Thursday 31 January 2013

Event ‘Cooking For My Valentine’ and A Giveaway By CupoNation

Hi All!
This month of February is the month of spreading love as we celebrate St. Valentine’s Birthday on the 14th Feb. We as food bloggers are always trying to spread love through the food that we cook and share it with the world. So, I thought of providing a platform to all the food bloggers to share the recipes that they are cooking for their love and loved ones here in this event called “Cooking For My Valentine”. And to make the event more interesting and inviting, is that the winner of the event gets Flipkart gift voucher worth Rs.1000/- from CupoNation.
Cooking for my valentine
I’m so overwhelmed that CupoNation is sponsoring the giveaway. I’ve been using the discount coupons of CupoNation for a while and I do recommend it to my friends and bloggers. These coupons are valid for online shopping in India.
This event is open for all bloggers and non bloggers, whether you live in India or any other country but the giveaway is open only to the Followers of Foodelicious. As I have mentioned that this event is open for all, even if you do not reside in India, you can gift the voucher to your friends and family living in India.
Rules For The EVENT & Giveaways
  1.  You have to mention about Foodelicious and CupoNation in your post before the recipe. This is an important rule, so do follow it.
  2. You have to like the Facebook fan pages of Foodelicious and CupoNation.
  3. Subscribe to Foodelicious.
  4. Link your post to the event announcement page.
  5. Only new recipes are accepted, archives not allowed.
  6. Use the inlinkz tool provided below to link your recipes.
  7. Use of logo is mandatory as it helps spread the word.
Calculation Of Entries
For every recipe that you link you get one entry. For liking both the FB fan pages you get two more entries. For subscribing to Foodelicious you get one more entry. So, you can get minimum of 4entries at any time. For every additional recipe the entry will increase by +1. Once you have linked the recipe, leave a comment mentioning what all rules you have followed and hence valid for how many number of entries.
Non bloggers can send me their entries to In case rule no. 1, 4 and 7 is not followed, the entries will be moderated.
The winners will be picked randomly at the end of the event.
So good luck and let the cooking begin!!!

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Raksha said...

Hey this is a great event :)
I have already liked the foodilicious and cuponation page on FB.

Subscribed to your blog updates and also a long time follower.

Will link my recipe tomorrow.

Hope to win atleast this time :)

All the best in hosting this event.

Unknown said...

Happy hosting!!! and will surely participate...
Ongoing Event - Breakfast
Ongoing Event - Tried and Tasted - Raks Kitchen

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Lovely event !!! Happy Hosting Pari ..
Today's Recipe
Strawberry Mousse Without Egg

Shama Nagarajan said...

happy hosting dear..

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Happy hosting Pari.

today's recipe:

Sharanya palanisshami said...



Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pari,

Just now linked my recipe broccoli in yogurt sauce. Liked your space and cupoNation in FB. Subscribed by email. Please check it.

Anonymous said...

hi iam new to your blog liked your spacee and cupoNation
subscribed by email just now linked my recipie.Happy to follow you..

Unknown said...

Hi Pari,

I've linked my recipe
I have liked Cuponation and Foodelicious on Facebook
I've subscribed to Foodelicios
I've mentioned both Foodelicios and CupoNation in my post
I've used the image/logo too

Hoping to win my first ever award :) LOL..

Anyways, nice to see so much enthu amongst the bloggers.


Unknown said...

I have already liked the foodilicious and cuponation page on FB.

Subscribed to your blog and also a follower.
Linked my recipe
Eggless vanilla cake for valentine's day

Unknown said...

Linked my 2nd recipe also Prawns Dry Masala

I've mentioned about Foodelicios and CupoNation in my both post

lubnakarim06 said...

I have linked in my recipe....Happy hosting...

Unknown said...

linked my first entry in ur space.

kausers kitchen said...

Hi Pari,

I've linked my recipe,
liked Cuponation and Foodelicious on Facebook,
Subscribed to Foodelicios
Mentioned both Foodelicios and CupoNation in my post
Used the logo.
And I'm ur new follower.
Happy hosting and hope to win :)
Have a wonderful day.

beingFab said...

I've linked my recipe, linked back here, used the logo, followed you through GFC and liked CupoNation on facebook (FB Name: Fabida Abdulla). Thank you for a fun event!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Hi Pari just linked my entry for your lovely event.
Follow you via google connector since ages, Mentioned about cuponation and your event in my blog. Posted image along with it. Liked cuponation's Fb page also Now all I want is that precious coupon ;-) I will buy something for my love online

Sindhura said...

Hey Pari,
Thank you so much for your comments... made those appropriate corrections you have asked. Linked my recipe, subscribed to your blog feed, following your blog and liked it on Facebook and liked to cuponation page. Mentioned about the giveaway along with logo and the link.....
Happy hosting.

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pari, just now linked another one recipe 'paal kozhukattai'. Please check it dear.

lubnakarim06 said...

Done according to your instructions...Thank you for dropping by....Here is the link to the updated post....

Unknown said...

i mentioned in my post.Thanks for considering my recipe


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