Tuesday 28 February 2012

MTR Potato Cheese Balls ..a Product Review

Starters have become an important part of a meal when guests are invited and the lady in the kitchen, who not only cooks but works too, with her hands full, definitely wants to go for a quick and tasty starter. And if a ready mix is available then it is always welcome.
MTR a known name in food products have introduced  a snack mix under the category of  ‘MTR-Tasty Delights’ to help fix a starter in a matter of few minutes. The new product is called ‘Potato Cheese Balls’ and I must say the two words, ‘potato’ and ‘cheese’ are good enough to attract most of us.



The product has three  packets inside it labelled A,B and C. Packet-A has the potato and cheese dry mix which is to be mixed with warm water to make the balls. The mix is enough to make 25 small balls. Later the balls are to be mixed in a slurry of Packet-B which has corn starch and then rolled in bread crumbs contained in Packet-C. Once ready these can be deep fried in oil in small batches. The product is  ready to serve in half an hour. The packet says serves 6 but the size of the balls is so small that I thought it’s good for 3-4 people.
The directions provided on the packet are clear and simple to follow except for packet B where it says that the corn starch to be mixed with a tbsp. of water and that was just not enough, I added almost 4tbsp of water to make the slurry.
The balls have the taste of cheese and potato and have a very subtle continental taste. These balls will not only make a quick starter but can be a good snack for kids. I’m not very sure of how many adults would really enjoy the taste as it does not have very dominant flavours but it will be loved by the kids.
The product is priced Rs.45 for 95g and I found it a good price to make such a quick starter. It’s a price that the common man in India can easily afford and hence will surely indulge in this product as quality wise it does not disappoint you. The balls do not soak oil, if fried in small batches and is delight for the younger generation and also for people with subtle taste buds.
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Faseela said...

potatoes n cheese .....a lovely combo.....lovely review...

hotpotcooking said...

Nice to know about this new product

Sutapa said...

Thanks for sharing a delicious product.....I think I must try it!

Archana said...

Thanks will look out for this.

Aarthi said...

Yummy recipe..bookmarked


Zareena said...

mmmm... mouth watering. Thanks for sharing dear.

Suganya said...

Nice combo of cheese and potato. Looks so good. YUM!

Charu Srivastava said...

wow dat luks lik a great product...!!

Indrani said...

A good product and great review doen by you, thanks

Raks said...

Wow, my kid would love this!

radha said...

MTR products are good. I generally buy them. But have not tried this one

preeti garg said...

wow intstant cheese balll
lovin it...Awesome....

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