Thursday 19 August 2010

Lucozade Sport by GSK - A Product Review



Lucozade Sport is a rehydrating drink to be launched by GSK (Glaxo-Smith and Kline) available in two flavors lemon and orange. Priced at Rs. 40 for a 200ml bottle it  surely attracts mostly the upper middle class cadre of customers.

I tasted both the flavors and personally liked the lemon. Both are citrus flavors and have a mild sweet and salty taste. It is an excellent drink for people who are into sports and also for school children during peak summer.


It helps restore the glucose, water, electrolyte levels in the body and helps boost up stamina.

I would love to buy this surely in peak summer for kids and also once in a while after their soccer session. I personally thought of having it during my cursed days as this will surely give that extra energy which I am lacking that time. Surely worth giving it a try.

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1 comment:

Rach said...

My brother is a sportsman and always has this, He also says that this one is too good and does a great job after his sessions. I'm loving your reviews, Good job


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