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‘Only’ South Indian Round Up Part-I


I must start with a big thanks to all my fellow food bloggers who have participated in the event and made it really huge.  There’s a wide spread buffet with a total 155 recipes sent by bloggers in India and abroad. You have a choice of cuisine from all the four states of South India and I must admit, it’s very difficult to choose, which one to try..

My special thanks to Faseela, Achus Amma, Fathima, Julie, Rasya, Prathibha, Hema & Prabhamani for sending multiple entries, you all rock!!

I’ve a humble request to make  i.e., Please read and follow the event rules carefully before linking the entries, as it makes your as well as moderators job easy. It leaves a bitter note on either side if the reminders are to be sent again and again regarding following rules, so let’s avoid the bitternessSmile. Do understand that the usage of logo is mandatory as some bloggers do not put up the logo even after sending a reminder. My host for the current event ‘Only’ Snacks and Starters, Raji, is facing the same problem as her request sent to the bloggers for using the logo has been ignored. Let’s be more understanding please and co-operate.

In this part of the round up one can check 70 recipes which have been contributed by  the bloggers living abroad..

1. Mirchi Ka Salan ( Hyderabadi ) by Shobha

2. Appalam Koottu by Surya

3. Bitter Gourd Fry by Hema

4. Ragi & Protein Sevai by Sensible Veg

5. UGGANI (puffed rice snack) by Shobha

6. Crushed Idli Stir Fry by Nupur

7. Maida Murukku by Prabhamani

8. Brown Rice Idli by Nupur

9. Mysore Masala Dosa by Rasya

10. Brinjal Curry/Eggplant Curry by Prabhamani

11. Brinjal (Egglant) Rice by Hema

12. Arachuvitta Vengaya Sambar by Saraswathi

13. Banana Bonda by Acchu Amma

14. Pathiri by Fathima

15. Puli Inji - Kerala Style by Tease Your Taste Buds

16. Onion Sambar - Madras Style (ChinnaVengayaSambar

17. Masala Biscuits by Julie

18. Fruits Pradhaman by Achus Amma

19. Pavakkai Chips by Prabhamani

20. Cilantro Cumin Kuzhi Paniyaram by Asiya Omar

21. Parippu Vada by Julie

22. Beet Leaves Thoran/Stir fry by Julie

23. Vendhaya Kuzhambu by Sangeetha

24. Sagu/Sagoo by Rasya

25. Paruppu Rasam by Fathima

26. Neeraahaaram by Fathima

27. Pappaya Pickle by Achus Amma

28. Moong Daal Chila / Pesarattus by Charul

29. Cabbage Thoran (Kerala) by Reshmi

30. Small (Pearl onion) Sambar Vadai by Jaleela

31. Baby Potato Curry by Hema

32. Gothambu Ladoo by Achus Amma

33. Peanut Mint Chutney by Julie

34. Tikki Puri by Rasya

35. Moringa Leaves Salan by Asiya Omar

36. Ripe Plantain Fritters by Julie

37. Uzhunnu vada by Achus Amma

38. Vegetable Oothappam by Prathibha K

39. Girmit by Rasya

40. Vendakkai Pachadi by Achus Amma

41. Poondu Kuzhambu (Garlic Gravy) by Hema

42. Fried Rice Upma by Achus Amma

43. Brown Rice Ragi Idly by Sangeetha

44. 7 Cup Burfi by Prabhamani

45. Nonbhu Adai  by SriVidhya

46. Thiruvatharai Kali by Sri Vidhya

47. Bele holige by Paaka Shale

48. Kaththisrikkai Poriyal by Fathima

49. Boondi Ladoo by Prabhamani

50. Lemon Pickle by Julie

51. Beet Root Stir fry by Follow Foodie

52. Idiyappam / String Hoppers by Follow Foodie

53. Tavala Dosa by Rasya

54. Sweet Ammini Kozhukattai by Prabhamani

55. Cauliflower Carrot beans stir fry by Follow Foodie

56. Ripe Mango Pachadi by Achus Amma

57. Wheat Flour Appam by Prabhamani

58. Undayum Kadalayum by Achus Amma

59. Aviyal by Kavitha Vadivelan

60. Uttapam by Rasya

61. Braised Cabbage with Urad Dal and Sesame Seeds by Savage Cabbage

62. Rava Kesari by Prabhamani

63. Tomato curry with Coconut Paste by Julie

64. Ulundham paruppu Curry by Fathima

65. Beetroot Pacchadi by Achus Amma

66. Tomato-Onion Pachadi Achus Amma

67. Kerala Kootu Curry by Achus Amma

68. Sakkarai Pongal/Sweet Pongal by Prabhamani

69. Keerai Bonda by Radhika

70. Ridge Gourd Chutney---Beerakaya Pachadi by Rani Acharyulu

Stay tuned for the II part for more recipes and the winner of the giveaway!

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faseela said...

lovely round up pari/...

DivyaGCP said...

Wonderful round up..

Asiya Omar said...

I love south indian recipes very much.Great Round up.Thanks for sharing.

Shri said...

What a lovely round-up Pari; tied down with work so could not participate but what a lovely post to come back to! :-)

Amina Khaleel said...

wow... what a fantastic collection of recipes... fantastic round up...

Sravs said...

Super roundup with yummy entries !!

Ongoing event
CC:Spring Seasonal Food

Follow foodie said...

Lovely round up

zareena said...

Lovely roundup

Hema said...

Nice roundup..

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Wonderful looking sandwich. Excellent presentation as well.



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