Friday 23 March 2012

Fresh Red Broad Bean Seeds & Shallots Sāmbhar


Hi! Wishing Every One a Happy Ugaadi/ Gudi Padwa.

I have always had a fascination for the broad beans especially the red ones with white marks on it. Living in North India, those beans were never available. During my visits to hometown I would ensure to pick up a packet of the dry version.  I love making curry with these beans and I’ve posted a spicy one here.
These days the vegetable market here is flooded with various kinds of broad beans and I was too ecstatic to notice and explore them. During one of such market visits, out of curiosity I opened the bean and beamed when I found my favourite red broad bean, that too raw and fresh.

I ensured to pick those beans and after reaching home, meticulously separated the fresh seeds from the bean pods. I made a dry curry with the bean pods and decided to make huli/sambhar with the seeds. I had a feeling that the seeds are perfect for making the Sāmbhar and will absorb the flavours.

My instinct was correct as the kid declared it the best Sāmbhar ever made and S savoured it as much. The addition of shallots was like ‘sone pe suhaga’. It very much enhanced the flavour of the sambhar. If you like trying various versions of Sāmbhar then this Sāmbhar is my personal recommendationThumbs up.


Red Broad Beans and Shallots Sāmbhar
Preparation Time:15mins
Cooking Time:30mins

8-10 shallots
1cup fresh red beans
1-1/2cups cooked toor dal
1/4tsp good quality heeng/asafoetida
1tsp red chilli pwd
1/2tsp turmeric pwd
5tbsp sambhar pwd
10-15 curry leaves
1-1/2tbsp tamarind extract
salt to taste
2tbsp oil
1tsp mustard seeds


Food 4-10

Pressure cook the lentils with turmeric and heeng. Pressure cook the seeds too.
Heat oil, splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves.
Tip in the shallots and sauté.
Add the chilli pwd, salt to taste and sambhar powder. I used sambhar powder from Grand sweets and I must say it’s really good. If any of your friends are visiting Chennai , do ensure that you get a batch of this aromatic masala, the way I did.
Add the cooked beans and mix. Mix the lentils and tamarind extract and enough water. Bring the sambhar to a boil and simmer for 10mins. Serve hot.
Sending it to my event ‘Only’ South Indian held here.

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Anjali Bapna Shukla said...

I'm a big fan of Sambhar, though can't make it much. Now, this is surely a must try for m., I can get red beans in Kenya but shallots are tough to find, so will fix up by some way. I've never had any sambhar without 'tomatoes', so now I have to try this one. :)
Keep sharing such wonderful recipes, sweetie. :)

kanan said...

this dish looks great.

Az said...

looks delicious!

Archana said...

delicious sambhar. I love these too. will make sambhar next time instead of veggie. Thanks.

Rasi said...

My aunt would make this.. sambhar looks just lovely!

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Unknown said...

Looks SUPer yummy - would love some with some fired appalam :)

Unknown said...

I am sambar lover, I order separate smabar in most restaurants and love to drink it as is. This smabar looks awesome and will try some.
Love Ash.

Unknown said...

wow v new and interesting smabar recipe! said...

this sambar looks really delicious n very new also....loved it....

Unknown said...

Looks super Delish... said...

this looks really delicious n very new also....loved it....

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

I miss these fresh broad beans in Kolkata. they tasted so yummy. love your shallot sambhar...perfect with a bowl of steamed rice. yum

Julie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ganga Sreekanth said...

Quick and healthier version,looks very yummy!

Sudha Sabarish said...

Now only was searching for a broad beans and found out now.Bookmarked.

Faseela said...

yummy sambhar with shallots and beans....

radha said...

Never tried sambar with beans. Looks good. And will try

preeti garg said...

awesome recipe

Deeps @ Naughty Curry said...

i love broad beans too! the sambar looks yum

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