Friday 13 July 2012

Thai Corn Tikki


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Cooking food is all about experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. I’m decently good at mix matching flavors and ingredients. Most of the times the experiments are quite successful and rarely disastrous. A few days back the kids came back after playing soccer and were very hungry. The younger one demanded to make something very interesting and new. 


My mom always says that a good cook is a one who is able to cook good and tasty food from the ingredients available. So though my little grey cells were not of much help that day I still did not give up.I quickly rummaged through my fridge and pantry. My fridge was completely out of veggies and had two corn cobs staring at me. In the pantry, I knew I had a few ready to use pastes which were to be finished fast before expiry, amongst that was also the Thai Curry Paste.

I thought of making something using the two. I quickly removed the corn using my corn peeler and crushed it in the mixer.I must say that the corn peeler is one tool which I simply love. I added the Thai curry paste to the corn and tasted the mix, it tasted good so decided to make patty of the mix. I needed a binding agent, so used the potato flakes. I have started loving these flakes, they are so useful when one is  in a hurry. I gradually added the flakes and adjusted the consistency.

The Tikkis turned out tasty and  I kept 2pieces for S to taste. He liked it so much and was  disappointed that I left only two pieces for him to sample. Since the mix of the tikki turned out tasty, I thought of posting it so clicked the pics in a hurry with two children hovering over me with hunger. So, pls do not assess my pics critically.


Thai Corn Tikki


Preparation Time:10-15mins

Cooking Time:15mins



2 American corn, grated

2tsp Thai green curry paste

1-1/2cups potato flakes

1tsp red chili flakes

salt to taste

oil for shallow frying


Remove the sweet corn from the cob and grind it coarsely.


To the corn, add the green curry paste and red chili flakes.


Add potato flakes gradually, these will absorb the moisture present in the corn. If required add a little water.


Take ping pong ball size mixture and wet the palm. Flatten it and shape it to like a tikki on the palm.


Smoothen the edges and shallow fry on both the sides till golden in colour.


Remove on a kitchen towel and serve hot with tomato sauce.


These tikkis are perfect finger foods for the kids. They are healthy and tasty too. If required one can omit the addition of chili flakes. I have added it solely because my kids love spice and corn has a sweet taste, the chili flakes balances that.

Sending it to Healthy Foods For Healthy Children- Preschooler snacks guest hosted here and originally the brainchild of Nithu.

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Unknown said...

yummy and easy corn tikki...will try this said...

I love experimenting as well.. these tikki's looks crunchy and crispy!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

I bet you didn't fail to impress you kids with your instant tikkis..looking yummy

Spice up the Curry said...

this looks fantastic.. delicious

Recipe world said...

Yummy Tikkis..would love to eat them anytime!


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radha said...

Nice. I love the aroma that fills the house when you make something with corn.

Radhika said...

Wow that looks delicious Pari. Adding the curry paste saves up a lot of work.

Az said...

Looks delicoius and healthy!

Sanoli Ghosh said...

You were hurry, but perfectly made corn tikki. Very inviting.....

Unknown said...

inviting clicks.. perfect snack..

zareena said...

Lovely snaps and a perfect snack.

divyagcp said...

Delicious Tikkis..

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Kavitha said...

looking yummy....very simple and delicious corn tikki :)

sojo said...

that really looks super delicious.... good work

Hema said...

Wonderful idea, doing it Thai style..

Rahin said...

looks delicious

Uma said...

looks so delicious. Nice dish.

Anusha said...

Looks crispy and tempting Pari.. and i m a die hard fan of thai cuisine what an easy way to do this up too!!

Akila said...

very delicious n perfect snack....

Priya Suresh said...

Omg, wat an incredible tikki, drooling here.

Archana said...

Beautiful tikki and clicks. Love them.

Poornima Nair said...

This sounds delicious! Love corn snacks!


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