Monday 23 January 2012

Britannia NutriChoice Multigrain thins..a Critical Product Review



A few days back DH got a packet of Britannia Multigrain Thins to try out in his flight back home. After tasting it, he realised that this is what I would love to eat, so he got the packet back home and asked me to try it out. I asked him what it was and he explained that it’s a new product from Britannia, so the samples were given to the passengers for tasting in the flight.

He explained that it’s a baked product and is made of five grains. The first three adjectives i.e Britannia product, baked and five grains were good enough to catch my attention. I put the first piece in my mouth and my first reaction was ‘yummy’, this is so good and I finished the remaining packet in a matter of few minutes without sharing with anyoneWinking smile, and completely true to it’s punch line ‘Snack That Loves You Back’.


I decided to buy this product and do a proper review as I’ve always been a Britannia fan. I have grown up eating Britannia bread, biscuit and now even the dairy products. As you already know by my previous description  that this product tastes great but any product when a consumer buys from the market does not sell only for it’s taste, it has to be cost effective also. It needs to see what kind of market is targeted and what’s the competition that the product is likely to face.

If we see the Indian market presently a lot of multigrain products are available but they are largely dominated in the noodles world or in sweet biscuits segment. This is the first time that I’ve tried a multigrain savoury snack.NutriChoice Multigrain Thins are initially  available in three flavours- Classic Indian Spice, Mediterranean Herb & Tomato and Lime & Mint. I’ve currently tasted the Classic Indian Spice and I just loved it and I will surely say that ‘No One Can Eat Just One’. The thins are light and crispy. The flavours explode in your mouth making you crave for more. These are great munchies and can make a great snack for kids or can also be served with dips as a perfect starter in a high tea, and surely the best part is that one can indulge in guilt free binging.


Made with the goodness if grains like corn, ragi, rice, wheat, oats and coated on top with flax seeds these thins are baked to perfection. It has zero cholesterol and zero trans-fat, making it an ideal snack for heart patients and diabetics. It is quite low in calories and fats as compared to the fried snacks available in the market. This product has a large range of targeted customer base as it’s perfect for children to old age people.  It does not have much of competition in the market as there’s not much choice of savoury multigrain biscuits available today.



The product is available in two packing…the individual mini packs which weigh 25g of the product are available for Rs.10. It is also available in a box pack having two 2mini packs inside costs Rs.30. It is the cost of the box that hit me as I found it high for providing a box pack. So costumer pays Rs.10 extra only for the box. So, personally I thought it’s ridiculous to spend Rs.10 extra only for the box and I would never buy a box pack as it is not cost effective. I find it  wise to buy the mini packets unless I would want to gift the product.


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Sukanya said...

Thats intersting product, I am up for anything baked, would love to try it sometime, nice review

Khaugiri said...

I just luv both the flavours:-)

Faseela said...

lovely review...

Julie said...

interesting product n nice review..Thanx for sharing!!

Erivum Puliyum

Amina Creations said...

fabulous review...


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