Monday 30 January 2012

'Only' Series Event Announcement For February & Giveaway

Hi all!

We are finishing this month with 'Only'-Sprouts and have started off the new year on a healthy note. The month of February brings in another health conscious theme at  'Only' series.

We all know that heart is an extremely important organ in our body and a healthy heart indicates a healthy body. An important cereal grain which has now become a common household name especially because of its healthful properties is surely Oats.

Oats is believed to have cholesterol reducing properties and is commonly used and eaten as Oats meal, Oats flour or as rolled Oats. Oat bran is the outer casing of the oat. Its consumption is believed to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and possibly to reduce the risk of Heart disease.Oats are the only cereal containing a Globulin or legume-like protein, Avenalin, as the major (80%) storage protein.

With such huge health benefit that this grain shows, I thought of having an entire event on this marvelous cereal grain. So, the event for February is 'Only' Oats. One can cook any course of the meal and send it to the event.

This event will run through February and anyone can be a part of this event. There will be two giveaway books, 'Healthy Starters' and 'Top10 Healthy Foods' sponsored by  which will be shipped only in India to the winning blogger as long as he/she has been following my blog, which I feel would be an ethical criteria to pick up a winner as I surely feel people who are interested in my blog should get the win. I would appreciate that you follow my blog publicly as this helps me know you and your blog better. 

Click on the cover image to sample content from the book

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If you like my blog and the work I do, I would surely appreciate that you like my space on the face book. An increasing number of readers and fans is surely a big motivation for me and tells me that I'm heading the right way. It surely pushes me to try more and achieve better.


Directives For Participating In The Event

  • Please leave your entries in the linky tool below.  There are two linky tools, for India and for other countries. 
  • The winner for giveaway will be chosen from the Indian entries (followers) only and by a random method. People living in other countries who want to participate in the giveaway and can provide an address in India, should also post their entries under heading 'Indian, only.
  • Before you post your entries in the linky tool, please make sure that in you have linked your post to this page and used the logo as that helps spreading word. 
  • Only Vegetarian entries will be accepted (eggs are allowed).
  • One can post any number of fresh entries and up to two entries from the archives provided that the entry is re-posted in the correct format.
  • If rules are not followed, I will have no alternative but to remove the entry.
  • In case you are not able to use the linky tool, send the entry to
  • Non-bloggers can also participate, simply mail me your recipe along with a picture and I will post it on your behalf.
The linky will open on 1st Feb at 00:00hrs Indian time.

Pls link your entries here.
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Nithu Bala said...

Nice choice..will sure to send entries:-)

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

great effort Pari. surely will send in some recipes for this.

Prabha Mani said...

Perfect to participate!!

Priya Suresh said...

Lovely choice,will send my entries soon..

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Lovely theme, will definitely send in my entries..Happy hosting

Balvinder said...

I am a follower of yours and being gluten free I cook a lot with sprouts,oats and some other grains and seeds. In fact I am going to post a sprout recipe today, so take some time out from your blogging to give your opinion.

Swetha said...

Lovely choice Pari. Will surely participate.

Sravs said...

wonderful choice !! will surly send my entries !!

Ongoing Event - CC-Chocolate Fest

Amina Creations said...

nice theme for the event... will send my entries soon...

simran said...

great choice...will surely participate....i follow your blog through the GFC.....happy hosting

Unknown said...

Good choice... Happy hosting..

Raksha said...

Hi Dear,

I have a doubt. When posting from archives, do I have to do a re-post... i.e. republish? Or is ok to update the details in the archived posts?

Please reply on


Myvegfare said...

Fantastic event, will send some entires.., as I love oats in my everyday cooking..,

Saraswathi Iyer said...

Nice event, will send in my entries soon.

Rasi said...

This is my first time here to your space & one it :). Will send in my entry! Am a happy follower now.. do drop in to my space sometime!

Rudra said...

Hey Im not able to use the logo, as it doesnt allow me to right clik. Please let me know how I can use it. Happy hosting.

Christy Gerald said...

Luv the Theme,Sounds healthy. Linked my entries Here.Not able to download the logo. Hence posted without it.

Umm Mymoonah said...

Hi Pari, Just linked my entry but I couldn't use the logo since the right click is disabled,please let me how can I use it.

Manju said...

can i post a recipe...but i dont have the picture clicked :( it me back

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Hi Pari,
Just linked an entry, but could not add the logo as I was unable to download it since right click is disabled.

Shobha said...

Lovely event Pari..
I have moved to Brazil now.


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