Sunday 30 June 2013

‘Only’ Event For JULY | Cook Book Giveaway

Hi all!
Food is not only an inevitable part of life but it is also an interesting part..Food  means nutrition for body but this nutrition can be acquired by cooking food in a variety of cuisines breaking the monotony. To learn the variety of cuisines and recipes so many cookbooks are available in the market and this month’s event is all about saluting those books and the cook/chef behind those books.
The host of this month is an amazing cook and a dear friend Gauri from Runner Girl In the Kitchen. The rules of the event can be checked in her blog. I would truly appreciate that you acknowledge the book used in creating the recipe, giving the person behind it due credit. In case you have copied the recipe into a diary, please provide a picture of the written recipe.
Only cookbook
To encourage the food bloggers, has sponsored the giveaway..
Click on the cover image to sample content from the book
This book gets shipped only in India. Any one who is a publically follower of my blog through Google+/ GFC and can provide an address in India can be a part of the giveaway.
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Saranya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priya Anandakumar said...

Nice event will try to participate....

Unknown said...

Lovely event. Pari. I will try my entry soon.

Mina Joseph said...

Nice event Pari am too delighted to participate and hope you like my entries too.Linked one already.

Unknown said...

I already linked my 1st entry.

Unknown said...

I am following your blog through google +.Where do I enter the giveaway with my address...?


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