my readers.


Month & Year


August’13 ‘Only’ Food For Pregnancy
September’13 ‘Only’ Sandwiches, Burgers & Panini
October’13 ‘Only’ Traditional Recipes
November’13 ‘Only’ Diwali Treats
December’13 ‘Only’ Baked Treats
January’14 ‘Only’ Parathas & Flat breads
February’14 ‘Only’ Food For Growing Children
March’14 ‘Only’ Dairy Free Cooking
April’14 ‘Only’ Cooking With Grains
May’14 ‘Only’ Tried & Tasted From Foodelicious
June’14 ‘Only’ Summer Food & Drink
July’14 ‘Only’ Gluten Free Cooking
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Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Hi Pari,
I would love to host your Food for growing children event for the month of Feb 2014....
If its ok with you, please do let me know my email id is

Jillu said...

Hi Pari, I would like to host for September..

Savi-Ruchi said...

I would love to host it for Sep'13 (sandwiches, burgers & panini)


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